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Looking for an elegant summer email template to reach out to recipients during this sunny period? Among the templates given below, you will find the right one. Make slight changes to it. And your email is ready to rock!

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Summer is said to be the most favorite season of the year. Customers take vacations, travel around the world, and just enjoy their lives. And only marketers know they need to work harder than ever to convince customers to shop with us.

And sophisticated summer email templates are of great use.

Pick the one you like, and:

1. Add a perfect banner to your Summer email template

Banners provided in the templates above are complex. They are cheerful and complement summer email design. You can use them, or create your own with a banner generator, located in the banner block.

Insert your image, place value offer, wrapped in a decorative font, over the image, apply filters —  your banner is ready to surprise recipients!

Summer Email Templates_Banners

Use this Summer Email template to build elegant summer emails faster
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2. Apply appropriate background

Even if you run a type of business where photos of beaches, oceans, and summer sunsets are inappropriate, with Stripo, you can always add a cheerful background to your summer HTML email template. It will not affect the total perception of your emails and brand, yet it will remind clients there’s the summer out there.

3. Build products blocks faster

Remember to make them festive if this summer design solution fits your email marketing campaign style. Apply additional images, stickers — we provide you with hundreds of them, and also you can upload yours.

Summer Email Templates_Festive Backgrounds

With Stripo, you build high-quality seasonal emails in no time
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You can place snippets of the products over, say, a photo of the sea or ocean, a summer field, etc. Especially, if you are making seasonal offers.

Note: due to our smart elements, you can build products' cards for your summer newsletter templates in no time.

4. Highlight generous value offer and compelling copy  

With generous discounts, you may convince subscribers to buy winter coats in summer. To make them eye-catching, remember to wrap your copy in a custom font. It will harmonically accompany your free summer newsletter templates design and will make your email remarkable among others.

We sincerely hope that by using any of our summer email templates you will indulge your customers with beautiful newsletters. We hope this will have a positive impact on your CTOR and overall ROI.

Use Stripo's responsive Summer email templates to start on your own seasonal campaign in no time

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