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Boosting customer loyalty with NPS surveys: Best practices, tips, and examples

Anton Diduh
Anton Diduh Content writer & Video content creator at Stripo
Table of contents
  1. What is an NPS survey email?
  2. How to create an NPS email survey
  3. Tips for making flawless NPS survey emails
  4. NPS survey email samples
  5. Wrapping up
What is an NPS survey email?

NPS emails are an indispensable tool for collecting feedback for any business. These emails have a fairly high response rate. According to research, the average response rate of NPS emails is 12.4%, which is quite high.

Creating NPS emails is a straightforward process once you know all the ins and outs of it. Our article is precisely about this, and we will provide you with useful tips on the process. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is an NPS survey email?

NPS or Net Promoter Score is a metric that shows how much users love or hate your company, which allows you to understand the level of audience loyalty. NPS surveys are not complete without asking questions such as “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?” and then asking the person to answer that question on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 means “unlikely” and 10 means “very likely.”

Standard NPS Email Examples

(Source: Stripo Template)

NPS emails are one of the tools for distributing and conducting this type of survey.

Net Promoter Score is used by many giants from various industry sectors, including:

  • air transportation: Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, and Qantas;
  • industrial goods and services: Aggreko, General Motors, and Terex;
  • consumer products: Lego, Procter & Gamble, and Planet Tan;
  • health care: Kaiser Permanente, Johnson & Johnson, and Zeiss;
  • B2B and the public sector: Travel Counselors, University of California Berkeley, and Avaya;
  • retail: eBay, Porsche, and Home Depot;
  • technology: Logitech, LG Electronics, and Microsoft;
  • media: BBC, Thomson Reuters, and PR Newswire.

All the above companies provide services and products, and customer satisfaction with these can be placed on the NPS scale. Timely assessment is an incredibly important aspect of their success, as it allows them to make the right business decisions and adjust their strategy to the ever-changing demands of the market.

How to create an NPS email survey

Now that you know what NPS is, it’s time to discuss how you create it. We’ll go through each aspect of the process, so you’ll have a better idea of where you should start and your final destination.

Use segmentation to determine the target audience

The first step in creating an NPS email is working with the audience, namely its segmentation. You must clearly understand who you are going to send the questionnaire to; hence, segmentation according to various criteria is crucial.

You can divide your audience according to many criteria, such as:

  • demographic characteristics (gender, age, marital status, etc.);
  • geographical elements (location);
  • marketing preferences (audience interests and marketing-content preferences);
  • email engagement (open rate and click-through rate);
  • behavioral aspects (various behavioral factors, including recent activity, page hits, frequency of visits, and more).

We examine in more detail the importance of segmentation and its benefits in a separate article, and we recommend that you read it to boost your email marketing.

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Update your email list

In addition to segmentation, it is also important to understand how relevant your email list is. Updating the mailing list is important in order to avoid sending emails to inactive subscribers, spoiling the email-opening statistics, and improving the transparency of the survey in general. Before sending NPS emails, clear your email list of inactive customers and reactivate those who have not interacted with you for a long time. Once that’s done, you can start sending NPS surveys.

Make an intuitive survey scale

The rating scale is the cornerstone of an NPS newsletter and should not be taken lightly when designing it. The rating scale should be as clear and obvious as possible. The recipient of the email must easily understand what rating they are giving, and you, in turn, must clearly understand how the client rated you. The best option is a digital scale with the most negative score on the left and the most positive one on the right. However, no one stops you from being creative and standing out from the competition; still, always keep in mind the readability and intuitiveness of your NPS scale.

Creative NPS Scale

(Source: Stripo Template)

Show appreciation for the customer feedback

Following the rules of good form means thanking the recipient for the feedback and time spent on the survey. A small paragraph will be enough to show how important the recipient’s feedback is to you and how much you value the time spent on the survey.

Appreciation for Customer Feedback

(Source: Stripo Template)

Add a follow-up question to make the feedback even richer

Additional questions are a great way to get more detailed feedback and find out what exactly the user liked or didn’t like, as well as get important information for making subsequent business decisions. These could be questions such as

  • “How can we improve our services?”
  • “What can we do to improve your experience?”
  • “Is there anything we can improve?”

These questions require detailed answers, so take care in advance of where exactly the recipients will leave them (directly in the email, on a separate page of the website with a link to it, and so on).

Follow-up Questions in an NPS Email

(Source: Stripo Template)

Track the performance of your NPS survey

Your NPS survey is ready. It’s time to go live and wait. Wait for the results of both the email’s performance and the survey’s results. Wait a certain amount of time and see how the audience interacted with your email, after which you can begin analyzing the survey and making business decisions.

Tips for making flawless NPS survey emails

Although NPS emails are quite simple in terms of structure and creation, they can benefit from these tips and become even better.

Keep NPS survey emails short

The main purpose of an NPS email is to receive feedback. Therefore, these emails are generally not very large and filled with content. You don’t need to send a huge email. A short introduction, the NPS scale, words of gratitude, and follow-up questions if you want—that’s it. The recipe for the perfect NPS email is ready.

Short NPS Survey Email

(Source: Stripo Template)

Make NPS surveys interactive

Interactive content in emails works wonders to significantly increase email effectiveness and engagement. This is especially true of collecting feedback using NPS. Interactive NPS emails where feedback can be left directly in the email generate up to 520% ​​more user responses than a form that requires recipients to leave the email to fill out. So, the advantage of interactive content is obvious.

Yes, creating interactive emails requires certain knowledge and experience. However, even if you are far from being able to code, you can easily add interactivity to your emails by using generators.

Stripo has its own free interactive-module generator, where in addition to taking advantage of interactive elements (carousels, quizzes, and puzzles), you can create your own NPS survey in a few minutes by using a convenient interface. Having generated it, you will receive a ready-made code, which you just need to insert into your email, and you will have an interactive email.

You can read more about the interactive-module generator in our special article.

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Pick the right time

For maximum success and large sample sizes, you need to choose the right time to send the email. This time will vary depending on the audience, region, day of the week, and other indicators.

For example, you can get the highest OP by sending emails on Monday and Friday around 6 p.m. We can provide you with more details about the best time to send emails thanks to our collaboration with GetResponse, which resulted in an e-book containing all the necessary statistics for sending emails at the correct time and day of the week.

Email marketing performance

You should also pay attention to the frequency of NPS surveys. The frequency of surveys will always be different for different businesses and industries, but 2–4 times per year is recommended, as fewer times may lead to less awareness of your audience’s trends.

Tell recipients how much time the NPS survey will take

Value your recipients’ time with simple gestures. It is enough to indicate before the NPS survey starts how long it will take to complete it. This will show that you respect your audience’s time and don’t want to distract them for too long.

Telling How Much Time an NPS Survey Will Take

(Source: Stripo Template)

Keep in mind mobile devices

The last tip is aimed at reaching the greatest audience with your NPS survey. For this aim, customizing emails for all possible devices is the right strategy because 55% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Responsive emails allow you to provide recipients with the same great email-opening experience regardless of device. Every block and visual element will look perfect on every screen.

Creating a responsive email layout requires some preparation, so we recommend that you read our guide, where we explain in detail all aspects of responsive design and how it can be brought to life.

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NPS survey email samples

Now that you know all the ins and outs of creating NPS emails, it’s time to fuel yourself with inspiration. We’ve compiled several free email samples that you can use as you see fit.

NPS survey sample 1

Subject line: We would love to hear your feedback

Hello there,

Thanks for being with us all this time. How did we do? Take two minutes to rate your experience. We appreciate your feedback, and thanks in advance for your consideration.

[NPS scale]

If you have something more to say, please share with us how we can improve. We would gladly hear from you.

[Follow-up question answer field]

NPS survey sample 2

Subject line: Tell us about how we’re doing

Hi [recipient’s name],

Thanks for buying from us. In order to provide even better service, we would appreciate you sharing your opinion with us on your shopping experience. It will take no longer than two minutes, but the improvements we’ll make thanks to your feedback will last a long time.

[NPS scale]

Thank you for your feedback and for staying with us. Have a great day!

NPS survey sample 3

Subject line: Share your thoughts with us

Greetings [recipient’s name],

Keeping our customers satisfied is our top priority, and your feedback fuels our pursuit of excellence. We respect your time, so we’ve made this survey short. Rating your experience will only take a few minutes.

[NPS scale]

Thanks a million, and have a wonderful day!

Wrapping up

As you can see, creating NPS emails is quite easy when you’re loaded with knowledge. The road to a successful NPS survey entails segmenting your audience, updating your email list, creating an intuitive design, and respecting your audience’s time. Now you also know some powerful tips to boost your newsletter, such as picking the right time, utilizing interactive content, and creating a responsive design to cover the greatest number of devices.

Now it’s time to put your knowledge to use, and we are happy to help you with our tools.

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