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31 March

Brand Guidelines and Brand Assets in One Minute

Stripo / Blog / Brand Guidelines and Brand Assets in One Minute

Brand Guidelines is our totally new feature to help: a) you build brand consistent newsletters regardless of what agency or email designer you hire for building your future campaigns; b) designers easily get used to rules and requirements for emails of any brand and will build those emails in no time; c) make onboarding of new teammates go easier and faster.

We generate the Brand Guidelines kit for any project of yours within just a minute totally for free.

The content of this Brand Guidelines kit:

  • detailed brand guidelines — here we compile all the information about your templates design. It provides you and your teammates with the fonts that your brand used in its previous emails, paddings within containers, indents between containers, font and background colors, the CTA buttons design, the design of social media icons, etc.;

  • PDF files of the chosen templates of yours — so that you and your colleagues get a big picture of what your campaigns should look like;

Template Kit_Showing the Final Results

  • content modules — you preview them and copy HTML code of necessary ones;

  • images that you used for your campaigns;

  • brand assets — like logo/set of logos, favicon;

  • contact information like links to social media profiles, your website addresses, etc.

In other words, you get everything you need for your future email campaigns in one place.

Benefits of using our Brand Guidelines feature

It will serve as Statute for all the coders, designers, and email marketers who work on emails.

  1. Brand Guidelines is a very useful option for those teams where there’s more than one person involved in email building.

  2. You are now free to use any Agency or any email coder to work with — it will not affect the design of your campaigns. You just share with them the files from your Brand Guidelines kit — and they use the right styles.

  3. Building emails will become even less time-consuming because all your brand assets are always at hand.

  4. Onboarding of new team members who deal with emails will go faster, with fewer mistakes they commit when building their first emails for you.

How do you generate Brand Guidelines for your projects?

This is a very simple process, actually.

To start working on your Brand Guidelines kit, click your profile icon in the upper right corner, then enter the Brand Guidelines tab.

Brand Guidelines_New Tab Name

The Brand Guidelines settings

First of all, you need to work on the design of your Brand Guidelines PDF file.

brand guidelines en

Here you:

  • enter your company name — you can call it anything you want. It could be the name of a project or organization you build the Brand Guidelines file for. It is important that you remember its name or even copy it as you’ll need it later;

  • insert your logo;

  • choose the color of the Guideline book — by setting the «Primary color». Of course, I set green 😉 ;

  • specify your contact information, including links to social media profiles;

Template Kit_Entering Information About Your Brand

  • to add an extra field for entering contact information, please click the «Plus» icon, then click the arrow to choose the type of the link in the dropdown list:

Template Kit_Entering Contact Information

  • if done everything right, you will see this inscription:

Successful Update

Here, you also need to decide whether you want those who will have access to the Template Guidelines file to be able to view your email templates on the web and enable them to enter the editor to start working on new emails right from the Guidelines file. If yes, toggle respective buttons at the bottom of the Brand Guidelines settings Tab in the Referencing to Stripo section:

Template Kits Settings_Referencing to Stripo

To leave this tab, just click the "Brand Guidelines" button at the top of the page.

Returning to Brand Guidelines Settings

The "+New Brand Guidelines kit" tab

Please enter the +New Brand Guidelines kit tab.

Brand Guidelines Button

Here you need to:

  • enter your company name — make sure it repeats the name you just entered in the previous tab;

  • in the dropdown menu, select a necessary project if you have many;

  • our system shows how many templates are there in the chosen project of yours. Here you can also see the number of modules that you or your teammates have previously saved to your personal Modules library for this particular project;

The Create Template Kits Tab_The Number of Templates and Modules

  • now choose the template that will serve as the pattern for all your future campaigns — mine is called «New Template»;

Choosing the Pattern Template

  • if you like, you may add one more template in your Guidelines PDF file — please choose it from the dropdown list. If you need even more, then click the «Plus» icon, and again select a necessary template from the dropdown list;

Adding New Templates to PDF Guidelines (1)

Please be advised that if you find one email template right enough for your PDF file, then make sure to «include» the template that you’ve just set for your Email template guidelines.

Using Just One Template for the Guidelines File

  • we’re finally there and can download our Brand Guidelines kit.

The Download Brand Guidelines Button

What you get in your Brand Guidelines archive

Here’s the contents of the Brand Guidelines kit I’ve just generated for Stripo:

The Contents of the Archive

Folder 1. Assets

It contains the Stripo favicon.

The next version of the Brand Guidelines feature will enable you to even upload your files with custom fonts and other design elements.

Folder 2. Guidelines.pdf

This file goes with the table of contents on page 4.

In this document, we enumerate all the design styles that you used in the chosen template. They are divided into sections for your convenience: headings, headers, buttons, info area, mobile view styles, etc.

Desig Style Recommendations Divided into Sections

Mobile View Styles_Guidelines Files

In the Template section of your Guidelines file, you can preview your template or even go to the editor to start working on a new template or edit this one, of course, if you have enabled these options in the «Referencing to Stripo» page when working on the Guideline appearance.

The Template Section in the Guidelines File

In the Modules area, you see the list of all the modules that have been downloaded with this archive.

And the file ends with your contact information. In case any person at any time needs your help or clarification, he or she will know how to reach out to you.

Contact Information

Folder 3. Modules

All the content modules that have been downloaded with your Brand Guidelines kit are divided into several folders — a folder for each module. They are named respectively.

Each folder contains:

  • a preview image of the module;

  • folder with all the images used in this particular module;

  • separate files with the CSS and HTML codes of a respective module;

  • file with the CSS inlined into the HTML code — you can use any.

The Modules folder also contains the Modules.html file — it contains snippets of all modules and their codes.

You just select a necessary module from the list, and our system shows the HTML code and HTML with the inlined CSS code of this particular module.

Getting Codes of Modules

Folder 4. Start.html

This file lets you go to the Guideline.pdf or directly to modules.

It also contains your contact information.

The Content of Start.html file

Folder 5. Templates

Just like the Modules folder, this one provides you with:

  • the folder with all the images you used in your template;

  • separate files with the CSS and HTML codes of a respective module;

  • file with the CSS inlined into the HTML code — you can use any;

  • PDF file of this particular template.


Very soon, you will be able to choose whether you want to include the screenshots of your templates tested with Email on Acid, thumbnail images of modules, etc. Today they are downloaded by default.

Brand Guidelines Additional Options_UPD_ENG

And also you will be able to exclude files with the HTML/CSS codes of your templates.

Final thoughts

With our brand new Brand Guidelines option:

  1. You help all future designers build brand consistent emails for your campaigns — as now they have a detailed guideline and previously built email elements for reference.

  2. All the images, contact information, elements’ codes, and other brand assets are always at hand.

  3. You get template guidelines generated precisely for your brand, with all the little details taken into account and it saves time on email building.

We are proud to say that before our Brand Guidelines option, it would take you dozens of hours to create these files with all the guidelines, codes of elements, and some brand assets.

Now it will take you just a minute!

Help your designers build flawless emails faster with our Brand Guidelines.

We will be happy to demonstrate to you the Brand Guidelines in action and share the examples of our guidelines.

Email us at or leave a comment below — and we’ll show you everything.

Schedule a Demo to See the Brand Guidelines in Action
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