The Appearance Tab or How to Work on Email Design Faster

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The Appearance Tab or How to Work on Email Design Faster

Discover how to streamline your email design process and work more efficiently with Stripo's Appearance Tab in this video. Building on the knowledge of email elements and message areas, you'll learn how to optimize your email design by setting styles that apply across the entire email.

The Appearance Tab in Stripo allows you to set design styles for various elements, making it easy to create a consistent and visually appealing email. You can set the email width, fonts, background images, and even activate right-to-left text direction if needed. Furthermore, you'll explore how to work with individual message areas such as the header, footer, content, and info area, setting unique styles for each. Stripo's intuitive interface lets you change font sizes, colors, and more, ensuring that your email design aligns with your brand's guidelines effortlessly.

Additionally, you'll dive into the Button section, where you can set styles for all call-to-action buttons in your email, saving you time and effort when working on button design. Stripo's mobile formatting controls in the Appearance Tab allow you to fine-tune styles for the mobile version of your email, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing experience across devices. This video provides valuable insights into optimizing your email design process, helping you work faster and more effectively with Stripo's powerful features.

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