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Instagram is a global platform that enables brands to recruit talented people, showcase products, and inspire audiences. This is why Instagram marketing exists.

Today, we will find out what Instagram’s marketing strategy is, how Instagram marketing will look in 2022, and what are the tips for this type of marketing. 

Marketing on Instagram 2022: Trends

Instagram marketing is a type of SMM that involves promoting a brand on Instagram. With this social platform, companies engage with huge audiences, build brand awareness, and drive sales.

Instagram sales are no longer new. There is a whole profession — an Instagram marketer. And Instagram marketer meaning is very deep. This is a person who sets up advertising campaigns, selects bloggers for cooperation, promotes products, and solves other issues related to the promotion of the customer's business page. They effectively manage brand or company reputation through social media, communicate with followers, track the competitive landscape, and develop unique strategies.

A good Instagram marketer also understands all the trends related to content and sales on social networks. So, we are here to tell you more about some upcoming trends in 2022 in Instagram marketing and how you can use them to grow your business online.

1. Reels 

Recently, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, stated that users are asking for more entertaining video content. This means that it is very important that companies take this into account as soon as possible to effectively promote through the platform in 2022.

The video should now be the main component of your strategy. But now regular video is not enough. It needs to be creative, innovative, and fun to stand out in today's digital marketing.

It's also important to note that your audience's attention span has gotten shorter and shorter over the years. With the growing need for fast, fresh content, your Instagram marketing strategy must align with it through the use of Instagram Reels and short entertainment videos.

2. Instagram Polls

If you've never used Instagram polls before, or if they don't fit well with your current Instagram marketing strategy, now is the time to try out this great tool!

You can upload multiple-choice photos and ask people which one they would prefer as an engagement tactic or even as part of a competition. When it comes to using Instapoll as part of your strategy, there is much more than it seems.

Content marketing for Instagram feed 

If a brand wants to grow on Instagram, become noticed, followed, and, ultimately, see an increase in revenue from their Instagram presence, the marketing team must have a content marketing strategy specifically suited to this platform. 

That’s when content marketing helps. 

One of the most important elements of content marketing is creating a sales funnel. It is a way to communicate the different stages of the buying process through which a company leads its potential customers.

And here are some Instagram user funnel insights for you to use even more efficiently. 

One of the main goals of a successful sales funnel is learning how to reach your audience. With only limited resources and a huge number of channels in your hands, you need to know where to focus your efforts.

A well-designed customer journey map should point to the most appropriate places to interact with your audience at any given point in their journey. This information can inform your sales funnel where you should place your resources.

It is also important to be careful with correct messaging.

When a user interacts with your brand, they will have different questions, objections, and possibly concerns at different stages of the journey. For example, at the initial stage of the interaction, they will have questions about whether you are offering what they need at all. This will later evolve into more specific pricing and implementation issues.

You will need to answer these questions, objections, and concerns in your communication with them to successfully move the person to the next stage of the funnel.

To do this, you need to form the appropriate messages, follow ethics, and do not forget about the characteristics of the audience you are targeting.

Instagramming brand guidelines

This is another subject that is also worth paying attention to. 

When it comes to building a brand, it is very important to consider how the audience will remember it, and whether it will be remembered at all.

It all depends on many factors. It's all about the colors, images, fonts, tone, and even how you feel when you see one of the ads. If you stick to brand design styles, your company will become more recognizable and reliable, which will open the doors to brand loyalty. And all this will pay off.

Another key to content marketing success is branded content for the Instagram audience.

It is an essential tool for Instagram marketing as it fosters partnerships, performance metrics, and engagement. In addition, it also builds audience trust by making sponsored collaborations transparent.

Companies want to create authentic and compelling creativity and thereby share their brand story in partnership with creators that drive business outcomes. Thus, branded content allows the brand to find new customers and influence the business at the intersection of culture and advertising.

These elements are all keys to success in content marketing. Everyone who succeeded in this business knew exactly what it was.

To inspire you, here are some successful social media campaigns examples. 

Successful social media campaigns examples

Marvel Instagram campaign

It was created to promote Captain America: Civil War. Their posts stood out for their uniqueness, viral nature, and strong relevance to the Instagram platform.

Marvel executives put together a team of 10 graffiti artists to paint the iconic airport fight scene in front of the building. They then documented it all to create a time-lapse for Instagram.

Timelapse video is an example of strong content that also works for Instagram. Also, this is a real object, people passing by the building will be intrigued. Therefore, this campaign has a longer lifespan than most Instagram campaigns.

This marketing strategy is truly exciting because it goes beyond the usual billboards and TV ads.

GoPro campaign

Here the tactic of a "joint promotion" was applied. This approach is fairly common and is usually undertaken by two or more companies with a similar target market.

In general, the roots of GoPro cameras go back to extreme sports. And then GoPro surprised the audience. Because they chose the cartoon "The Secret Life of Pets" as a partner in the advertising campaign.

This short video shows GoPro videos of real extreme sports, followed by characters from the movie “doing” the same stunts. It's funny, adorable, and a little ridiculous. But it worked!

But why was it successful?

GoPro decided to partner with an extraordinary brand. It makes more sense for smaller brands to partner with a brand that has a similar target market. But GoPro is the undisputed king of the sports camera.

Entering a normally untapped market — young users are a great way for them to test other potential markets. On top of that, Secret Life of Pets benefits from the ability to sell through GoPro demographics that might not be your typical pet watcher.

Instagram digital marketing tips

1. Track the right metrics

Knowing the effectiveness of your Instagram is the first step to improving it. You must track the right metrics to get the most out of your efforts. These include:

  • Follower growth rate

Your number of followers can be considered an indicator of vanity. However, by monitoring the growth rate of your subscribers, you will see how your content or posting frequency matters.

  • Level of involvement/user engagement

Engagement measurement, which includes likes and comments, will give you a better idea of ​​how you should change something and what steps to take. You want to know the average engagement rate of both your subscribers and each post to get a clearer idea.


Instagram URL conversion tracking is limited to the link in your Instagram bio. It's important to know how many people are following your URL and possibly converting.

Monitoring the above metrics along with other metrics like hashtag growth, hashtag engagement, and more will help you promote your Instagram business more effectively. If you are unsure how to track these metrics, consider using the Instagram ad service.

2. Use hashtags strategically

The key to being successful with hashtags on Instagram is to use them strategically in your Instagram signatures. This way, you can attract more people to see your content, and connect with your brand. 

There are two main types of Instagram hashtags that you need to focus on to get the most out of them:

  • Hashtags for specific brands or campaigns

You create these hashtags to promote your Instagram business. The brand hashtag is usually your business name/slogan and the campaign hashtag for your marketing campaigns. Either way, make sure your hashtags are unique, memorable, and easy to remember.

  • Content hashtags

The thing about these hashtags is that while they are not popular, using them can help your target audience find your content. These hashtags are very important to more people. But make sure you don't overload your posts with a bunch of hashtags.

3. Use branded content tag 

You should also pay attention to the branded content tools on Instagram. They provide branded content transparency to the Instagram community.

The tools consist of a tag that helps creators communicate when a post is the result of a partnership and analytics that help businesses access the performance of their branded content campaigns. Thus, the transparency of the branded content is ensured.

And finally, don't forget about community channel posting. This will help your audience on other platforms to know about content updates.