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08 October

20 Best Welcome Email Examples

Stripo / Blog / 20 Best Welcome Email Examples

Welcome emails are vital for your email marketing. They are the first emails that subscribers get from you and set the tone for your further relations.

In this post, you will find 20+ welcome email examples 2021, along with subject lines, and the best practices.

Build professional welcome emails with no coding, in no time

Great welcome email examples

To help you start off your communication with a customer on the right foot, we’ll share the best welcome email examples.

Example 1. Mailchimp

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Shows your gratitude and appreciation.

Why is it important? Certainly, we, as marketers, are going to spend some time on creating emails in the future, we will panic if we run out of ideas to impress our customers with newsletters and we will try to endear them to our brand. And the latter will only need to open and read emails from us.

But looking at this situation from another angle, you will see that customers reveal and share their personal data with you. After all, they chose your brand over other brands in the industry.

Please, express your deep respect and gratitude to new subscribers.

Best Welcome Email Examples_Saying Thank You to Customers for Joining You

(Source: Email from Mailchimp)

“Thanks for joining” is pretty noticeable in this email.

Example 2. Chubbies

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Introduces brand as it is.

As we said above, the welcome email sets the tone for your relations with customers. Be yourself, show the real you in your first email.

Welcome Email Examples_Staying On Brand

(Source: Email from Chubbies)

Besides, maybe it is your tone of communication your customers love about your brand the most.

Example 3. Stripo

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Delivers actual/fresh/real-time data to your customers.

Sometimes it is vital to provide users with only fresh information on your brand in welcome emails, be it new product items, or the latest updates of your service so users get the most out of it.

Welcome Emails with Real Time Data_Stripo Example

Of course, you do not want to update welcome emails manually every day.

With AMP for email, this information can get updated in emails automatically.

For details on how to build a welcome email with real-time/dynamic data on your own, with no programmers’ help, please refer to our “Stripo Data Source” blog post.

Example 4.  Havenly

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Tells your brand story.

We got registered with your website or subscribed to your newsletters because we had either heard about you from our friends, or had come across your offline store and left our email address there, or because we had seen your ads on the web. Yet, we may know nothing about your company. Reading your brand story and knowing you a little bit better makes us feel closer to you.

New Customer Welcome Newsletter_Share Your Story

(Source: Email from Havenly)

Example 5. Monica Vinader

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Introduces the company’s CEO to customers.

There are many ideas for short welcome messages for customers: Sharing your brand story, saying “thanks” to customers, etc. And the Monica Vinader brand found one more perfect way to greet new subscribers — they put a photo of their CEO on the first email screen. Their CEO reminded once again what kind of products they are selling, and, finally, she explained what makes her this sophisticated jewelry.

Best Welcome Email Examples_Making Emails More Personal

(Source: Email from Monica Vinader)

Why not use this method to welcome new customers and let them know they are in good hands?

Example 6. Sleeknote

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Introduces the company’s team to customers.

If for some reason your CEO refuses to include their photo in emails, then add a photo of your entire team, as Sleeknote did in this welcome message sample.

Welcome Message Samples_Share Photo of a Team

(Source: Email from Sleeknote)

This will certainly let your subscribers feel closer to you, which makes them more likely to buy from you rather than other brands.

The team photo plays an essential role here.

How to build a similar banner for your welcome email with Stripo:

  • drag the Banner basic block into your welcome email;

  • upload the photo of your team;

  • edit it if necessary by applying filters;

  • click the "Text" icon above your template;

  • enter your text here;

  • highlight the text that you've placed over your team photo;

  • pick a banner font from our extensive collection of fonts.

Building Banners for Welcome Emails

Design effective banners for your welcome emails 
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Example 7. M&M's

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Collects user data and preferences.

To send emails that your readers will find relevant and useful, you might need to find out their preferences, age, gender, geolocation, etc. Then personalize your offers. 

Welcome Emails_Collecting User Data

(Source: Email from M&M’s)

Red asks users to share some info on them in a nice manner. And does it in the first email. 

Example 8. Lamborghini

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Lets customers feel treated in a special way.

You did hear that addressing by names in the subject lines alone increases OR by 9%.  People love to hear their names. So why not address by names in welcome emails as well?

You may address either by their first name or their last name.

Addressing by Names in Welcome Emails

(Source: Email from Lamborghini)

However, it does depend on the company’s style and the tone of communication.

To address recipients by names, you need to insert merge tags.

How to insert merge tags in emails with Stripo:

  • put a mouse pointer in a necessary part of your text;

  • in the upper right-hand corner, click the "Merge Tags" icon;

  • pick your ESP;

  • pick a necessary parameter.

Welcome Email Examples_Adding Merge Tags to Emails

Add merge-tags to welcoming email templates to address new customers by names
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If your ESP is not on the list, you may set custom merge tags. 

In the "What Makes Stripo an Email Building Platform" blog post, we show how to set custom merge tags with Stripo (please see paragraph 36).

Example 9. Omnisend

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Introduces unique features of a product to customers.

Now that your new subscribers know exactly what kind of company you are, what you produce/do, and what motivates you — it is the right time to help your customers finally start using your products. If necessary, include a detailed manual or a video tutorial.

Best Welcome Emails_Showing Product Best Features

(Source: Email from Omnisend)

I tried it out and here’s what I saw:

Welcome Emails_Landing Pages

This way, Omnisend introduced their new feature — from now on you can embed some interactive elements into emails.

Indeed, if you have a few features to boast about — share one or even a few of them in your “Welcome to our service” for a new client email.

Example 10. Infogram

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Provides customers with a training video.

I loved that Infogram shared a how-to video to help me get the most out of their tool.

Best Welcome Email Examples_Sharing a How to Video

(Source: Email from Infogram)

How to add videos in emails with Stripo:

  • drag the Video basic block into your welcome email template;

  • paste URL to your video. There's no need to paste alt and title for your video — we're on it;

  • toggle the "Custom thumbnail image" button if you want to add a custom preview image to your videos.

Welcome Emails Best Practices_Adding How to Videos

Empower your welcome emails with videos
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Example 11. Uber

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Serves as a reminder for new customers they did the right choice.

Let your customers know what benefits they are about to get. Remind them what they should expect from a collaboration with you. Make consumers feel confident about the choice they have just made.

Welcome Emails_Show Off Your Strongest Spots

(Source: Really Good Emails)

Another good thing about this welcome email example is that Uber applied images that complement every statement made by the company. 

Example 12. Herschel Supply Co.

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Encourages customers to shop with you right away.

Customers joined you because they like your products. Convince them to buy from you right away.

This trick works best for eCommerce.

Welcome Email Examples_Giving Away Coupons

(Source: Herschel Supply Co.)

Important to note:

Be sure to add a noticeable and clear CTA button. And do not confuse newcomers with “this coupon works on orders made after the eclipse of the sun and available only to those who have observed it in Ohio two days ag”. These people may get easily distracted and lost. Do not irritate customers with such offers.

Clear “15% OFF on your first order” works fine. And customers will certainly love it!

Example 13. Charity Water

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Tells subscribers the brand story.

This is a great welcome email example as it introduces the brand story to newcomers. As long as Charity Water wants to draw our attention to a very serious problem, they are to appeal to our emotions, and video is the best tool to do it.

In this video, Charity Water shows the real tragedy many people face because of the poor quality of water.

Welcome Emails_Sharing Your Brand Story

(Source: Email from Charity Water)

Also, the team explains to us how we all can help those people survive and finally get healthy.

Example 14. BBC

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Informs subscribers about newsletter content, and frequency.

Inform subscribers about the newsletter’s frequency, quantity, and topic.

BBC is a perfect example of a perfect welcome email. Not only does it mention that newsletters will come Mondays, but also lets its subscribers take control of what they will receive.

Welcome Emails_Let Customers Know What to Expect

(Source: Email from BBC)

Example 15. Beardbrand

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Makes subscribers anticipate a new email from you.

Do we all remember the “One Thousand and One Nights” tale? By intriguing, Scheherazade managed to survive. The situation with an open rate of our email newsletters is pretty similar. The more we engage the customers, the more chances they will anticipate our next emails.

Share some funny story, I mean just the beginning of it, or share the entire story and promise to tell another one in the next email. Or detect your subscriber’s pain, and promise to “cure” it in your next emails.

Welcome Emails_Adding Intrigue to Make Customers Anticipate Following Emails

(Source: Really Good Emails)

Example 16. Stripo

You liked the examples above? Want to build a similar one fast? We know how to write a customer welcome email in no time. 

Just use the welcoming email template given below.

Welcoming Email Templates_Stripo

Design professional welcome emails fast with our templates
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You will only need to slightly customize its content so that it fits your brand needs.

Example 17. 1stdibs

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Show customers you are worth dealing with.

You just met each other. No wonder new clients are somewhat afraid of buying from you. Calm them down by sharing some feedback by opinion leaders.

Welcome Email Best Practices_Social Proof

(Source: Email from 1stdibs)

Are you not famous enough to boast with the New York Times and the Telegraph’s feedback? Not a problem. Some of your staunch customers might have left feedback on your Facebook page.

Also, you may boast about your achievements. Tell them how you nailed your competitors and won the “Customer Communication Tool Award” or something else.

Provide subscribers with truthful information.

Example 18. Prezzo

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Encourages customers to start using your products right away.

Not only may welcome emails greet the customers or provide them with manuals, but also persuade them to try your products or to visit you.

Welcome Emails_Incentive to Start Shopping with You

(Source: Email from Prezzo)

Who would refuse to get a glass of high-quality white wine? Certainly, recipients will not rush to your restaurant right away. But next time when thinking over a place to dine out, they are pretty likely to attend your restaurant.

Example 19. Ongage

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Shows clients how many world-known companies prefer their tool.

When famous brands trust you, it means you are reliable and maintain consistent service. Indeed, why not boast about it? 

Welcome Email Best Practices_Boasting About Your Famous Clients

(Source: Email from Ongage)

Ongage also informed me that a member of their Onboarding team would email me shortly and would offer his or her help. So if I have any questions regarding how the tool operates, I can contact customer support on my own.

I loved this proactive approach.

Example 20. Brooklinen

Mission this welcome email fulfills: Shows clients how many world-known companies prefer their tool.

We've already discussed reviews by opinion leaders. But if loyal customers rate you, if they leave feedback on your site, be sure to share it with new subscribers.

Welcome Emails_Boasting About Famous Clients

(Source: Email from Brooklinen)

Studies show that social proof in emails increases revenue by 2.3%

Please find more ideas and examples of Social Proof in emails on our blog.

Verification emails

Before you send your clients a welcome email after their subscription or registration, you need to ask them to verify their email addresses.

In the first case, meaning subscription to your newsletter, you do it to eliminate bots or non-existing email addresses from your mailing list, and to be legally allowed to send emails to your subscribers. This step is required by GDPR and CanSPAM.

Verification Confirmation Emails_Double Opt In_Welcome Emails

(Source: Email from Benchmark Email)

In the second case, meaning registration with your website, you ask users to verify their email addresses for security reasons. By verifying email addresses, users let us know (I’d say “prove”) they own this email address. As a result, it allows you to better assist clients when they need it. 

Welcome Emails Best Practices_Verification Emails_Example

(Source: Email from Ecwid)

Important notice:

You send a welcome email only after a “verification click” in your verification email. If a user has not confirmed their email address yet, send them a reminder a few hours later. If the user does not verify this email address after the second email, don’t try to reach out to this person ever again. 

Subscription Email Examples_Reminder

(Source: Email from Fortune - Newsletters)

Please, find more subscription email examples in the “Subscription Confirmation Email” blog post.

Welcome email series

It is totally up to you whether to send a single welcome email or an entire welcome email series that has over 3 emails in it. It does depend on your preferences and your service. But Mailchimp says that a great welcome email series generates 51% more revenue compared to a single welcome email.

What do you send in such emails?

The content of these emails does depend on the industry, so we decided to describe each one separately.

SaaS companies

  1. Email 1 — You thank clients for joining you. Add a video where you highlight all the functionality that makes your tool unique so that users know they made a good choice.

  2. Email 2 — You in detail describe how some functionality operates.

  3. Email 3 — You describe the benefits of using your tool, and show your clients’ feedback.

  4. Email 4 — You share links to some useful resources, like training videos or how-to blog posts on your site to help users get started right away. 

Great Business Welcome Email Series_Example

(Source: Email from ActiveCampaign)

In one, or even in each of these emails, let users know they can always ask you for help, like via chat or even a personal demo.

B2C companies

  1. Email 1 — You thank customers for joining you. You share a coupon if you like.

  2. Email 2 — You remind those who have not bought from you yet that their coupon is waiting for them.

  3. Email 3 — Ask users to set their preferences, or share some personal information, like their age, gender, geo-location so that you send them personalized offers.

Welcome Email Examples_Asking Users to Set Preferences

(Source: Email from Maybelline)

Welcome email subject lines

Even though users are waiting for your welcome emails, think of a good, catchy, “warm”, yet concise subject line. Of course, in the subject, you need to specify this is a welcome email so that it stands among other emails.

Welcome email subject examples

  • Welcome, Welcome, Welcome — Ann Handley - MarketingProfs.

  • HANNA, find your special welcome offer inside! — Hilton Honors.

  • You're in. Welcome to adidas. — adidas.

  • Welcome to Litmus! Here's how to get started — Litmus.

  • You’re in! Welcome to Campaign Monitor. — Campaign Monitor.

  • Welcome to the SEMrush family! — SEMrush.

  • Welcome to the tribe! — Digital Summit Chicago.

  • Tell your closet we said YOU'RE WELCOME. — Victoria's Secret.

  • Just another welcome email — Jen from Unbounce.

  • Welcome to your destination for beautiful design — 1stDibs.

  • Welcome to Zillow — we're glad you're here! — Zillow.

  • Welcome from Ontraport’s founder — Ontraport.

  • Welcome to IFTTT, Hanna — IFTTT.

  • Welcome to Pocket! Good things await you — Pocket.

  • Welcome to your Asana trial. 5 tips to get started.

Welcome email best practices

These tips, in fact, apply to any email. But we’d like to briefly highlight them here.

CTA button

A CTA button has to be noticeable, yet simple with a very clear copy.

Welcome Emails_Clear CTA Button

(Source: Email from Trello)

Please, read more about CTA buttons in our blog post.


We have seen several examples where CEOs shared their stories. But what if you, as a marketer, are in charge of communication with clients, and you are about to run all email marketing campaigns? Then you should introduce yourself to subscribers. Mention your name, position, and include a photo of yours. We all love to know we talk to real people via emails.

Welcome Emails Best Practices_Signature

(Source: Email from HubSpot)

For more ideas on how to build professional yet friendly email signatures please refer to our "14 Best Email Signature Design Examples" blog post.


You do not need to design an email signature for your emails every time when starting a new campaign. Stripo allows:

  • building it just once;

  • then saving to your personal Modules storage;

Welcome Emails_Speeding Up Email Production with Stripo Content Modules

  • finally, reusing it across all future campaigns. 

Speed up email production with the Stripo Modules

Social networks

For new customers, it may be also interesting to follow you on social networks. Don’t make people search for your brand on Twitter or Facebook manually. Add links to your profiles on social media at the end of the email.

How to Send a Welcome Email_Adding Social Media

(Source: Email from Mailchimp)

Please watch our video to find out how to add social media networks, design their icons, and add respective links in your welcome emails with just 1 click, please.

Add the Follow Us block to your emails with just 1 click
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The unsubscribe option

Even though your users do confirm their willingness to receive emails from you, they might change their minds at any time. And a welcome email is not an exception here. Be sure to add the “Unsubscribe option” to your emails.

How to Send a Welcome Emails_Best Practices_Exampke of the Unsubscribe Option

(Source: Email from Swarovski)

Optimize your emails for mobile devices

We all know that over 50% of emails today get opened on mobile devices, right? Thus, we need to optimize our welcome emails, like any other email, for mobile devices.

Of course, all the templates from our collection are mobile-friendly by default. But you can also set button width, and font size for the mobile version of your welcome emails so that they are fully legible across all devices. 

Welcome Email Best Practices_Optimizing Emails for Mobile Devices

Experience the new level of mobile-friendliness
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Final thoughts

We’ve shared 20 examples of the best welcome emails to get you inspired, and the tips on how to send a welcome email right.

Let us sum up these best practices:

  • welcome email should always be preceded by a verification email;

  • double opt-in required;

  • subject line should reflect the type of your email;

  • emails should be optimized for mobile devices;

  • introduce your company in a welcome email.

Design powerful welcome emails easy
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