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Cold Emails Templates

Examine our Cold Email Templates, and you will find one that corresponds your requirements best. Modify it if needed, and send out professional selling emails.

As long as cold email is an unsolicited one, it definitely requires only the best Cold Email templates. Recipients know nothing about you, thus your main duty here is to impress them, your potential partners, with your value proposition, and your skills — do the best you can to grab attention and to win readers trust.

Definitely, design is also important here. And emails to win new leads, new partners should be orderly-structured, responsive — don’t think you are waiting time when working on Cold email design.

In fact, there are not many examples online, so you will have to implement your own ideas.

Try to take a photo that describes your service in one picture. Set it as a background image. You may also place your motto, slogan over banner wrapped in one of our 50+ custom fonts.

Stripo is one of very few online editors that allow placing text over banners. This way your text, it does not matter how “untypical” your font is. It will be correctly displayed in all email clients as they see the text as an element of an image. Great way to enliven your emails.

Stripo provides with open HTM code, this lets you embed videos into your Cold Email HTML email templates. In this video, you may briefly explain why your tool/service/offer may is utterly useful for the recipients.

In such kind of emails, it is essentially to create professional signature/footer. In that element of free Cold Email newsletter templates you are to provide a photo of yours or CEO’s, contact information, map in case prospects would love to meet you in person. There you may also include some awards you have previously received. This may help you look trustworthy.

Meaningful banner with catchy motto, embedded video-explanation, proper signature — are obligatory ingredients for a professional Cold Email newsletter templates to make your lead generation campaign successful

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