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12 November 2019

Voting for the Best Halloween Email Design Has Started

Stripo / Blog / Voting for the Best Halloween Email Design Has Started

The blog post was originally published on November 12, Updated November 22 at 22.00 UTC.

The Voting is closed!

As per the conditions of our Contest, on November 22, at 10 PM UTC we closed the voting. All the "Voting" buttons are now inactive.

We congratulate the winner and authors of the TOP 5 email templates.

Next week, we will contact them all.

The Stripo team wants to thank all the designers for participating and everyone for voting for the best email design!

Our contest. The way it was

On October 24, we announced that we started our “Voting” for the best Halloween Email Design.

And now we want to thank everyone who participated in our contest for their interest. 

How we choose the templates for the contest

We received a large number of amazing templates, with “frightening” design, with “spooky” discounts. Many of them contained elements of gamification. Of course, they all were built with Stripo.

In our announcement, we said we would publish only 5 email templates. All the email templates that you sent us were so great that we could not help but pick the best 10 templates.

When estimating the templates, we paid close attention to the following criteria:

  1. design — it was supposed to be engaging and dedicated to Halloween;

  2. compatibility — we tested all emails with Email on Acid to make sure they all would render well across the most popular devices and email clients.

There were many templates that we loved a lot but they did not get to be published on our blog because some did not render well on mobile devices, some failed in Outlook because of numerous backgrounds.

The voting lasted from November 12 to November 22 inclusive.

Thanks for choosing the best 5 out of the best 10.


Final thoughts

As you can see, all these emails are engaging, entertaining and comprise some innovative elements like gamification, image rollover effect and even AMP element. The latter was released just this year and now its popularity is rapidly growing. 

We ran this contest to let some experienced and amateur designers win the annual Agency subscription for free, to show you how good and diverse email templates can be, learn the preferences of our audience — by voting, you show us and every designer and coder what exactly you love about emails.

Now we want to announce that very soon we will run the “Best ESP” contest — to know why exactly our users love their ESP. If your ESP is not on our integration list, you are welcome to reach out to us — and we will add it shortly.

Thank you for being with us!  

Thank you all for participating and voting!

Татьяна Крутько 11 months ago

Good job! Every template is so cool! ?

Hanna Kuznietsova commented to Татьяна Крутько 11 months ago

Татьяна, We are glad you loved them!! Thank you very much!

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