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16 November 2018

12 Best Welcome Email Examples

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Welcome emails show the highest open rate – 50% according to HubSpot. While some companies get 80%. And we are capable of making them show respectively high CTR and CTOR.

Welcome emails are crucial. They are the first emails subscribers get from you. And they set the tone for your further relations.

Consequently, you need to work hard on welcome email templates to show your best and make a good impression on new customers. And brand-consistency alone won’t do here!

Best examples of welcome emails

You’ll see the best welcome emails that fulfill their important particular missions.

Example 1. Brighton

Mission this welcome email fulfills: shows your gratitude and appreciation.

Why is it important? Certainly, we, as marketers, are going to spend some time on creating emails in the future, we will panic we may lack new ideas to impress our customers with newsletters and we will try to endear them to our brand. And the latter will only need to open and read emails from us.

But looking at this situation from another angle, you will see that customers reveal and share their personal data with you, and entrust you with providing them with some up-to-date information.

Please, express your deep respect for customers.


“Thanks for sharing your email with us” is pretty noticeable in this email.

Instead of placing CTA buttons, which are a must in all emails, Brighton just added a menu – a good method to convince newcomers to shop with you by not telling them a word about it.

Note: if you are an online store that possesses its own style, like Chubbies, stick to it even in your welcome emails – style consistency across all emails is mandatory.


Example 2. Havenly

Mission this welcome email fulfills: tells your brand story.

We get registered with your website or subscribed to your newsletters because we either heard about you from our friends, or because we came across your offline store and left you there our email address, or because we saw ads on the web. Yet, we may know nothing about your company. Reading your brand story and knowing you a little bit better let us feel closer, and gives credit to you.


A nice family story that blends with the brand one.

Example 3. Monica Vinader

Mission this welcome email fulfills: introduces the company’s CEO to customers.

There are many ideas for welcome email design: sharing your brand story, saying “thanks” to customers, etc. And Monica Vinader found one more perfect way to greet new subscribers — she added a photo of hers in the first email screen, then mentioned once again what kind of products they are selling, and, finally, she explained what makes her produce and create jewelry.


Why not use this method to welcome new customers and let them know they are in good hands?

If for some reasons you refuse to include a photo of yours, then add a photo of your entire team, as Hill City did on this welcome newsletter example.


This will certainly let your subscribers feel they are a part of something, they are likely to feel closer to you and next time choose your brand among many others.

Example 4. Lamborghini

Mission this welcome email fulfills: lets customers feel treated in a special way.

Apart from sending welcome emails on behalf of a CEO (or maybe, in your company the CEO will really do it personally), you may apply some personalization.

There are many levels of and many ways to implement it.

For example, most companies just ask your name.

While some companies, like Lamborghini, ask you for a first name, last name, and gender.


In my opinion, “Dear Kuznietsova” sounds way better than “Hi there”.

However, it does depend on the company’s style and the tone of communication.

But if you are afraid that the necessity of sharing personal data may scare new customers away, then request this piece of information after the second promo in a separate trigger email.

Stripo- Welcome-Emails-3rd-Date

Example 5. Omnisend

Mission this welcome email fulfills: introduces a product to customers.

Now that your new subscribers know exactly what kind of company you are, what you produce/do and what motivates you — it is the right time to help your customers finally start using your products. If required, include a detailed manual or a video tutorial.


I tried it out and here’s what I saw:


This way, Omnisend introduced their new feature – from now on you can embed some interactive elements into emails.

Indeed, if you have a few features to boast about — share just one of them. Save the rest for other emails.

I also love the way Gmail does it. Seems like we know everything about this email client. But it’s not even close. And Gmail is aware of that. This is why after registration with it, you find an email with a video about how to make the most of your new inbox.


Example 6. Uber

Mission this welcome email fulfills: serves as a reminder for new customers they did the right choice.

Let your customers know what benefits they are about to get. Remind them what they should expect from a collaboration with you. Make consumers feel confident about the choice they have just made.


Despite the fact that great service is a must, there may be no need to mention it in welcome emails. Yet, when I see that in my inbox, I feel relief.

Another good thing about this welcome email example is that Uber applied images which complement every statement made by the company. They serve as proof.

Example 7. Magnolia

Mission this welcome email fulfills: endears newcomers to your brand.

What can help us endear new subscribers to our brand? And how may we convince them we are worth trusting and shopping from? Indeed… A special coupon may help you out.

Typically, we notify about it in the subscription form. Make sure to remember about it when sending welcome emails. Do not share the coupon in e-address confirmation ones.

But this trick might work for B2C companies better.


Note: be sure to add a noticeable and clear CTA button. And do not confuse newcomers with “this coupon works on orders made after the eclipse of the sun and available only for those who have observed it in Ohio two days back”. These people may get easily distracted and lost. Do not irritate customers with such offers.

Of course, I am exaggerating. But some “welcoming” coupons cover only black shirts or yellow slippers purchased on a particular day. Pretty frustrating.

Clear “15% off your first order” works fine. And customers will certainly love it!


Example 8. Charity Water

Mission this welcome email fulfills: tells subscribers the brand story.

This is a great welcome email example as it introduces the brand story to newcomers. As long as Charity Water wants to draw our attention to a very serious problem, they are to appeal to our emotions and video is the best tool to do it.

In this video, Charity Water shows the real tragedy many people face for the poor quality of water.


Also, the team explains to us how we all can help those people survive and finally get healthy.

Videos in welcome emails increase conversions.

Example 9. BBC

Mission this welcome email fulfills: informs subscribers about newsletter’s content.

Notify subscribers about the newsletter’s frequency, quantity, and topic.

BBC is a perfect example of a perfect welcome email. Not only mentions it that newsletters will come Mondays, but also lets its subscribers control what to receive.


Even if you send out only promo emails, ask your customers to set the preferences. Boys are more interested in male clothes, so there is no need to bother them with kids stuff.

Example 10. Beardbrand

Mission this welcome email fulfills: intrigues customers.

Do we all remember the “One Thousand and One Nights”? By intriguing, Scheherazade managed to survive. The situation with an open rate of our email newsletters is pretty similar. The more we engage the customers, the more chances they will anticipate our next emails.

Share some funny story, I mean just the beginning of it, or share the entire story and promise to tell another one soon. Or detect your subscriber’s pain, and promise to “cure” it in your next emails.


Example 11. 1stdibs

Mission this welcome email fulfills: proves the customers you are worth dealing with.

You just met each other. No wonder at some stage, new clients are afraid of buying from you. Calm them down by sharing some REAL feedbacks.


Are you not famous enough to boast with the New York Times and the Telegraph’s feedbacks? No big deal. Some of your staunch customers might have left feedback on your Facebook page.

Also, you may boast about your achievements. Tell them how you nailed your competitors and won the “Customer Communication Tool Award” or something else.

Provide subscribers with truthful information.

Example 12. Prezzo

Mission this welcome email fulfills: encourages customers to start using your products right away.

Not only may welcome emails greet the customers or provide with manual, but also persuade them to try your products or to visit you.


Who would refuse to get a glass of high-quality white wine? Certainly, recipients will not rush to your restaurant right away. But next time when thinking over a place to dine out, they are pretty likely to attend your restaurant.

Welcome email series

Yes, there should be a series of these emails. And in fact, welcome emails are the second in a sequence your customers get from you.

Due to the EU GDPR rules, and in order to protect ourselves from sending unsolicited emails or from sending emails to a wrong e-addresses, we are supposed to use Double Opt-in.

In other words, firstly, newcomers have to confirm they need to receive emails from us. Once it is done, we should send our welcome email. Send these messages, like all event-triggered ones, without any delays. The very moment you received a confirmation from your customers you should send a “thank you for signing up” email – because they expect to see it in their inboxes within seconds.


Note: prepare a matching landing page where your subscribers will be taken to.


Welcome email best practices

We have shared the best welcome email examples that are perfectly structured. Yet, there are some tips, pretty worth talking about.

Subject lines

Specify the goal of your email – the email type, – and certainly a sender’s name in the subject lines. The second parameter should be mentioned for those people who know your name.

And the first parameter is for those who currently do not recognize you, yet they know they are supposed to get a welcome email to start shopping from you. Let your welcome email subject lines be clear and concise:


CTA button

75% of prospects who open welcome emails are eager to shop from you unless they do not see a CTA button. You must have noticed that the CTA button’s design on all the welcome newsletter examples we provided here was notable, yet simple with a very clear copy.


Please, read more about CTA buttons in our post.


We have seen several examples where CEOs shared their stories. But what if you, as a marketer, are in charge of communication with clients, and you are about to run all marketing campaigns? Then you should introduce yourself to subscribers. Mention your name, position and include a photo of yours. We all love to know we talk to real people via emails.


Social networks

For new customers, it may be also interesting to follow you on social networks. Don’t force people to search for your brand on Twitter or Facebook. Provide social networks’ icons at the end of the email.

What benefits do you get? High brand awareness improves the chances new subscribers will prefer you when shopping online.



There is no superfluous, useless element in welcome email design. Every single detail matters.

Welcome email series may not contain more than 3 emails.

Welcome emails show the highest OR. Impress your customers with a good, informative email. Get inspired by the examples above, use our welcome email templates, stick to welcome email best practices when creating a new proper email and boost your business to the next level!

Your email marketing campaign CTOR is in your hands!

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