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17 August 2020

Creating Dynamic Emails Fast

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Today, dynamic content is the most effective tool an email marketer can use. 

Dynamic emails allow us to:

  • deliver real-time content to keep our recipients updated. We use it in email digests to send only fresh blog posts; we use it in promo emails to notify every recipient how soon the offer expires, we let users book appointments, etc.;

  • personalize content to make newsletters even more relevant.  We use it in promo emails to craft offers based on individual preferences, on previous purchases, on geolocation, gender, etc., in emails like abandoned carts, order confirmation, etc. 

It is impossible to make email marketing a profitable channel without using dynamic content.

Did you know that 69% of customers are more likely to buy from brands that use personalization techniques? 

And real-time content increases revenue by at least 9%.

So what types of dynamic email content are there and how to implement them in your future campaigns?

Most types of the dynamic content given here can be built in under 10 minutes.

1. Dynamic emails with old kind personalization by name

When it comes to personalization by name, you can address by name either in email copy or subject line.

Dynamic content in email copy

Use it to greet a person in email, especially when you are about to ask for something.

Don’t use it in promo emails unless your offer is personalized too.

Interesting stats:

Personalized copy by itself does not impact your CTOR. However, addressing by name is a polite gesture itself. 

_Dynamic Email Content_Addressing by Name_G2

(Source: Email from G2)

So, how to embed this type of dynamic content in emails with Stripo?

  • put a mouse pointer in your email exactly where you want to add a recipient’s name to;

  • at the top settings panel, find the Merge tags tab;

  • in the dropdown menu select your ESP;

  • pick the right variable.

If done right, your email will look like this:

Dynamic Emails_Adding Merge Tags to Copy

Adding this dynamic content in emails will take you approximately:

2 minutes.

Addressing by names in emails is a polite gesture

Dynamic content in the subject line

Addressing by name in subject lines sets your email apart from tons of other emails in users’ Inboxes.

Probably, because it prompts a recipient that the offer will be personalized too.

Interesting stats:

Proven — personalized subject lines increase OR by 26%

Dynamic Email Example_Personalized Subject Lines

You can create this type of content with your ESP and Stripo.

So, how to embed this type of dynamic content in emails with Stripo?

  • you need to get the merge tag that is used by your ESP — to do this, just copy the one that you applied to email copy — see paragraph above;

Dynamic Emails_Copying Merge Tags

  • open the settings above the template;

  • paste the copied merge tag in the “Email subject” field and enter the rest of your subject line text.

Dynamic Email_Adding Merge Tags to Subject Lines

Please be advised that every ESP uses its own merge tags. They are not universal and are applicable to a particular ESP only.

To find more details using merge tags in emails and how to add custom ones, please refer to our "Things You Didn’t Know That Stripo Actually Can" blog post.

Adding this dynamic content in emails will take you approximately:

2-3 minutes!

2. Dynamic emails with a personalized offer

Personalization by gender, geographic location, preferences makes your emails relevant for your clients. Why not use it to get the most of your promo emails?

Interesting stats:

Personalization by geolocation alone increases CTOR by 29%.

So, how to embed this dynamic content in emails with Stripo?

  • add a necessary number of structures into a stripe/row;
  • fill in these structures with your content;
  • click the "Stripe" icon to open Settings for the entire stripe/row;

Stripes for Emails_Platform

  • toggle the "Apply Display Conditions" button in the "Conditions" tab;

The Apply Display Conditions Button for Activating This Function

  • now give a name to this "Condition";
  • enter the opening part of the code that your ESP has previously given you into a respective field;

Giving Names to Conditions

  • enter the closing part of this code into the next field;

Working on the Code for the Display Conditions

  • now highlight and activate a necessary structure and set a respective condition for it;
  • give it a name, also;

Working on All Conditions

Please be advised that filling in the "Code after module" field is not necessary for structures. Depends on the code your ESP/CRM has provided you with!

  • be sure to preview your email;
  • if everything is done right, you will be able to preview your email with the eyes of each segment/gender/country/part of the country, and also with no conditions at all.

Display Conditions_All Conditions in the Preview Mode

Important to note:

All other parts of your email will be displayed to all segments no matter condition.

Deliver only relevant offers by personalizing emails by gender and location

Adding this dynamic content in emails will take you approximately:

8 minutes.

3. Dynamic emails with personalized imagery

As Dale Carnegie said, there’s nothing more pleasant to a person than his or her name.

Personalized imagery creates a sense of close and trustworthy relations. 

Interesting stats:

Addressing by names in imagery has no direct impact on your CTOR. Though, helps you build stronger relations with customers.

Dynamic Email_Example by NiftyImages

(Source: NfityImages)

You can create this type of content with NiftyImages and add to your Stripo templates.

So, how to embed this dynamic content in emails?

NiftyImages offers over 100 such dynamic email templates. 

  • pick the one that fits the goal of your email campaign best;

  • set a default value — in case your recipient has not shared his or her name;

  • сlick “Save” and enter the file name; 

  • preview your image. Here you need to either click the “Random Name” button or enter yours in the appropriate field;

Dynamic Email Content_Random Name Preview

(Source: NiftyImages)

  • if you like what you see, click the “Using your NiftyImage” tab;

  • copy the embed code;

How to Build a Dynamic Content Email with NiftyImages

(Source: NiftyImages)

  • open your email template in Stripo;

  • drag the basic “HTML” block into this template;

Dynamic Emails with Personalized Images

  • double click it to open code editor;

  • paste the embed code;

  • done!

Important to note:

Please be advised that you will have to replace the existing Merge tag in the URL with a necessary one (See how to get it in Section 1).

Adding this dynamic content in emails will take you approximately:

Less than 10 minutes!

4. Dynamic emails with countdown timers

Countdown timers are widely used in promo emails to inform customers about how soon a certain sale will end, in event reminder emails — to inform attendees how soon a certain event will start.

Interesting stats:

Countdown timers in email increase revenue by 9%.

(Source: Email from Banana Republic)

So, how to embed this type of dynamic content in emails?

You can build a dynamic email content of this kind either with Stripo or NiftyImages.

To build a timer with Stripo, you need to:

  • drag the basic “timer block” in your email template;

Block Timer_Dynamic Content

  • set a necessary time zone;

  • specify the day when your offer expires;

  • work on the countdown timer design: set colors, fonts, pick “separators”, etc. 

Important to note:

It is up to you to decide what your subscribers will see when the sale ends — “zeros” or a thematic image, like the one below by McDonald's.

Dynamic Content_Countdown Timer_Expired Timer Image

(Source: Email from McDonald's)

You can upload any image you like. 

For more details on how to build and design a countdown with Stripo please read the blog post given below. There you'll also find the details on how to set the “Expired timer” image.

10 min read

47434 views 4.9

How to Add a Countdown Timer in Your Email Read on

Adding this dynamic content in emails will take you approximately:

10 minutes!

Increase your conversion by using timers

Adding this dynamic content in emails will take you approximately:

7 minutes to design and 3 minutes to embed in Stripo.

5. Dynamic emails with RSS feeds

In fact, RSS is a technology that allows providing users with updated content.

In email marketing, we use it in digest newsletters or welcome series. 

Interesting stats:

The RSS technology saves hours on email production for you.

You craft an email just once — and use across all digest newsletters.

When you are done designing your RSS email, you just save it to your personal content library with Stripo. When starting a new campaign, you just update the head or banner of your email. And the RSS part goes unchanged as its content gets updated every time when the content on your site has been updated.

Email Digest from HubSpot

(Source: Email from HubSpot)

So, how to embed this type of dynamic content in emails?

Normally, ESPs/CRMs allow building RSS-driven content. You will only need to work on their design.

If your ESP does not do it, please refer to section 6 there we show how to build AMP emails with real-time content.

Adding this dynamic content in emails will take you approximately:

Just 5-10 minutes to enable this type of content, and an amount of time you will need to work on the design of this block.

6. Dynamic/real-time content in AMP emails

AMP, just like RSS, allows you to always provide only fresh content to your customers/clients.

In this simple way, you provide them only with fresh blog posts, with only those items that are available on your site.

In the blog post given below, we share a step-by-step guide on how to add real-time content to your emails, how to connect the latter to data sources, which we provide you with, and we do set CORS headers for you.

Data Source_Featured Image

9 min read

35054 views 3.9

Stripo Data Source, or How to Use AMP Lists in Emails with Stripo

AMP lists are meant to help you implement gamification, to let you update email content in real-time, and to let your users confirm appointments directly in emails. This May we ran our Quiz Series. The results of this Quiz showed that the AMP technology along with gamification has a positive impact on CTOR. Our recipients were interacting with the content in AMP emails 1.5 more actively rather than in HTML emails.  But what stops email marketers from implementing AMP in their...

Read on

Please be advised:

That in order to be allowed to send AMP emails, you will need to get whitelisted with Google. But that's an easy thing to do.

Adding this dynamic content in emails will take you approximately:

30 minutes to build it for the first time. But updating these emails takes me less than 3 minutes per campaign.

7. Dynamic/real-time content for gamification

In our "Stripo AMP Quiz Series", we shared our experience of giving a try to gamification in emails with the help of AMP content.

You can add Quizzes, build Crosswords, an even imitate chatbots right in emails.

So, how to embed this type of dynamic content in emails?

By using our prebuilt modules, and by following the steps described in our "Building AMP Questionnaires with Stripo" blog post, you will build Quizzes for your emails easily.

Adding this dynamic content in emails will take you approximately:

20 minutes including a fallback.

Give AMP a try to increase user engagement

Final thoughts

What is a dynamic email? The best friend of an email marketer. Use dynamic content to personalize emails by geolocation, to be polite by addressing by name, to send offers based on the preferences of each individual user.

It has a positive impact on conversion and overall ROI.

Most of them are built easily in under 10 minutes.

Boost up your email marketing with dynamic content

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