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01 November 2019

10 Ways to Boost Email Conversion Rate

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According to statistics provided by Campaign Monitor, promo newsletter emails are opened by 10-25% of recipients — this number varies depending on the industry. Conditionally, out of a thousand subscribers, only 180 will open an email. Some of them interact with the content — they click on at least one link.

The relevance of the subject line affects the open rate. Imagery, other visuals, and copy affect the clickability/CTR  of your emails. As a rule, they engage a user and build a desire to learn more about the product and eventually buy it (rent, sign, or do whatever the brand needs). If you wonder how to calculate the email conversion rate formula, we advise you to check this blog post.

There is no magical recipe to increase email marketing conversion rate quickly. Only daily painstaking work in all directions of email marketing gives a visible result. We collected a complete list of ways that will help you boost an email conversion rate step by step.

1. Be brand consistent

The newsletters should comply with your brand style, and resonate with your site style — you need to use the same fonts, graphic elements, and colors. 

Improve Conversion Rate_Email_by Adobe

(Example of the Adobe Systems Newsletter)

Email Conversion rate_Adobe Website Screen

(Screenshot of the Adobe Home Page)

Prior to sending your first email, consider the style of all future campaigns — both text and imagery — for a year ahead. Choose a few compositions that you will use in different cases and stick to them.

For unplanned and too bold experiments in newsletters, your emails may no longer be associated with your brand. Often, it is one of the reasons why you can’t increase email conversion rate. Because a number of purchases are made when customers trust a brand.

2. Adapt for mobile screen

According to the study conducted by Superoffice, since 2011, the percentage of open emails on smartphones has been growing rapidly, and last year it passed the 61% mark. This means that each email should be totally responsive.

Quite often users can’t read the email text on mobile devices or can’t click the right button on mobile screens when emails are not adapted for mobiles.

Email Conversion_Mobile View_Full-Width Button

Let us remind you that you can adapt your promo emails to mobile devices: set the size for fonts and width for buttons, set special font size for headers, headings, and contact information.

Try Stripo out

3. Work on headers

All HTML email templates have a header. Massive, with additional information and images, or light, transparent, with a brand logo — depends on the goals and situations.

Menus in email headers certainly increase conversion as they take users to a certain category of products on your site where they can make a purchase. 

Improve Conversion Rate_Header by GAP

On average, 10-15% of users click the menu tabs in promo emails.

4. Send re-engagement emails

It happens that some users stop reading our emails. We need to detect them, build a new segment/group of these contacts, and send a re-engagement email/a series of re-engagement emails.  

The most obvious solution is to give generous discounts, and bonuses to this segment, to share your latest news. 

You may also run an A/B testing.

Important to note:

Users can be inactive not because they do not open your emails, but because they do not use their email accounts. We strongly recommend that you check all these email addresses with any of the email validators to detect and remove all inactive accounts. 

5. Balance useful content and advertising

Always think about what your subscribers want, what problems you can help them solve with the newsletters. Subscribers who are looking forward to your every email will become regular customers faster.

Improving Conversion Rate_Balance Useful Content_by Hipmunkpng

People subscribe to the newsletter to receive useful information. It is difficult to give clear recommendations on the ratio of advertising and content since a lot depends on the industry. For example, Hipmunk sends two types of emails — promo ones with destinations, and value propositions and digests where they share travel tips.

6. Experiment with the number of images

According to the study conducted by Constant Contact, emails with three or fewer images and twenty lines of text have the highest CTR. Check if you follow this general recommendation to improve your conversion rate.

To do even better, focus on your niche and tasks. Experts believe that product brands and services should create emails with 13-16 images; consumers need to see the assortment.

If a brand needs to share just one piece of news, one illustration with a CTA will do. The main thing is to make all images and other graphic images clickable.

Improving Email Conversion Rate_Number of Images in Emails

Also, you need to add alt texts to all images in case email clients block them. Then clients will have a clue what your promo email is about.

7. Test hypotheses and analyze them

Which picture will work best? Which subject line will positively affect your open rate? What is better to write on the button: "buy" or "order"? Do not look for universal answers — they do not exist. Test several types of emails with the help of A / B tests.

Also, analyze the results of these tests. To increase conversion, you need to understand which emails work best. Therefore, we constantly analyze the performance of newsletters. Not only do we look at OR and CTR but also analyze what materials are more popular, at what time emails get opened more often.

And please remember there is no average email conversion rate as it all depends on your industry.

8. Follow visual trends

Some marketers believe that plain-text emails are a complete alternative to newsletters with photos because they are perceived not as advertising, but as a simple and honest email from a friend. They suppose plain-text newsletters increase email marketing conversion rates. But messages with graphic content continue to dominate because the brain processes visual information 60 thousand times faster than text, and viewing photos is more comfortable than reading.

Add GIFs, videos, build AMP elements, set backgrounds to make your emails more lively.

9. Work on the text

May your email texts be emotional, and compelling.

How to Improve Email Conversion Rate_Writing Compelling Text

When raising money for charity — appeal to compassion, when launching a new product — appeal to the desire of being unique, etc.

Increase Conversion_Emotional Copy_Power of Pink_Brighton

Proofread your texts to avoid spelling, punctuation, stylistic, and other errors in the newsletters.

10. Personalize your offers

This is probably the most powerful way to increase email conversion.

Segment customers by age, geolocation, marital status, etc.

It all helps you reach out to customers with relevant propositions.

Personalization by geo-location alone increases CTOR by 29%.

Grammarly tracks a user’s activity, which serve as the base for email personalization.

Improving Conversion Rate in Emails

In general, personalized offers drive 14% more profit than emails with non-personalized offers.

Final thoughts

An excellent newsletter is relevant, understandable, valuable, and involving. It makes users’ lives more interesting, more comfortable, more beautiful, and more saturated.

Follow our tips to improve your email conversion rate. Also, if you are looking for some inspiration for your future emails, we suggest you check our templates and adjust them to your current campaign.

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