22 December 2023

Lyreco: “Stripo is a high-quality tool that minimized the time and resources we spent”

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Table of contents
  1. About Lyreco
  2. Challenge: To collect all email templates in one place and work collaboratively
  3. Solution: How the implementation of Stripo went
  4. Results: How Stripo helps minimize the time and amount of resources used for Lyreco email marketing
  5. Future plans and new features
  6. Wrapping up
About Lyreco

Sometimes, in-house employees and outsourcing agency representatives prepare brand email marketing campaigns together. Thus, it is crucial to simplify all stages of email production and synchronize all processes.

Kateryna Tietievina, campaign and lead acquisition specialist at Lyreco Poland, explains how the Lyreco brand builds such interactions between the email marketing team and outsourcing agencies and how Stripo helps them with this.

About Lyreco

Lyreco is an international supplier of workplace essentials. The products offered by the company include stationery, paper, office accessories, furniture, toners, and printers. In addition to distributing office supplies from leading manufacturers, it also offers its own brand of office supplies.

Email marketing comprises a major part of Lyreco's digital marketing. They work in the Polish B2B market and communicate with their clients twice a week.

There are 10 employees in the digital marketing department, and one is responsible for formulating email strategies for the company and retaining leads. 

An important peculiarity of Lyreco's email marketing processes is that they have an in-house team, along with two outsourcing agencies that support them with email projects, such as copywriting, design, and email building. Therefore, teamwork and communication come to the fore.

Challenge: To collect all email templates in one place and work collaboratively

The Lyreco email marketing team was tasked with improving the interaction between the team and agencies during email building, editing templates, and making changes.

Therefore, they needed a tool that allowed them to do the following:

  • create an email with an attractive, varied design and add new modern features;
  • build faster templates with mobile version adaptation;
  • store all the templates created by Lyreсo and agency specialists in one place that made working with them convenient;
  • export templates easily to Eloqua ESP for sending to subscribers.

To address this, the team decided to try Stripo to determine the extent to which it could cover the aspects that were important to them.

Solution: How the implementation of Stripo went

Onboarding process

During the onboarding process, the Lyreco team had a meeting with the Stripo support team. During the meeting, they explained how to use the email builder to the Lyreco team and their outsourcing agencies. 

Later, the campaign and lead acquisition specialist organized individual meetings with new employees on the team for onboarding.

Workflow for creating email campaigns

Brand and agency representatives work together on each email campaign:

  • from the Lyreco brand — project manager and email marketer (two persons for every campaign);
  • from the outsourcing agency — copywriter, designer, and email builder specialist (three persons).

The outsourcing agency team makes all email templates for Lyreco. The process of email creation comprises six steps:

  1. The project manager creates new tasks in Asana for the whole team: copywriter, designer, email builder specialist, and email marketer.
  2. The email marketer builds a multistep campaign and describes ideas for the designer and copywriter.
  3. After content and design approval by the project manager and email marketer, the email builder specialist creates an email template in Stripo. 
  4. The email builder specialist sends a test to the email marketer. 
  5. The email marketer approves it from a technical point of view and exports it to Eloqua. 
  6. The email marketer sets up a campaign in Eloqua.

While preparing an email campaign, two specialists (the project manager and email marketer) comment on and approve the project content and design. In addition, the email marketer comments on the technical side of template development at Stripo. 

Other tools to be used for email marketing campaign preparation

The following tools are also used for communication and task management:

  • Outlook, Asana, and Teams — all tools for communication between team members;
  • Figma to add comments about design; 
  • Asana — for comments in the step email building.

We’re waiting for the new version of Stripo, where we can add comments in one place and don't need to use Asana for it.

Kateryna Tietievina

Kateryna Tietievina,

Campaign and lead acquisition specialist at Lyreco Poland.

Additionally, in 2024, Stripo plans to add real-time co-editing and commenting functionality to the Stripo editor to make email collaboration even more convenient.

Results: How Stripo helps minimize the time and amount of resources used for Lyreco email marketing

First, using Stripo, the Lyreco email marketing team has completed various tasks, including the following:

1. Collected all email templates in one place. 

2. Started to use new email features and design elements; examples are provided below. 

  • Timer for short-term promotion (1–2 days): 

 Email template with timer for short-term promotion

(Source: Email by Lyreco)

Email example with video banner

(Source: Email by Lyreco)

  • HTML editor to implement dynamic content in a few minutes in Eloqua for personalized promotion to every segment of their client base:

How to edit dynamic content in email

(Source: Email by Lyreco)

3. Built faster templates with mobile version adaptation — the ability to hide elements (mobile and web versions) helps us with design as it allows us to show specific elements to every customer and maximize design adaptation for mobile users.

How to build email with mobile version adaptation

(Source: Email by Lyreco)

When we started to use Stripo, we started using more interesting email templates and features to make emails more attractive. We are upset that we can't use the AMP email template because we work with the Eloqua system, which doesn’t support AMP.

Kateryna Tietievina

Kateryna Tietievina,

Campaign and lead acquisition specialist at Lyreco Poland.

What the results of working with Stripo look like

Lyreco started to use Stripo to build emails at the beginning of 2023. We asked the Lyreco email marketing team to share the results of their work with Stripo.

They mainly focused on conversions and click rates. They are working in the B2B market and its influence on their experiments. For example, they created an onboarding campaign for their clients, and the most successful were these email templates.

Email example made in the Stripo editor

(Source: Email by Lyreco)

The click-to-open rate (CTOR) was more than 40%, which indicates informative and good-quality content for the target audience. 

Some more results for the onboarding campaign that included four email templates:

  • Unique open rate — 56.8%;
  • Click-to-open rate — 37-41%.

The team compared the results with other onboarding campaigns, as well as with results of Lyreco Group branches in other countries.

They are currently testing personalization and dynamic content that influence increasing OR and CR. 

The best Stripo option that saves our time is modules that we can save and share in other projects. I can search and find great examples in the “Prepared email templates” folder and save some ideas regarding what we can use in our future email templates. The Polish market generally doesn't have applications that can compete with Stripo. Our outsourcing agencies were pleasantly surprised by the high-quality tool, which minimized the time and resources we spent.

Kateryna Tietievina

Kateryna Tietievina,

Campaign and lead acquisition specialist at Lyreco Poland.

Future plans and new features

This year, the Lyreco team started to test dynamic content for the target audience, and Stripo helps build examples for it quickly and easily.

It would be good to have some of our own tutorials or documents in the Stripo account that include the main rules that we can add for other teams. It's not like a brand book. We already have global Lyreco Group guidelines for the Intersafe and Lyreco brands.

And we have some technical rules, for example, “For the Outlook version, we turn off some settings,” or what needs to be done with the mobile version or colors in the background. It can help our team keep everything in one place and not duplicate mistakes in a new template.

Kateryna Tietievina

Kateryna Tietievina,

Campaign and lead acquisition specialist at Lyreco Poland.

Unfortunately, they cannot now use AMP email templates or smart elements with links on the webshop because they do not have advanced functionality on their side; however, in the future, they want to implement and use it. 

In addition, next year, they want to test AI subject lines and content. 

Wrapping up

In this use case, you can see an example of an interaction between the Lyreco digital team and outsourcing agencies that help them prepare email templates. It is important for all participants to have a tool for quickly building templates, collecting them in one place, and communicating conveniently. 

The capabilities of the Stripo editor for teamwork are already impressive, and we plan to increase them in the future.

Try Stripo for email marketing teamwork
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