What is a dynamic email?

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  1. Definition of dynamic email
  2. Where is the dynamic email used?
Definition of dynamic email

With dynamic emails, marketers can create personalized and relevant messages for their subscribers, improving engagement and conversion rates. In this article, we will delve into the definition of dynamic emails and the various ways they can be used.

Definition of dynamic email

Dynamic email refers to an email that can change its content in real-time based on certain conditions or triggers. It is always connected to a company’s servers!

Put simply:

  • dynamic content gets updated the moment users open your emails or interact with you inside the email, like playing games or taking surveys. Of course, you have control over these changes;

  • dynamic content enables the types of emails, like abandoned cart emails or product recommendations, personalized messages without segmentation.

Where is the dynamic email used?

  1. Personalization: Businesses can use dynamic email to send targeted, personalized marketing messages based on the recipient's past behaviors or interests. Or you can display different content based on the recipient's location, such as weather updates or local store information, job searches, and stores nearby. In this way, recipients will get only the offers they are interested in and relevant to users.

  2. Real-time content: Multiple brands use it to ensure their recipients see only fresh content whenever they open the email. For instance, you can provide users with the number of items left in stock or show only actual prices in your emails, no matter when people open your emails. Or recipients see only fresh articles in your emails whenever they check them.

  3. Scheduling meetings: Dynamic content allows recipients to book meetings and appointments with companies directly via email. 

  4. Gamification: The kinds of games where you provide users with real feedback in emails are also possible due to dynamic email content.

  5. Running quizzes: With dynamic content, you let recipients answer the questions to quizzes in emails and see if their answers are right or wrong immediately.

Please find more ideas on how to use dynamic content to your advantage and brilliant examples on our blog.

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