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Father’s Day: 36 catchy email subject lines and email examples

Build heartfelt emails for Father's Day
Table of contents
  1. The role of Father’s Day in email marketing
  2. Crafting catchy Father’s Day subject lines
  3. Father’s Day email campaign examples
  4. Dos and don’ts of Father’s Day email design
  5. One thing to do before you start your Father’s Day email campaign
  6. Wrapping up
The role of Father’s Day in email marketing

We owe everything in our lives to our parents. Those of us who were lucky enough to have had a wonderful childhood owe it to these people. While we appreciate and honor our mothers for their care, support, and delicious dinners, we remember our fathers as the ones with whom we had fun. They taught us how to play basketball and baseball and ride a bike and gave us countless tips on how to navigate through the world.

Father’s Day is celebrated in most countries, making it an excellent opportunity to remind your customers about the upcoming holiday and to advise them on what gifts to consider for their dads. It’s essential to account for cultural differences in your messages and to touch emotions. If your emails are sincere enough, they will inspire purchases.

Our comprehensive article offers ideas for catchy subject lines and excellent examples of emails for Father’s Day. We’ve also included ready-made email templates from Stripo to help you fully prepare your holiday campaign.

The role of Father’s Day in email marketing

Father’s Day has become an essential part of the annual email marketing holiday calendar, from the sale of greeting cards, gifts, and experiences to special promotions and events. If you’re still on the fence about sending themed emails for this holiday, just take a look at the growth in Father’s Day sales in recent years.

Father’s Day statistics by NRF


Here are some more insights into this holiday:

  • 111 countries around the world celebrate Father’s Day;
  • 43% of Father’s Day purchases are made online;
  • campaigns with emotional content have about twice as good results (31% vs. 16%) as regular campaigns;
  • 71% of customers endorse a brand when they feel an emotional connection to it.

So, be sure to prepare your email campaigns for Father’s Day this year. By using our Father’s Day email templates, you can create a proper email in less than 10 minutes: 

Crafting catchy Father’s Day subject lines

Father’s Day is a relatively small holiday compared to others, but for many people, it is a meaningful date to show their appreciation for their dads or father figures. Therefore, Father’s Day campaigns with clever ways to capitalize on this moment should be successful.

Adding some emotion to your Father’s Day email subject lines

Father’s Day message and an email subject line that shows love and respect for fathers are bound to be opened. You can use quiet messages like the following to draw your customers’ attention.

  1. Like Father, Like Son — The Tie Bar.
  2. Don’t forget your dad this Father’s Day — Divine Choco.
  3. What your dad really wants this year — Groupon.
  4. Thank you, Dad! — Patagonia.
  5. Let’s celebrate the heroes in our lives this Father’s Day — Dove.
  6. Show your appreciation this Father’s Day — Burst.
  7. Never a dull moment with Dad — HARRY’S.
  8. The Chronicle — Four Fathers — Taylor Stitch.
  9. Father’s Day Reflections — Tom & Teddy.

Emotional stories to celebrate Father’s Day from Tom & Teddy


Giving a helping hand

Not only do we need to remind our users about the upcoming holiday, but we also need to help them choose the perfect gift in no time.

However, please do not just sign up and say, “Shop with us” or “We give you a 20% discount.” Give recipients a hint about which gifts you suggest they buy for their parents.

  1. Don’t forget to get Dad something amazing! — Gaelsong.
  2. Shop Great Gifts for Dad — Dooney & Bourke.
  3. Perfect Father’s Day gift ideas — Kitson Couture.
  4. Awesome Father’s Day gift for the Rad Dad in your life — WIRED.
  5. Don’t Worry, We Know What Dad Wants — DTLR.
  6. Free P&P | Perfect for Father’s Day — Hiho Silver Jewellery.
  7. Still, need a gift for Dad? We’ve got the answers —
  8. DEADLINE: Father’s Day printed cards — International Rescue Committee.
  9. Perfect Gift For Father’s Day - Complimentary Personalisation for a Limited Time — Aspinal of London.
  10. Father’s Day Rescue Gift is here! — International Rescue Committee.
  11. Treat your Father to something delicious this weekend! — Baking Bites.
  12. High-tech fathers deserve smart tech gifts! —
  13. The Father of All Father’s Day Feasts — Shoney’s.

A selected gift for Father’s Day from Moores Clothing


Holiday Spirit: Getting into the festive mood

These play around with the festive aspect and the different themes of the season. Celebrating Father’s Day is much more fun when receiving Father’s Day emails with Father’s Day subject lines and lines like these:

  1. Fun & Inspiring Quotes About Dads? — Parade.
  2. The best dad jokes EVER ❤️ — Country Living.
  3. What’s better than a dad joke? A dad book! — Penguin Random House.
  4. How we’re spending Father’s Day. — Boden.
  5. Here are the World’s Greatest Father’s Day Ideas! — Freeosk.
  6. 3 Simple Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day — Guideposts.
  7. Happy Father’s Day with Zitahli! — Zitahli wallet.

Father’s Day greetings from Zitahli wallet


Be sure to spread the emotions of the parent–child relationship with your Father’s Day email templates.

Helping “kids” get presents in time

Why is there always a last-minute rush at Christmas or the day before Valentine’s for Father’s Day gifts and Mother’s Day gifts? Pretty common situations, including seeking gift advice. This is because most people realize at the last minute that they need to get something for poor old Dad and get it fast. Create an appropriate Father’s Day email subject line using these as an inspiration for yours:

  1. Get it in time for Father’s Day! — Gap Factory.
  2. Father’s Day is SOON — See Our Gift Picks for Dad! — Athleta.
  3. It’s almost his day. Get ready. — Sonos.
  5. You know it’s almost Father’s Day, right? — Dollar Shave Club.
  6. 1 day left for dad’s special gift — HARRY’S.
  7. 🚨 Last Chance For Guaranteed Father’s Day Delivery — Barstool.

Last-minute gift ideas for Father's Day from Barstool


Father’s Day email campaign examples

A family holiday is special for every person. Why not get really creative and add an emotional aspect to your Father’s Day email marketing campaign for your customers?

1. Spreading emotions — HARRY’S

In this promo, HARRY’S reminds us of the sweetest memories of our childhood. This Father’s Day email brought me memories of those happy holidays I had with my family — of my father doing his best to make me smile and laugh. 

Of course, such photos make us want to get the best ever Father’s Day gift ideas for our dads.

Happy Father's Day _ See the memories

(Source: Email from Harry's)

2. Sharing ideas — Elle

"Are you running out of gift ideas? No problem, we've got this!" This is a great approach to inspire your subscribers with creative Father's Day and Mother's Day gift ideas. Now it's our turn to make dads smile.

Creative ideas for Father’s Day from Elle


3. Being useful — Freeosk

What useful things can you do for your clients? For instance, you can share useful information instead of just selling your products.

It is a really simple example and won’t involve too much work.

For example, if you are a hosting company, you could create a special promo landing page valid on Father’s Day with different price points that are more useful for customers’ information.

Happy Father's Day _ Newsletter ideas

(Source: Email from Freeosk)

4. Announcing sale in an appropriate manner — Stripo

Of course, we promote our products in Father’s Day email marketing campaigns. We offer sales. But we still do with the vibe of this holiday in mind.

5. Spreading the holiday spirit — Country Living

Can you imagine a happy Father’s Day without the usual dad jokes? However, most of these dad jokes are forgotten.

Remind your customers about their fun times with their fathers using fun imagery and cringe-inducing jokes. Father’s Day emails are a handy way to have good-natured fun and remind a favorite dad joke.

Emotional Father's Day emails _ Country Living

(Source: Email from Country Living)

6. Introducing a special bundle — DUER

Let’s go back to the gift guides for a moment. As we have already said, choosing a great gift is a complex process, and your task as a gift guide is to help subscribers choose a worthy gift for this holiday. It would be a great idea for gift guides to send out an email where you will present an exclusive bundle dedicated to subscribers’ attention during this particular holiday. This will help your gift guide brand stand out from the competition.

Gift ideas in bundles from DUER


7. Cutting the prices — The Eastwood Company

Thematic promo codes are another good way to fuel shoppers’ increasing willingness to buy presents and increase sales. The Eastwood Company, in their emails, not only advertised their products with more sales but also provided a promotional code for a $25 discount so that it can be used even by those who do not celebrate — or by fathers themselves.

Father’s Day promotion from the Eastwood Company


8. Embracing cartoonish style — Nike

Even if your audience is far from childish, no one forbids you from using cartoon characters in your emails. This approach adds extra lightness to your newsletter and, in addition to the desire to buy something, will make the recipient want to smile. A great example of this approach is an email from Nike on Father’s Day.

Nike cartoon _ Father's Day email

(Source: Email from Nike)

9. Making good deeds — Epilepsy Foundation

If your organization is charitable or you want to do a good deed on Father’s Day, emails are a great tool to notify your audience and get them involved. The Epilepsy Foundation, a global organization dedicated to the welfare of people with epilepsy and seizure disorders, has created a special email with congratulations and an opportunity to donate to their foundation.

Epilepsy Foundation _ Father's Day quotes

(Source: Email from Epilepsy Foundation)

10. Providing discount codes — D’Artagnan

For those men who love meat, barbecue, and everything related to it, you can make a themed gift. The producer of the highest category of meat, D’Artagnan, presented a special discount code for a discount on Father’s Day, which they sent out to their audience in an email. A great solution to please the audience and increase sales.

Father's Day pictures _ Email example

(Source: Email from D’Artagnan)

Dos and don’ts of Father’s Day email design

We’ve put together a few rules about what to do and what not to do when creating holiday emails for dads.


  • feel free to leave blank spaces in your email. This will help make it less cluttered;
  • your brand logo should be easily recognizable and readable;
  • create eye-catching CTA buttons.


  • using large images. Compress all images for email so that there are no delivery problems and they are displayed correctly for users with slow Internet;
  • neglect of tests. You can always check your emails and conduct test mailings to special mailboxes. This will allow you to identify email problems before they go to the recipients.

One thing to do before you start your Father’s Day email campaign

Many of us know Chubbies for their unique style, unique design, and very interesting manner of communicating with customers.

I know it as a brand that brings lots of fun. But their email dedicated to the aforementioned holiday really touched my heart — they asked all those for whom Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are sensitive subjects to opt out of dedicated newsletters.

Options to opt out of newsletters _ Chubbies

(Source: Email from Chubbies)

Indeed, why not let users skip these emails if they, for some reason, are not going to celebrate this wonderful yet delicate holiday?

Celebrations in different countries: Traditions and customs

Did you know that Father’s Day is celebrated differently around the world? It’s true! While the United States and many other countries celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June, some countries, like Spain and Italy, celebrate it on March 19, known as St. Joseph’s Day. Father’s Day falls on the first Sunday of September in Australia and New Zealand.

Some countries have unique customs associated with Father’s Day. For instance, in Germany, men celebrate “Vatertag” or “Männertag” by participating in a tradition of hiking and drinking with friends. In Thailand, Father’s Day is observed on the King’s birthday, and it is customary for children to give their fathers a Canna flower, which symbolizes their bond.

Cultural differences in Father’s Day celebrations and the lessons we can learn

Father’s Day may be a universal concept, but its observance differs from culture to culture. What can we learn from these differences? By understanding the unique customs and traditions surrounding Father’s Day across the globe, we can appreciate the diverse ways families come together to honor their fathers.

Some cultures focus on community celebrations and feasts, while others emphasize more intimate family gatherings. Some countries highlight the importance of fathers as protectors and providers, while others emphasize the nurturing and caring aspects of fatherhood. The varied ways in which Father’s Day is celebrated can teach us valuable lessons about love, respect, and appreciation for the diverse roles fathers play in our lives.

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Wrapping up

Father’s Day is a global holiday with diverse traditions that celebrates our dads. Despite the commercial aspect, the essence of the holiday is to recognize and honor fathers’ love, support, and mentorship.

In this article, we’ve reviewed examples of effective email subject lines, exciting case studies of different brands and their approaches to celebrating Father’s Day. We’ve also discussed ethical issues for those who prefer not to receive emails on this day for personal reasons and cultural variations across countries. To fully equip you with the campaign preparation, we prepared a collection of holiday templates from Stripo, which you can easily adapt and edit.

One final tip: To create a powerful email campaign for Father’s Day, think about whether it will convince you to get a gift or visit your father yourself. If the answer is yes, your email is ready to drive sales and surprise your dad!

Build heartfelt emails for Father’s Day
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