Conversion Rate Calculator

Convertion Rate

Here, we’re about to define conversion rate, one of the most important email marketing metrics. After that brief definition, we will provide you with a manual on how to use our conversion rate calculator.

Defining conversion rate

The word “conversion” speaks clearly for itself. Conversion is a process when something is transforming, turning into a different thing. In terms of eCommerce, CR rate is a performance of marketing efforts converted into a precisely measurable incomes index. Every email campaign we run has its specific purpose, or targeted action we convince readers to perform — make an order, visit a blog, etc. The actual metric allows us to estimate our conversion as a percentage of recipients who completed the desired action after reading our email.

Why measure Conversion at all?

No matter what industry or niche we are in, conversion is our top objective. We invest money and efforts into digital marketing. We try a wide variety of sophisticated practices. We use AI-based tools to design our emails and plan the campaign sending with a creative approach… We do all that to reach our planned goals. So, the conversion rate is the metric that expresses the outcome of our marketing strategy.

Advantages of the CR metric over other metrics

When we track, say, click-through rates we only can approximately estimate the engagement of users. But knowing the conversion rate we can precisely measure in numbers how people react to our CTAs. This metric compares the number of positive responses to the total number of contacts, that’s why it is said to be one of the most accurate and useful. Using this indicator we can conveniently analyze the multistage processes including intermediate and final results. For example, when marketing strategy consists of stages “attract — hook up — retain — engage — sell”, by using our website conversion rate calculator you can calculate CR at each stage, track the changes dynamically, and forecast the final conversion rate.

How to calculate conversion rate?

Of course, you can do it in our conversion rate calculator. Still, we’d like to show you the formula. It’s very simple:

  • come up with the email campaign or period of time you want to find the CR index for;
  • take the total number of clicks on CTA items for campaign/period;
  • take the number of completed conversions;
  • then, divide the number of conversions (performed actions) by the number of visitors (clicks);
  • and multiply the result by 100.

That’s all. Let’s make a web conversion online with our tool. 450 subscribers have read our promo newsletter, 60 of them ordered gadgets through the CTA button with a hyperlink to our online store. Divide 450 by 60, the result is 7.5. Multiply it by 100, and voila: our CR is 750%.
Too routine? Use the Stripo percentage calculator online: conversion is found even faster, just insert the numbers in two fields of our calc and save more time!