40 Best subject lines for abandoned cart emails

20 March
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  2. Tips to make your abandoned cart subject lines more impactful
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Examples of abandoned cart email subject lines

Abandoned cart emails are an essential tool for any eCommerce business. Using such emails, marketers can bring back lost customers who left some items in the cart and did not complete the purchase. According to statistics, this type of email is extremely effective, namely:

  • over 44% of cart abandonment emails encourage recipients to open them;

  • over 29% of cart abandonment emails receive clicks;

  • more than 35% of clicks turn into abandoned cart recovery;

  • every cart abandonment email you send generates about $5 in revenue thanks to abandoned cart recovery.

In this article, we decided to collect the best subject lines for this kind of email to make it easier for you to create emails and give you inspiration based on the experience of famous brands.

Examples of abandoned cart email subject lines

It would seem that the subject line is just a few catchy words that the recipient sees in his mailbox. However, even subject lines for abandoned carts emails can be divided into several types. We have divided all subject lines into 4 categories for greater clarity and to make it easier for you to choose your own way of creating subject lines.

Subject lines that grab attention

Typically, a person receives an average of 121 emails per day. And with so many newsletters, abandoned cart emails need to stand out and catch the eye of the recipient. Non-trivial topics easily draw attention of recipients. So you can create your own catchy subject lines like these:

  1. Did you see something you liked? — American Giant.

  2. Eyeing something? — Everlane.

  3. You forgot something — Public Rec.

  4. You've looked at some great LEGO® sets! — LEGO.

  5. Wait up. Your order is not complete. — Blu Dot.

  6. Leave something behind? — Moment.

  7. Your basket is having abandonment issues… :( — Jack Wills.

  8. Your cart is sobering up — Whisky Loot.

  9. You left something behind — MOSCHINO.

  10. Your shopping bag misses you! — Dote.

Attention-Grabbing Abandoned Cart Subject Lines

(Source: Really Good Emails)

Subject lines with discounts

According to statistics, 49% of buyers abandon the purchase process due to additional costs. So, if you have something to offer, then mention the discount directly in the subject line. Just like these brands did:

  • Get them for 15% off! — Alex Mill.

  • Don't miss out on 10% off your cart! — adidas.

  • Looking for a sign? Free shipping. — United By Blue.

  • Hey, forget something? Here’s 20% off. — Bonobos.

  • Anton, wait. Here’s your 10% off for your cart — Nike.

  • These goods are waiting for you, so does your discount — Chewy.

  • Do you know what suits these products? Good discount. — Casper.

  • You left a good discount in your cart. Check it out — Harry’s.

  • We added a special discount to your cart. — Cometeer.

  • Free shipping on your Huckberry order — Huckberry.

Abandoned Cart Subject Lines With Discounts

(Source: Really Good Emails)

Subject lines with FOMO

The ol’ reliable FOMO (or Fear Of Missing Out) is another weapon in the hands of marketers who want to get lost customer back to the products they were browsing. Simply put a time frame on some special offer associated with a product in an abandoned cart, and it will do. According to statistics, 69% of millennials are exposed to FOMO, which is often used by popular brands in subject lines:

  • Limited time special offer for your cart — Barnes & Noble.

  • Last chance to save on these goods from the cart — True Grit Texture Supply.

  • Looks like the price dropped for some products in the cart — J.Crew.

  • Don’t let your free shipping go to waste — Ashley & Co.

  • Nomad gear is selling out quick — Nomad.

  • Your cart is about to expire! — Harry’s

  • Don’t miss out! Get it before it’s gone… — Chatters.

  • Last chance to save! — Manana.

  • Last chance to lock in 40% off — Quicken.

  • Get your gift while it's hot 🔥 — Thousand Fell.

Fear of Missing Out Abandoned Cart Subject Lines

(Source: Really Good Emails)

Subject lines filled with creativity

Somehow we got stuck on numbers and certain types of subject lines in this article. But what about creativity? Coming up with unusual and at the same time catchy subject lines requires flexing creative muscle, and the marketers of the following companies have definitely succeeded:

  • Your basket is having abandonment issues… :( — Jack Wills.

  • Your shopping bag misses you! — Dote.

  • You forgot something unforgettable. — Winc.

  • Sorry to hear about your Wi-Fi… — adidas.

  • Oooh, good choice! We set it aside for you. — Food52.

  • Your cart is sobering up — Whisky Loot.

  • We noticed you checking us out… 👀 — Pulp & Press.

  • Don't leave a good cart behind...— Cotopaxi.

  • Take me home — D.S. and Durga.

  • Empty your cart with free shipping — Specialized Bicycle Components.

Creative Abandoned Cart Subject Lines

(Source: Really Good Emails)

Tips to make your abandoned cart subject lines more impactful

Inspiration alone is not always enough to create an effective subject lines for abandoned cart email templates. It needs to be backed up with knowledge and tricks that will help make it more impactful and will definitely encourage the recipient to open the email.

Don’t hesitate to use emojis

If you've never used emojis in your subject lines, then you're missing out. According to statistics, The open rate of emails with emojis in the subject line is 56% higher compared to the plain subject lines. So feel free to add 1-2 emojis that will be most relevant to the subject of the email and your business.

Emoji in Abandoned Cart Subject Line

Swap words

Experiment with word placement and the words themselves. Even the smallest changes can affect the open rate of your emails. Even the simplest phrase that the customer left the goods in the shopping cart can be written in different ways:

  1. You left something in your cart.

  2. There are goods waiting for you in the cart.

  3. You forgot something good here.

  4. Don’t let these goods disappear from your cart.

  5. You left us without a goodbye and these goods.

You see? 5 phrases and one idea around them. You're only limited by your imagination here.

Compliment your customers

We all love to hear compliments and nice words from others. So give it to your clients. Perhaps they doubt whether they need the item left in the shopping cart. Or maybe they just don't think it's right for them. You, in turn, can influence the decision with one well-aimed compliment about the choice.

  1. You left your amazing choice in our cart.

  2. This good pair of shoes are waiting for you.

  3. Great choice. We’ll hold it for you.

Keep your subject lines short

The recommended length of the subject line is around 40 characters. You need to keep within this gap in order to achieve a good open rate and so that your subject line is visible on the screen of any device and email client.

Wrapping up

Abandoned cart emails are a powerful way to bring back hesitant customers who didn't complete a purchase on your website. However, for this method to work, the recipient must open the email. And in achieving this goal, the correct and impactful subject line will help you.

We hope this article has given you the inspiration you need, and if you want to start making emails right now, then Stripo is here for you.

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