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23 August

How Stripo Takes Email Analytics to a Whole New Level, or Why Add UTM Tags to Emails with Stripo?

Stripo / Customer Success Stories / How Stripo Takes Email Analytics to a Whole New Level, or Why Add UTM Tags to Emails with Stripo?

Q: Hello, Chris. Lovely to meet you. Would you, please, introduce yourself?

A: Hi. I’m a Product Marketing Manager at Gap 360. Gap 360 is a UK-based company. Our goal is to provide affordable travel opportunities to a wide range of travelers. We offer guided tours, cultural tours, adventure tours, party tours, travel and bus passes, boat tours, etc.

Q: So, basically your department is responsible for your product promotion. What channels do you use and what role does email marketing play in it?

A: Exactly, my department is responsible for promotion, which is vital for our business. We run promo campaigns online. Mostly, PPC, Facebook, and AdWords. These channels help us drive new visitors to our website. And email marketing helps us nurture them, and turn leads into clients. So, we need our emails to be professional, of high quality, and to render correctly across multiple devices as email marketing plays a really important role in our business growth.

We need our emails to be professional, of high quality, and to render correctly across multiple devices as email marketing plays a really important role in our business growth.

Q: Thanks.

A: Let me be clear here. Emails help us:

  • be with the client along the entire buying process;

  • we send follow-up emails to inform clients about their flights, information on their trips, etc;

  • with promo emails, we notify them about special offers.

Q: What made you choose Stripo over other email builders?

A: We were looking for something way more flexible and user-friendly than the editor that our ESP had. So, first of all, we started looking for something that was integrated with our ESP. And Stripo was first on the list in Google. So this is why we gave it a try.

But we stayed with Stripo for many reasons. The first thing that impressed us is that we did not need to code anything to hide certain elements on mobile and desktop devices — we could do it simply with buttons in the D-n-D editor. That was really amazing.

The Hide Email Elements on Mobile Devices Option

Set design styles for mobile version of emails that differ from desktop one
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Q: At Stripo, our #1 priority is to speed up email production so email marketers can spend time on other important things, like new strategies or campaigns Analytics. How do we do, in your opinion?

A: Me and my team, we build emails 50% faster than we used to before.

We build emails twice as fast with Stripo.

Q: How? Can you share a few details, please?

A: First, modules. Both yours and ours. I mean, we used the prebuilt modules that your tool offers. We slightly customized them — and that’s it. They were ready. And also, the Modules we created and saved to the library.

Second, the image library. It is very easy to upload images and icons. Also, we like that you are integrated with Photo Stocks. 

Third, it’s the email testing tool. Before sending emails to clients, we need to make sure they render exactly as we need them.


Q: Chris, you mentioned that you use our prebuilt Modules. What about prebuilt email templates. There are over 700 of them in our extensive collection. Do you ever use them? Do we have enough of them for the Tourism Industry?

A: I don’t really pay attention to the industry the templates are meant for. I mean, I need them to be good-looking regardless of the industry.

Sometimes we do use your templates — of course, we have to edit them and customize them in accordance with our brand. But most often, we use them for inspiration. 

Q: Have you noticed that some of our emails have AMP elements? Some even have games in them. Do you ever use them?

A: I’ve heard a lot about AMP and its efficiency. I know that AMP makes email quite powerful. Our ESP is planning on having support for AMP soon. So, we are waiting for it.

If your ESP does not have support for AMP, here's the list of ESPs that already do.

If you are still thinking about whether you should give AMP a try, familiarize yourself with some stats that might be pretty convincing. As those companies that gave AMP a try say it increased their conversion by 230-833%.

Q: Chris, you know a lot about features that our tool offers, including Synchronized modules, the ability to design a mobile version of email that differs from the desktop one with no coding skills, and adding merge tags in emails. How do you find out about those features?

A: When I just joined Stripo, I familiarized myself with the Help Center and Blog. And now I also just like giving new features that I see a try — without even knowing what it is for. We just like new experiences.

Q: Chris, thank you so much for your time. Can you name the TOP feature that you like about Stripo?

A: I’ll name three. Those would be:

  1. UTM tags for tracking email performance that we add to emails with Stripo — UTM tags take email analytics to a whole new level.

  2. Your prebuilt Modules and the ability to save my custom modules.

  3. Direct integration with my ESP — setting up the email takes less than 2 minutes.

Speed up email production with Stripo

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