Mother’s Day Email Templates

Having chosen any of our Mother’s Day email templates, you will only have to replace our photos in product content modules with yours, and just slightly customize our banner to make it fit your value offer — and your email is ready to go!


For most of us, for the lucky ones, mom remains one of the most important people in our lives.

Yet, we thank them so seldomly for their love and care, and how often we forget to congratulate them on this Holiday. Being completely busy, we just lose sight out of this day.

But Mother’s Day is just a perfect reason to tell mom how ardently we love her, how much we appreciate everything she’s done and keeps doing for us. This Holiday is filled with Love and tenderness. Hence, the most effective Mother’s Day email template is not the one with the most generous offer, but the most touching and emotional one.

Mother's Day email design

All our Mother’s Day newsletter templates are designed with pastel colors. For the banners, we selected the most sensual photos, that will grab recipients’ attention, and will put a smile on their faces. Over these images, you are free to put your generous seasonal offer — it won’t go unnoticed.

Get email in no time

If you use any of our free Mother’s Day newsletter templates, all you’ll have to do to send out elegant sophisticated email is replacing details of the examples of products in our product content modules, putting your value offer over the banner image, adding your logo and contact info of course (or dragging these elements from your personal module library) — and your email is read to go!

It will be highly appreciated if you notify recipients how much time they have left. To do so, you only need to add Countdown timers in your Mother’s Day HTML email template.

This is it!

Important to mention: you do not need to worry about how your email renders on mobiles as all our templates are fully responsive.

Our Mother’s Day email templates will significantly reduce email production time. Take advanage of it — it will save you time to call your mom on this day or spend it with your kids.

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