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How Stripo helps The Email Marketers agency create AMP emails easily and quickly

Alina Samulska-Kholina
Alina Samulska-Kholina Copywriter at Stripo
Table of contents
  1. About The Email Marketers agency
  2. How The Email Marketers agency does email marketing for clients
  3. How to create AMP emails quickly and easily 
  4. What kind of AMP emails were created with Stripo?
  5. Wrapping up
About The Email Marketers agency

Email marketing agencies create robust email marketing strategies and campaigns that solve business problems for their clients. Are you also considering diversifying your emails and making them more engaging? Then this article is for you.

Melanie Balke, the CEO and founder of the email marketing agency The Email Marketers, told us how they organize teamwork on email campaigns and build AMP emails using the Stripo editor.

Interview Expert

Melanie Balke
CEO and founder of The Email Marketers agency

About The Email Marketers agency

The Email Marketers agency focuses on providing email marketing services to clients in the eCommerce space that make more than $2M a year in revenue. The agency has clients in all kinds of verticals in eCommerce, predominantly in food and beverage, health and wellness, and apparel. 

The clients that do well are those that understand eCommerce — both marketing and numbers — and focus on building community and talking to their customers. 

How The Email Marketers agency does email marketing for clients

Email marketing is one of the most important channels in their clients’ marketing mix and a pillar in their operations, so the agency helps clients in:

  • building their lists; 
  • doing the analysis; 
  • reporting; 
  • building the strategy;
  • email production — copywriting, designing, and implementing emails; 
  • learning from the data, making reports, and optimizing the strategy from there. 

How do agencies work on client email campaigns?

The main steps involved in working with clients are as follows:

  1. The agency makes a kick-off call with the client at the beginning. They work together with them and do deep research into their brand, competitors, industry, and customers to understand them. In the kick-off call, they absorb as much information as possible from clients. 
  2. The agency develops the strategy, and then, based on their research, clients review it and give the agency insights they might not have. 
  3. The agency starts email production to implement an email strategy.
  4. The agency collects and analyzes data to refine strategy and improve results.
Teamwork inspiration guide

Email production principles

Currently, The Email Marketers agency employs 16 people. For each email, they create a team of four people: the strategist, the copywriter, the designer, and the implementation specialist.

The principles for email production in an agency are the same for emails with and without AMP mechanics:

  • they always start with a copy first because the design has to fit into the copy and text that they want to convey;
  • they use a step-by-step workflow — first, the copywriter finishes, then the designer. There might be changes based on the client or the email strategist, and both might make those changes, but it’s more in a step-by-step workflow;
  • clients get an email preview, and they get to either make changes or approve right away. The head of the team always sees the final result before delivering it to the client. 

How to create AMP emails quickly and easily 

AMP emails are a revolutionary technology that allows for the creation of interactive elements in email newsletters and thus increases subscriber interaction and engagement: they confirm registrations and appointments, send feedback, fill out forms, set ratings, send and share content in real time, and much more.

To make emails more vibrant and diverse, The Email Marketers added AMP mechanics: surveys, gamification, and other features.

We use AMP because we want to be at the forefront of email innovation.

Melanie Balke

Melanie Balke,

CEO & founder of The Email Marketers.

The team decides whether an email will use an AMP block based on these criteria:

  1. What kind of interactivity can AMP provide?
  2. Can AMP enhance the email’s effectiveness and the context of each client’s campaign? 

They use AMP when it enhances the joy and experience of the email subscriber. 

Email production

The Email Marketers tried to build AMP emails through HTML coding, but it took a long time and wasted many team resources. Therefore, they decided to find a tool that would simplify and speed up the creation of AMP for the team. When creating AMP emails, the team uses the Stripo editor, including ready-made AMP blocks.

We tried many other things and platforms besides Stripo, but Stripo was the best. We predominantly use Stripo for the AMP features, which definitely does help us save time. Preparing an email with AMP in Stripo now takes us less than an hour, whereas before it took significantly longer. Integrating AMP with Stripo has dramatically reduced the time and effort required to create interactive emails.

Melanie Balke

Melanie Balke,

CEO & founder of The Email Marketers.

Export of AMP emails 

The agency sends emails mostly via Klaviyo. After creating an email template in Stripo and adding AMP mechanics, they export the email to Klaviyo to send it to subscribers using the export button. This feature also speeds up the process of working with emails.

How to export email from Stripo to Klaviyo

What kind of AMP emails were created with Stripo?

The Email Marketers have been using Stripo since 2023. As they say, the most significant feature for them is its excellent AMP capabilities. 

The specific nature of the agency’s work allows it to use AMP mechanics for clients from different business areas. That’s why we asked the agency to show us some fantastic examples of AMP emails and tell us how these emails work.

Gamification: Quizzes, puzzles, mazes, and more

A quiz was created for a food brand to find out subscribers’ favorite midnight snacks. The aim was to gather insights to enhance targeting and product suggestions, making the marketing efforts more personalized and effective.

Note from Stripo: To make using gamification in emails even easier, Stripo created the interactive module generator, which has ready-made modules with such AMP mechanics as questionnaires, Wheel of Fortune, puzzle quizzes, memory match, and others.

Marketing surveys and assessments

For example, The Email Marketers ran a net promoter score (NPS) survey for their agency. This kind of AMP email aims to assess customer loyalty and satisfaction and provide valuable feedback to improve services and customer experience.

Note from Stripo: To create an NPS survey easily, you can use our prebuilt AMP module in the interactive module generator.

How to create an NPS survey easily

(Source: Stripo NPS survey module generator)

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Wrapping up

For an email marketing agency that works with eCommerce projects, the following points come first in ensuring the effectiveness of work with projects:

  • setting up processes in teamwork during email production;
  • using interactive features such as quizzes, gamification, and real-time interactions to increase engagement, help gather valuable customer information, and improve marketing personalization;
  • using tools that reduce email production time and simplify it, including complex AMP mechanics, allowing the team to devote more time to creativity and developing strategies.
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