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16 April

Mother’s Day Email Marketing: Full Guide

Stripo / Blog / Mother’s Day Email Marketing: Full Guide

If you have some doubts on how to create an effective Mother’s Day email, just stick to one rule — do it from the bottom of your heart as this holiday is all about strong kinds of love. 

For more detailed instruction, we have prepared 10 email marketing ideas, and email design tips that you can use when designing your email. And yes, throughout this article there are some good ready-to-use templates like the one below to save your time on email building:

Mothers Day Email Template_Stripo

Create effective Mother’s Day emails in no time by using our templates

Simply customize text, add company colors, logo, and photos of your products, choose vivid CTA, include discounts — with our editor, you can create a beautiful and clear email for your Mother’s Day campaign.

10 Mother's Day email marketing ideas

It would be perfect if Mother's Day emails could transmit as much love and care as the child puts in a gift to his/her mother. So how about making the holiday preparation as convenient as possible for this kid a.k.a your client? With the Stripo builder, you can create a great email that will help your clients pick the best present for their moms.

We also have prepared some tips and ideas for the festive email marketing campaign. Find the appropriate ones for your goals:

1. Show how to make a present more personal

When I was a child, I tried to make my mommy happy with homemade postcards. You should’ve seen her sparkling eyes and a gaze that evaluated the implications of my preparation: glue was everywhere, part of the applique was stuck in the expensive sofa, scraps spread throughout the hall.

Fortunately, in your Mother's Day emails, you can show how your customers can personalize any gift in just a few steps. And no furniture will suffer.

Mothers Day Emails_Making Emails Personal

(Source: Email from Brighton)

2. Share the stories from childhood

In a time of strong market competition, it’s crucial to constantly keep in touch with the audience. Invite your followers to share a heartwarming childhood story about their mom, and reward it with a website post, discount, or another gift.

Mothers Day Email Marketing Ideas_Sharing Stories from Childhood

Use this template to create your email 

Conducting such interactions increases the mood and loyalty of the audience and inspires them to express love for their mothers more often.

So much interaction will be a great solution for your Mother’s Day email. 

3. Remind that the holiday is a couple of days away

Yes, we all are humans and we tend to forget special dates. Don’t hesitate and remind your clients to prepare a nice gift while the discount is valid.

Mothers Day Email Campaign Ideas_Let customers know holiday is coming

(Source: Newsletter email from Old Navy)

Thus, your clients will preserve their nerves and budget in a holiday rush.  

Why not use a countdown timer in emails for these purposes, as well? Just take a look at how incredibly easy you can add a customized countdown timer in your Mother's Day email with Stripo.

4. Combine presents for Mothers and help for charity

If you represent an NGO or charity foundation, don’t hesitate to remind your recipients about the possibility of combining a present for beloved with kind deeds from the heart. On such a day we all are more emotional and we are willing to make as many people happy as possible.

Mothers Day Email Marketing Ideas_Charity and Presents

(Source: Email from Victoria's Secret)

5. Announce a new product

The advertising campaign that you want to run in honor of this holiday will give your subscribers a sense of anticipation. Create a pleasant atmosphere in your emails. Tell them about your new product as a nice option for a present.

Mothers Day Email Marketing Ideas_Launching a New Product This Holiday

(Source: Email from Brighton)

6. Make customers’ lives easier: Present a full set as a gift

Most of us live in a hectic rhythm, forgetting to get a well-prepared gift for our mothers beforehand. Does this mean that we don’t love our parents anymore? Nope, we all have just grown up. 

Help your customers express love with total looks in your emails so they shouldn’t scroll dozens of pages looking for a perfect match by themselves. Plus, a noticeable banner with a sale announcement — that’s a combo of best practices of Mother's Day emails.

Mothers Day Email Ideas_Sets as a Gift

Use this template to create my Mother’s Day email fast 

7. Conduct a lottery or run a contest

Who doesn't want a product for free or a very good discount? Mother's Day is a great reason to give out gifts! Announce in your email the start of the competition or the lottery, mention the simple rules and push the audience to participate by offering a small bonus for this! Thus, you will promote your brand, increase interest in your products and gain new customers.

Mothers Day Email Campaign Ideas_Running Contests

(Source: Email from Brighton)

8. Give away generous discounts

If you have a variety of products suitable for Mother’s Day, why not show a Top list of them, like in our example? Remember — be a great assist for your customers during the holiday clutter and they’ll come back to you in a calm time.

Mothers Day Email Ideas_Generous Sales

(Source: Email from Forever 21)

9. Use gamification in your emails

This feature adds flavor to your newsletter and makes it even more interesting. For example, such an email from Stripo is not difficult to adapt. Just add a beautiful banner relevant for the holiday and insert your text, your game’s rules. But leave the technique of the game — let your subscribers draw a postcard for Mother's Day and recall those pleasant moments from childhood when they used to make cards with their own hands.

Bring some fun into Mother’s Day emails

By the way, you can run a contest this way: ask users to draw the most heartfelt card… The winner gets 90% OFF sitewide or even wins a trip. Be sure to announce winners before Mother’s Day.

10. Use catchy email subject lines

A few things to remember: make your mother's day email subject lines short but capacious, appealing with discounts and proposals, and of course full of love and care.

Here’s our list of 15 great examples of Mother’s Day email subject lines to get inspired:

  • A meaningful gift for Mother’s Day... — Monica Vinader.

  • Our Top Mother's Day Gift Shops — Brighton.

  • Our Mother's Day Gift Guide + EXTRA 25% OFF — Still need a Mother's Day gift? — Banana Republic.

  • Mother's Day is ONE week away! — Victoria's Secret.

  • What to Wear: MOTHER'S DAY — Forever 21.

  • NEW LOCKETS For Mother's Day — Brighton.

  • Our Mother’s Day gift guide to fuel your Mom’s wanderlust — Banana Republic.

  • 20% off all jewelry | Our treat to you this Mother's Day — Monica Vinader.

  • Iconic Gifts for Mother's Day — Brighton.

  • You can still get it by Mother's Day! — Gap Factory.

  • Happy Mother's Day! Here's 25% off to use on something special. — Banana Republic.

  • Last-Minute Gifts for Mother's Day — Brighton.

  • Wishing you all a Happy Mother's Day — Monica Vinader.

Try your best to make your email subject lines for Mother's Day noticeable and catchy.

5 Mother's Day email design tips

Each of these Mother’s Day email design best practices can be used as a practical base for further work —  adjust them as you require. 

1. Make sure the discount is on the first screen of your email. 

Choosing between two gifts, the customer is more likely to pick the one with an attractive discount. This is not about greed, it is about the harsh life of an adult. 

Mothers Day Email Design Tips

(Source: Email from Ghirardelli)

You can add well-designed coupons, or highlighted text over banners — just to help your customer easily choose the needed gift. 

And why use an external design program? With Stripo editor you can create a banner with information on sale for any taste while preparing an email. We’ve prepared step-by-step instructions on how to build one. Only four steps divide you from a perfect banner:

  • find the banner block on the left Content menu and pull it in your email;

  • pick out the required background image;

  • include your text about sale anywhere on the image;

  • edit this text’s font type, size, color, etc.

That’s it. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Mothers Day Email Templates_Building Banners

Design my Mother’s Day email fast

2. Add more air and lightness in the emails 

First, remember that it's always best to highlight what's most important and interesting. Second, don't overload your email with text and images, and keep some free space. It shouldn’t be just white blank space. Go ahead and add a plain color background, so the email will look visually better and airier but not dull.

Take a look at this example from the Allset. See how cleverly arranged the text and accompanying pictures? There is no congestion effect here. And now I want to take a break from this article and have some warm croissants.

Mothers Day Email Design Ideas_Light and Airy Design

(Source: ReallyGoodEmails)

Light and airy design is an email design trend of 2021, btw.

3. Make your email design emotional

Use your real customers’ or team members’ pics. Bring as much real love, devotion, care, and holiday atmosphere as possible. 

Mothers Day Email Design Ideas_Making Emails Emotional

(Source: Email from Banana Republic)

4. Remember about meaningful GIFs

One of the coolest tips for Mother's Day email design is an animated image. Let's face it, GIFs are very likely to catch customers' eyes.

(Source: Email from Ghirardelli)

Instead of overloading your emails with several images that slow email load time, the gif will help combine the images to tell a story. Present a variety of goods for your customers to choose the best one for their beloved persons.

5. Let your customers buy in one click 

Make it easy for your recipients to choose a present and purchase it in one click right from the email. For example, you can place the most popular products instead of showing large collections or more personalized collections that match your customer’s preference, if you have this information. 

Mothers Day Email Design Ideas_Letting Customers Buy with 1 Click

Use this template to create a Holiday email

Final thoughts

Become a trustworthy assistant for your customers and help them make their mothers smile. As we’ve mentioned in our best practices for Mother's Day email, your customers will be grateful if you reduce their holiday stress. 

Thus, the important things to remember:

  • don’t be afraid to share your story;

  • place the necessary information about the product;

  • create clear and user-friendly emails;

  • make the coupons and discounts noticeable.

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