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01 July 2021

Summer Emails Design Tips and Tricks

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“Winter is coming”... Oh no, again you know nothing, John Snow, it’s too early to say that. We can say “Summer has come and it goes on!”. This spectacular time when we see all the best colors of this life around.

So let’s find out how to use this time with all its benefits in your Summer email marketing.
In other words, let me show you the best Summer tips and tricks that you may apply when it comes to email design. 

We’ve prepared a bunch of Summer Email Templates for you

Preparing for Summer Emails Design

Sure lots of people are talking about the strategy and ways to design your Summer email to catch someone’s attention. There is no doubt that strategy is important, however, the Summer is a time when situational marketing plays by your side.

What do people see around in the morning? — The colors of the rising sun, awakened birds starting to sing, the smell of the first coffee cup. That is what you need. Use the emotions that people have in the Summer when creating real Summer emails.
Later in the post, I will share a few practices and examples of Summer email design that may disperse your imagination.
Here we go!

5 best practices for Summer email design 

1. Write concise texts

Summer Email Design Best Practices_Stripo Email Template

(Source: Stripo email template)

The text has to be as short as possible, as well as CTA or tagline must force a client to follow the written.
Necklace, bracelets, rings, earrings —  people immediately understand what you offer.
Less clothing, more jewelry! —  people immediately understand how they will look when they buy it. 

2. Highlight product’s advantages and variety

Summer Email Design Best Practices_Appealing to Emotions

(Source: Stripo Email Template)

In this picture, we can see 2 highly important practices when it comes to Summer emails design tips.
When you have any discounts, favorable conditions, or sweet prices, you must focus readers’ attention on them by highlighting the font with matching colors.
The second pro of this picture is the evening view. Summer is not only daylight time, but also delightful starry nights. 

3. Stick to situational use of goods

Summer Email Design_Situational Marketing

(Source: Really Good Emails)

These types of Summer newsletters are working efficiently. You show the Summer sunny locations when you want to sell something that certainly solves the troubles caused by the Summer.
Remember! When creating the Summer newsletters, use as many different types of color palettes as possible, do not focus on one color.

4. Create and spread Summer mood 

Summer Email Design Best Practices_Spreading the Summer Vibe

(Source: Stripo email template)

When introducing your product, let your client imagine where he/she will use it. Show the warm Summer rain umbrellas. Add a picture of satisfied children in the water if it suits your business.

5. Start with the best

Summer Email Design_Start with the Best

(Source: Really Good Emails)

As I mentioned previously, one of the most important rules in marketing is the fact that you have only a few seconds to catch someone’s attention. This rule also applies to Summer newsletter ideas.
Yes, you really have to start with the best.
Use this simple formula in the first part of the email: shiver-causing illustration + exciting message. 

Now you know the 5 best practices for Summer email design.
One important thing to mention! It is not that easy to use each and every tip written above. You have to come up with how to implement at least two of them fully and another one partly. Hope they will help you!

And now… let’s continue.

10 Summer email examples

You have already got acquainted with the best practices for Summer emails that might be used in your “email Summer”. For now, let me show you some examples that can get you inspired. 

1. Exciting colors by Brit + Co

Summer Email Examples_Using Bright Color

(Source: Really Good Emails)

Here is one of the best ways to take advantage of the ongoing holidays. When you show a suitable product at a suitable moment, you increase the chances of getting into the client's mind.

2. The Summer fun at a music festival 

Summer Email Examples_Summer Fun

Create an email to invite for an event
Use this template

Summer is not only about beaches, cocktails, seasides, and sunbathing. There are plenty of other things related to Summer amusement, one of which was used by the guys who sell the tickets to the concert in England.
Everything that has small associations with Summer may be used in the visual email composition.

3. Nice illustration by Thumbtack

Summer Email Examples_Using Nice Illustrations

(Source: Really Good Emails)

Plasticine and cardboard are really familiar to those who get this email, as well as the colors used here. Such illustrations differ from the emails people usually receive.
A well-thought-out text will be an amazing addition together with simple but colorful animation.

4. Combining Summer emails with Social Media 

Summer Email Examples_Social Media

Create an email to sell tours by using the Stripo template
Use it

If you have much to show to your audience on social media it would be a nice idea to invite them to visit your Facebook or Instagram accounts for a deeper acquaintance with the proposals. Also, the fast signup with Facebook, which is shown in this example, may increase conversion because such login options are always easier.

5. Harry's freshness 

Summer Email Design Ideas_Going Fresh

(Source: Really Good Emails)

What a marvelous product demonstration! Let’s look at the email’s components. Highlighted call to go to the website, live visual demonstration of how to use the product, the correct description located in the middle.
I believe you’ve just seen one of the greatest email templates design for Summer.

6. Arizona State University shows spectacular Summer background

Summer Email Design Best Practices_Spectacular Backgrounds

(Source: Really Good Emails)

Even if you have a lot to say like these guys from the Arizona State University, such bright backgrounds like they use may help you grab a customer’s attention and intrigue her/him to read everything written below.
I have already mentioned the importance of Summer colors. This tip is a must-have when it comes to Summer email design.

7. Act Blue writes a specific message 

(Source: Really Good Emails)Summer Email Design_Being Laconic in CTA Buttons

The idea you want to deliver in emails has to be clear. At the same time, you should be laconic in terms of using words in the head of your email.
The other information you want to focus your subscribers on has to directly indicate what benefits they can get by clicking the “Get started” button.

8. Great Wolf Lodge shows children's emotions in Summer

Summer Email Examples_Showing Childrens Emotions

(Source: Really Good Emails)

Do not forget the emotions your client gets. This camp enables people to experience memorable feelings and emotions.

9. 8fit with limited offers 

Summer Email Design_Bright Banners

(Source: Really Good Emails)

Best offers are always about discounts. However, the greatest addition to such a discount is when the offer has some limits. Like “Offer ends tonight”, “You have only 2 days to buy it at this low price”, “Offer ends in 4 hours”, etc. This is when countdown timers can help.

Please be advised that you can add timers with Stripo.

Add timers in emails with Stripo
Get started

10. 8fit shows “delicious” photos 

Summer Email Design_Juiceful Photos

(Source: Really Good Emails)

Sweety and juicy images that cause mouth-watering... Oh, even when writing this article I really want to taste my laptop!
Don’t be afraid to demonstrate the real look of your product.
The appearance of something you sell in your email can say more than 1 000 words in a description.

Final thoughts

This is going to be a brief one:

Implement. Inspire.

Create appealing Summer emails with Stripo

Николай Никандров 2 years ago

классная статья!!!

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Николай, Благодарим ) Очень приятно.

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