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11 November 2021

Email Design Ideas for Thanksgiving Day Newsletters

Stripo / Blog / Email Design Ideas for Thanksgiving Day Newsletters

For customers, holidays mean extra days off, spending time with family, and buying presents at low prices. Whilst for business, it is an amazing chance to strengthen relations with the audience, increase sales, especially when their emails are done right.

In this post, you’ll find Thanksgiving emails ideas and examples. 

Thanksgiving day email template_Stripo_First Screen

Use this template as a base for your Thanksgiving Day email campaigns
Use it

Thanksgiving email design ideas

A week or weeks before Thanksgiving, your audience’s inboxes will be filled with competitors’ emails, whose offers and messages may be as good as yours. A good email design will be of great help. What makes a winning design?

1. Appeal to emotions

95% of all purchases are made emotionally. When it comes to super holidays, this number may even increase! 

Make sure the Thanksgiving email design reminds customers about the beauty of this day, about the emotions they experience when gathering with their close people.

Heartwarming Thanksgiving day email

(Source: Email from American Signature Furniture)

Not only did American Signature Furniture add a photo of a happy family, but it also added a fabulous poem.

You are free to implement any other ideas that could be associated with the holiday spirit.

2. Make your emails festive

It can be anything. You can decorate entire Thanksgiving newsletter templates, or just headers and footers. It normally depends on the email style. But it’s really important to set and keep the holiday mood.

Thanksgiving day emails with decorations

(Source: Email from Quorum)

Quorum only changed its logo, the rest of their email was pretty usual, with no other decorations.

3. Add some interactivity to your Thanksgiving emails

Whatever we say, a child that lives in each of us craves new experiences and loves games, especially on holidays. So why not give subscribers this opportunity? Static design is still good enough, but why not give it a try to videos, interactive elements, or even gamification in emails?

There are two ways to add gamification to Thanksgiving emails fast:

Pick this ready-to-use template
Use it
  • or building games on your site and link emails to them with the customized QR codes designed in the QR Code Generator.


As an alternative to interactivity, you may add Gif-animations. In order to prevent photosensitive epilepsy seizures among your recipients, please avoid GIFs with 3 or more flashes per second. 

And it is also important to put only 1 GIF per screen (scroll). Two moving elements can cause the aforementioned seizures. Please refer to this blog page for more recommendations on GIFs.

4. Combine two holidays in one email

Since there is only one day of difference between Thanksgiving and Black Friday, it will be a good idea to combine these two events in one email. Congratulate your valued recipients on the holiday and announce crazy sales. This will only improve your subscribers’ festive mood!

Thanksgiving email campaigns_Two holidays in one

(Source: Email from IDJnow)

5. Send emails in a hand-written style

This is a somewhat unusual email format. 

But a good old handwritten letter (text-based email that looks like a handwritten letter) will make each of your subscribers feel special.

Thanksgiving Emails in a handwritten format

(Source: Email from Anthropologie)

The best thanksgiving email examples 

Want some more Thanksgiving email inspiration? Check the emails below — those are the emails we loved the most in our Inboxes. 

Example 1. Be a problem solver, Forbes Travel Guide

There’s always someone who plans on traveling on this holiday. But in a busy world, we typically have no time to get acknowledged with the conditions of the city we are flying to. Be your customers’ guide! Give them a hand!

Thanksgiving Emails_Being a Problem Solver

(Source: Email from Forbes Travel Guide)

The chances are you will do them a favor not only by providing them with this useful information, but also by reminding them that Thanksgiving is around the corner.

Example 2. Segmented Thanksgiving email, Wolferman's

It is necessary to take into account the interests, age, and marital status of the audience. It is also worth paying attention to the consumers’ behavior, like their previous purchases, the items they left in the cart. By doing this, you are more likely to please the target audience with your offer.

Thanksgiving Email Campaigns to segmented contacts

(Source: Email from Wolferman's)

Example 3. Promotions and sales, Whole Foods Market

This is a classic holiday newsletter. You indicate the opportunity to save and then talk about your discounts, promotions, free delivery, and other goodies. If you are an owner of either a big supermarket or a small grocery store, take your chance to grab attention by sending a reminder with the goods that everybody needs for a festive table.

Promo in Thanksgiving Emails

(Source: Email from Whole Foods Market)

Example 4. Friendly congratulations from the head of the company, Sakara Life

I think this does not require further explanation. This may be one email of a series. You can include a photo of the leader or of the whole team and add a simple congratulation (but not in a verse to keep it personal!). As a result, you have a perfect holiday email.

(Source: Email from Sakara Life)

Example 5. Skillfully combine your product with the upcoming event, Kitchn

Quite an extensive category in which you can show your creativity in full. Help a recipient feel the holiday spirit. Offer him or her interesting articles from your blog, interesting ideas for a party, options for costumes, home decorations, recipes. 

Product announcement in Thanksgiving emails

(Source: Email from Kitchn)

It is important to skillfully link your advice with the product that you are presenting.

Thanksgiving subject lines

You can come up with a catchy phrase that resonates with your brand. 

The word “Thanksgiving” should be included in your subject line.

It is really important to mention that Thanksgiving subject lines are simple and sweet.

Thanksgiving subject lines examples:

  1. Athleta: Thanksgiving Surprise - 20% Off Your Purchase!

  2. Restaurant Business: Thanksgiving to go will keep the feasting going this year.

  3. Forbes Travel Guide: 10 spots for an unforgettable Thanksgiving.

  4. D'Artagnan: Easy Menu Ideas for Thanksgiving.

  5. Brooklinen: Happy Thanksgiving. Here's to good food and great sleep.

  6. MoneyWise Digest: Need to escape this Thanksgiving?

  7. Forbes Travel Guide: 10 spots for an unforgettable Thanksgiving.

  8. D'Artagnan: Thanksgiving Pre-Order Starts Today.

  9. Hipmunk: Your Thanksgiving Airport Savings Guide.

  10. Hipmunk: Still Haven't Booked Your Thanksgiving Travel?

  11. D'Artagnan: 3 Weeks to Thanksgiving: Pre-Order Today.

  12. D'Artagnan: 2 Weeks Until Thanksgiving. Are You Ready?

  13. D'Artagnan: FREE Shipping for Thanksgiving (Ends Sunday).

  14. D'Artagnan: Happy Thanksgiving from D'Artagnan!

  15. Gap Factory: Happy Thanksgiving (happy 60% off EVERYTHING + extra 15% off).

  16. Gap: Thanksgiving treat! NO EXCLUSIONS + last call for $10 sweatshirts & extras.

  17. Ikea USA: Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this holiday coupon.

  18. Quorum: 7 Thanksgiving Instagram Photos from Members of Congress.

  19. Forbes Travel Guide: Celebrate Thanksgiving in paradise.

  20. Danielle LaPorte: A few tips for family holiday gatherings.

  21. Food52: Test Kitchen-approved Thanksgiving tools.

  22. Nygard: Pre-Thanksgiving Sale - Save 20% Off Red Ticket Styles.

  23. The Bargain! Shop: We got your Thanksgiving Fixings!

  24. Gourmet Food Store: Get in the Mood For Fall With These 8 Recipes!

  25. Jenny Craig Official Site: Turkey overload? Get back on track with $50 in food savings!

  26. Shop It To Me: What goes best with Thanksgiving leftovers? Sales!

  27. BroadwayBox: Post Thanksgiving Food Coma? Recover On The Couch With All The Bway Scoop!

  28. The New Yorker: Picks from our Editors for Thanksgiving.

  29. Camping World: We are thankful for you!

  30. Afloral: Happy Thanksgiving + Black Friday Starts Now!

  31. America's Test Kitchen: Giving thanks for family and friends, like you.

  32. GlassesUSA: It's On! Thanksgiving Designer Exclusive Waiting Inside ➤➤ 

  33. Johnnie Boden: Thanksgiving outfits? You’re in for a feast.

  34. Parade: 12 Creative and Tasty Ways to Use Wonton and Egg Roll Wrappers.

  35. BETTER HOMES & GARDENS: Fall Outdoor Displays + Easy DIY Decorating Crafts.

Thanksgiving newsletter templates

We hope that our selection of thanksgiving newsletter ideas will help you build powerful emails. 

For your convenience, we’ve prepared a number of free Thanksgiving newsletter templates.

Keep a watchful eye on the features they offer, as well as on the professional content organization and styling they utilize.

Pick the one you like the most.

Thanksgiving Newsletter Template

Happy T-Day is a free HTML newsletter template with a heart-warming design. This lightweight newsletter template is created for the hospitality industry but can be used for Thanksgiving emails of any kind.

Thanksgiving Email Template from Stripo

Save time on email production with Stripo's email templates for Thanksgiving
Use template

Newsletter Template for Thanksgiving

The holiday is a newsletter template for everyone. To customize it, you don’t have to know HTML code. You can adjust every element of this newsletter template in a few clicks and mouse movements.

Thanksgiving Email Template for Every Industry

Build emails faster with our Holiday templates
Use it

Thanksgiving Emails Template 

This amiable Thanksgiving email inspiration takes the form of an artful digital greeting card. Concise and to-the-point, the design catches attention with a handwritten ‘Thanksgiving Day’ caption.

Then, it streamlines users to copy your promo code out and navigate right to your website. Moreover, this design has a separate Black Friday banner that informs prospects about the upcoming sale.

Thanksgiving Day Email Template with Handwritten Wishes

Save time on Thanksgiving emails
Use it

Thanksgiving Email Template to Thank Your Customers

Marseille is a top-of-the-line Thanksgiving newsletter sample for restaurant and catering businesses. It grasps user attention with an image of the festive table and gets them to a conversion point featuring a discount voucher.

Using prebuilt email templates to thank your customers

With this template, you show gratitude to your customers
Use it

So, now you’ve got an eye for good Thanksgiving newsletter designs. It’s time to learn when to send out the holiday emails.

When is the best time to send your email

One of the most common questions email marketers ask when starting a new holiday campaign is the day when their email will definitely not go unseen. When preparing this article, we came across an interesting study conducted by an American company DMD. 

It says that you reach the maximum audience's attention by sending an email two or three days before the holiday. It can be a series of emails. Then you should start weeks before the holiday. 

Final thoughts

Preparing thanksgiving emails requires a lot of effort and knowledge. 

Follow these simple rules:

  • appeal to emotions — festive and emotional design;

  • please — take into account the interests of your target audience;

  • help — be a problem solver;

  • only then sell.

We wish you successful campaigns and delighted recipients.

With Stripo, you build highly effective Thanksgiving emails in no time!

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