A Comprehensive Guide To Run a Successful Holiday Email Marketing Campaign

29 September 2022
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  1. Tips to Create an Awesome Holiday Email Marketing Campaign
  2. Wrapping up
Tips to Create an Awesome Holiday Email Marketing Campaign

The holiday season comes with a bunch of marketing opportunities for any organization. Holiday email marketing is one of the best ways to skyrocket sales and maximize revenue. 

Other than that, with the right email marketing campaign, it gets easy to engage the leads and turn strangers into loyal customers.

However, here are some tips for excellent email campaign management if you want to do it the DIY way.

Choose one of our seasonal email templates, customize it, and bring your holiday marketing ideas to life!

Tips to Create an Awesome Holiday Email Marketing Campaign

1. The right timing is important 

It’s vital to define the right time to contact your subscribers. Let's dig into the details and learn more about various timeframes for sending holiday emails. 

Early birds

Early bird emails are often sent 2-5 weeks before the holiday (depending on the industry). This usually includes teaser emails and sales announcement emails. You can also offer your subscribers coupons and guides to choosing the perfect gift.

Early Bird Emails to Boost Sales

(Source: Email from KILLSTAR)

Here are some tips for creating the best early-bird emails:

  1. Offer surprise discounts. Provide services that your subscribers aren't expecting. People know there will be big discounts as the holidays get closer, however, unexpected discounts and special offers attract them a lot. 

  2. Reward loyal customers. Don't forget to reward your regular consumers for their ongoing support.

  3. Consider giving special perks to early birds. Provide “early birds” with bigger discounts and unique offers to add more weight to your offer.


Finding it tough to grab your subscribers’ attention? 

Make it easy with reminder emails before the holiday season. Such a quick email equipped with a coupon or a special offer will remind recipients who you are and what you can offer.

Holiday Gift Guide _ Remind Customers About Your Company

(Source: Email from D'Artagnan)

Day X emails

Use these quick last-minute emails to remind recipients that your offer is time-limited, but they still have a chance to grab their discount.

Time-Limited Offers for Your Holiday Campaigns

(Source: Email from Adidas)

Post-holiday emails 

It’s an amazing way to delight those customers who missed their chance to participate in your holiday email marketing campaign. Tell your subscribers you have reserved some discounts and offers for them too!

Post-Holiday Messages for Your Target Audience

(Source: Email from Threadless)

2. Add festive vibes

Since you are drafting the email for a specific holiday, ensure that your subscribers can feel the vibes. Try to make the email customized by inserting festive puns and emojis. Fortunately, holiday email templates have the necessary functionality to insert emojis into the text. 

For example, inserting emojis in the subject line enhances the open rate of the email. The unexpected emoji in the inbox can catch the recipient's eye. 

Of course, the email design should be aligned with the holiday season. You can benefit from Christmas tree images or Santa jokes during the Christmas holidays. For Halloween, try out spooky puns or gothic themes to stay aligned with the festivities.

In the example below, you can see how emojis enable your message to stand out from the crowd of other promo emails.

Holiday Email Marketing Strategy _ Choose Catchy Subject Lines

Besides subject lines, you can also spread festive vibes through your CTA buttons.

CTA Buttons to Grab Attention of Holiday Shoppers

(Source: Email from ColourPop Cosmetics)

3. Try to draft engaging subject lines 

Subject lines are more important than you think. It is the first thing that the reader notices. The recipient’s action depends entirely on how engaging and valuable the subject line is.

Try writing engaging subject lines for the holiday email marketing campaign. Add the words that grab your readers' attention. For example, "The Big-Discount Offer”, “Tick tock”, and “Don't Miss" are some of the attention-grabbing words. 

Here are a couple of engaging subject line ideas:

  • Witches Only This Halloween — KILLSTAR.

  • Like grown-up trick-or-treating — LOFT.

  • Black Friday Deal Ends Tonight — Adobe.

  • Are you ready? Check out our gift ideas to get started — Adidas.

  • Straight From Santa’s Bag — Fleur & Bee.

  • Up to 40% OFF during our Back 2 School Sale! — ColourPop Cosmetics. 

  • 250+ gifts under $50 — Ban.do.

4. Optimize your email campaigns for smartphones and tablets  

Mobile-optimized emails are favored over their desktop counterparts! If you are not serious about optimization for mobile when drafting holiday email campaigns, you may lose about 85% of your target audience.

Mobile users drive 60% of online sales. That's why it's vital to ensure that holiday email marketing campaigns are mobile-friendly.

Stripo’s templates are perfectly optimized for mobile devices, so you just have to pick your favorite one and customize it according to your campaign goals.

Mobile-Friendly Email Design for Flawless Holiday Shopping

(Source: Stripo template)

5. Treat your subscribers to free shipping 

Free shipping is one of the core reasons customers choose certain brands over others. What’s more, 90% of consumers would buy more often with free shipping. 

Imagine that some of your subscribers decided to get the most out of the holiday season and bought from 10 different companies. Thus, they will have to pay a considerable amount of money for shipping. You can provide them with a free shipping option during the holiday season to outpace your competitors and ensure a seamless customer experience.

Holiday Shopping Season _ Offer Free Delivery

(Source: Email from AmeriMark)

6. Gamify your holiday emails

Bring some fun to your messages with help of gamification. You can equip your festive emails with interactive holiday cards, quests, wheels of fortune, scratch cards, and quizzes. Gamification enables you to reengage and entertain your subscribers, boost email open rates, and build stronger customer relationships.

(Source: Email from Stripo)

Wrapping up

Holiday email marketing campaigns may seem time-consuming, but it’s a fantastic chance to strengthen your bond with customers and skyrocket sales. We recommend you plan these campaigns in advance to achieve your KPIs. 

You may also consider hiring a full service email marketing agency for this purpose. Thus, your messages will land in your customers’ inboxes at the right time, making it easier for your to boost your email open rate and drive more revenue.

Now that you are aware of some awesome tips to launch a successful holiday email marketing campaign, don’t forget to use them during the upcoming festive season.

Join Stripo to make your next holiday email campaign a huge success!
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