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Mother's Day email marketing: Best practices and subject line examples

Natalia Zapsenko
Natalia Zapsenko Content writer at Stripo
Table of contents
  1. Why Mother's Day email marketing is important
  2. Strategies to make Mother's Day emails creative and meaningful
  3. Effective Mother's Day email subject lines
  4. Optimal timing for sending Mother's Day emails
  5. Wrapping up
Why Mother's Day email marketing is important

Mother's Day is drawing near, and it's a time for celebrating moms from the bottom of our hearts. As email marketers, we must remind our subscribers of this important day and help them make their dearest person happy. In this article, we'll talk about how to make tempting offers, personalized gifts, and attractive subject lines while strengthening the emotional connection and creating a warm, exciting holiday atmosphere.

We have gathered our most heartfelt and creative ideas for Mother's Day emails to help you easily set up your Mother's Day campaign.

Why Mother's Day email marketing is important

Mother's Day is celebrated all over the world, and you can be sure that your subscribers are seeking ideas and gift guides for choosing a present. Take a look at the marketing statistics for this holiday:

  • Mother's Day is celebrated in more than 100 countries around the world;
  • about 35% of Mother's Day gifts are purchased by online shoppers;
  • 38% of those celebrating Mother's Day often look to retailers for gift ideas, with men doing so more often—43% compared to 33% of women;
  • the top priorities for shopping include finding a unique gift (47%) and a gift that creates a special memory (42%);
  • the most popular gifts for Mother's Day: experience-based items like concert or sporting event tickets (27%), special outings such as dinners or brunches (57%), greeting cards(75%), flowers (72%), and subscription services (39%).

Statistics on the most popular gifts for Mother's Day

(Source: NRF)

Strategies to make Mother's Day emails creative and meaningful

Below, you will find a list of suggestions. It’s up to you how exactly you would prefer to use them; choose only one or combine a couple of them. Let your imagination (based on marketing and sales data) flow. The Stripo platform is always there for you to create an effective email in a couple of minutes.

Appeal to pleasant memories in the Mother's Day campaigns

Not only sons and daughters the target audience for this email, but also moms, since they can never have enough gifts and would gladly buy something nice for themselves.

Look at this example. Haven’t you drawn such a picture to present proudly to your Mom? 

So this is one of our Mother's Day email inspirations for you—make your email full of warmth, kindness, and care.

Excellent Example of Mother's Day Emails to Celebrate Motherhood

Speed up email production with our templates for Mother's Day email campaigns
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Help your clients prepare a Mother's Day present in advance

Here are a couple of tips for your Mother's Day email campaign:

  • for holidays, become a time management specialist for your customers and write down how much time buying gifts will take;
  • remind them about the upcoming holiday;
  • remind them about the upcoming holiday one more time since no one sticks to the plan regarding buying gifts. True story: most of us have been there.

Happy Mother's Day messages to make Mother's Day special pre-order

(Source: Email from Postable)

Countdown timers can be of great use here. With their help, you can let customers know how many days they have left to order items that will arrive in time to ensure the best Mother's Day.

Assist subscribers in finding personalized gifts

Let your marketing campaigns for Mother's Day be light-hearted with the best intentions for the target audience. Do not just sell—suggest what could make a perfect gift. Therefore, in your email campaign, you can suggest some ideas for a gift, show their prices and pictures, let recipients choose a relevant one right in the email, say in detail how much time the delivery will take, etc. Then remind them about your special offer a couple of times. This will be a great help.

Mother's Day email from Tokyo Milk


Consider offering gift cards

Gift cards provide a flexible option for those uncertain about the perfect gift. In your Mother's Day email campaign, highlight the convenience of gift cards. This option is precious for last-minute shoppers who still want to give a thoughtful gift. Promote gift cards as a versatile and appreciated choice, making it easier for your customers to celebrate with their loved ones without the pressure of picking the right present.

Happy Mother's Day images _ Сatchy calls to action for your emails

(Source: Email from Dunkin')

Ask your followers to share childhood stories with mother figures

It's essential to stay connected with your audience in a highly competitive market. Invite your followers to share heartwarming stories about their mom, and reward them with a certificate, discount, or other gift.

Conducting such interactions increases mood and loyalty, brings in positive feedback from the audience, and inspires them to express love for their mothers more often.

Offer emotions for a special day

Not everyone wants to buy products for Mother's Day gifts. For some people, emotions, traveling, trips, etc. are more important. Create a Mother's Day gift guide with ideas on how to spend this wonderful day—for example, with ideas for tours.

Connect your product with the customers and their lifestyle

Let your customer imagine how she puts on a dress of your brand and pays a visit to her mom, and while she walks toward the meeting place, people can’t stop looking at her. Or how mom unpacks a present box and sees a cashmere sweater she's dreamt of for so long and tries it on and starts dancing happily. Nice image of a happy Mother's Day, right? So why not describe such scenarios of using your products?

And don’t be stingy with the photos and descriptions of them; it will be worth it.

Mom is riding a bike

(Source: Email from SPECIALIZED)

Present a total look as a gift—make shopping online easy 

Most of us live at a hectic pace, forgetting to get a well-prepared gift for our mothers beforehand. Does this mean that we don’t love our parents anymore? Nope, we have all just grown up.

Help your customers express love with total looks in your emails so they don’t need to scroll dozens of pages looking for a perfect match. Adding an appealing banner with a colorful discount placement makes a good combo of Mother's Day email design ideas.

Boost sales with Special Mother's Day discounts & giveaways

Who doesn't want a product for free or at a very good discount? A Mother's Day campaign is a great reason to give out gifts! Announce in your email the start of a competition or a lottery, mention the simple rules, and push the audience to participate by offering a small bonus! Specify which social media will be used for the campaign. Thus, you will promote your brand, increase interest in your products, and gain new customers.

Check out this Mother's Day email example of increasing engagement in a creative way.

Mother's Day email campaign idea to get customers to interact more

(Source: Email from Brighton)

Don't forget the main elements of your email

Discounts are always a good idea—and a pleasant one for loyal customers. But keep in mind the main rule—show on one banner all the important information, like how customers can use a discount (with a coupon code or automatically on a website), the date when the Mother's Day sale ends, and any additional information—like whether exclusive discounts can be combined with other sale offers, etc. Specify whether you offer the option of free shipping.

Email from Duncraft Wild Bird Superstore


Add gamification to your Mother's Day email campaign

This is my favorite Mother's Day email example. I like games, and who doesn't? 

This feature spices up any newsletter. Below is an example from Stripo that shows gamification is not difficult to adapt. You'll just have to add a festive and relevant banner. The game's technique will remain the same—let your subscribers draw a postcard for Mother's Day and recall those pleasant moments from childhood when they used to make hand-drawn greeting cards.

Bring some fun into Mother’s Day email marketing campaigns
Use It

Get creative with your marketing ideas

Use a special occasion to bring joy to your subscribers. For instance, a great way to make pet owners happy is to plan a special promotion for Mother's Day. After all, in some ways, they are moms too.

An offer for pet parents from GLAMCOR


Effective Mother's Day email subject lines

We've gathered examples to inspire you to create compelling subject lines for your Mother's Day emails. Choose the subject line you like the most, adapt it to your brand and needs, and your email is ready to fly to your recipients. 

  1. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY | Show That Special Women How Much You Care — Finery London.
  2. Celebrating Mothers and Others 🌷 — Jigsaw.
  3. Gifts for the mother figure in your life 🎁 — National Portrait Gallery.
  4. Every mother is different—treat your mother! — Sam McCauley Chemists.
  5. Our Super ⭐️ Mother's Day Gift Guide Is Here! — Seea.
  6. Are you ready for 💕 Mother's Day 🙆 — Misc. Goods Co.
  7. New Arrivals for Mother's Day! — Accent Clothing.
  8. Spring Knitwear from £18 | Ideal for Mother's Day — The Edinburgh Woollen Mill.
  9. Freshly Baked Sweet Treats for Mother's Day — Brasserie Bread.
  10. MOTHERS DAY FLASH SALE 😚 — Preservation.
  11. Quick! 30% OFF Mother's Day 🌸 — Accent Clothing.
  12. The perfect gifts for Mother's Day 🎁🎀 — Pennyplain.
  13. Mother's Day is Almost Here! —
  14. 💞 Mother's Day Specials + Things You'll Love — B&H Photo Video.
  15. 15% Off—Happy Mother's Day! — Kohezi.
  16. Find the perfect Mother's Day Gift | Shop Instore and Online — Heatons.
  17. Mother's Day Sale 💐 — Competition Accessories.
  18. 🌻Celebrate Mom: Up to 30% Off Mother's Day Gifts — Norm Thompson.
  19. Happy Mother's Day! Celebrate MOM — Elisa Ilana Custom Designs.
  20. Temple Bags for Mom + Jewelry—19 DAYS TO MOTHERS DAY — Deseret Book.
  21. Animal moms are moms too! 🐶🐱🐴🐰 — GLAMCOR.
  22. Keep Mom Pedaling in Style — Specialized Bicycle Components.
  23. Last day for Mother's Day delivery — Budsies LLC.

Also check out these ideas for a subject line:

  1. Thanking our employee mothers on this special day. 
  2. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day filled with love and appreciation. 
  3. Treat your mom to something special this Mother's Day! 
  4. Celebrate your love for mom with our Mother's Day deals.
  5. Give the gift of love this Mother's Day. 
  6. Say "I love you" to Mom with our special Mother's Day gift. 
  7. A Mother's Day gift that will make her heart sing! 
  8. Don't forget Mom this Mother's Day—shop our collection now.

Optimal timing for sending Mother's Day emails

Begin your Mother's Day email campaign a few weeks in advance, typically by the end of April or in early May. This gives your recipients enough time to think about gifts and plans. While reminder emails close to the day can be helpful for last minute ideas, it's better not to depend only on these. Send a follow-up email a few days before Mother’s Day to reach those who may have missed earlier communications or are still making decisions.

By the way, since Mother's Day is followed by Father's Day, you can start thinking about this holiday or consider combining the celebrations for both.

To stay up-to-date on key marketing events, check out our email marketing holiday calendar.

Wrapping up

Mother's Day marketing capitalizes on the deep emotional connection between mothers and their children, making it a crucial time for marketers to engage their audience. With over a third of Mother's Day gifts bought online, effective email strategies can significantly influence consumer choices. From crafting heartfelt subject lines to offering personalized gifts and using countdown timers, the possible approaches are diverse. Marketers should start their campaigns early, using creative and meaningful content to remind subscribers of this special day. Don’t hesitate to start building your emails to prepare all marketing campaigns well in time for the holiday.

Build emotional yet effective Mother's Day emails by using our dedicated templates
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