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28 March

10 Features to Look for in Bulk Email Service

Stripo / Blog / 10 Features to Look for in Bulk Email Service

Email campaigns cannot do without the right tools, like various bulk email services. However, what is a bulk email service? At its core, this is an email distribution tool that allows marketers to send mass emails to multiple recipient lists. In addition, such tools provide features to send emails at the appointed time. All this allows marketers to run global email campaigns and reach the widest possible audience.

However, sending mass emails is not the only feature a proper email service provider should have. In this article, we will share what other features of a bulk email service you should look for when choosing a new ESP.

We want to remind you Stripo provides integration with 70 different ESPs. This means you can push all the emails that you build with Stripo to an ESP of your choice with just 1 click.

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Feature 1. Analytical tools

When launching global email campaigns, you always hope that they will succeed and that they will work as you plan (or even better). And in order for you to know the exact success of your work, email bulk services should have dashboards with detailed email campaign analytics. The more detailed the dashboard, the better. The tool of your choice must provide you with such metrics as open and bounce rate, CTOR, CTR, spam rate, and more. This is valuable data that will help you make decisions and the necessary tweaks to your email campaign in order to make it even more effective in the future.

eSputnik dashboard

(Source: eSputnik)

Feature 2. User behavior tracking

Information is always the key to opportunities, as you can analyze it and make decisions based on it. User behavior tracking tools allow you to track, collect, and analyze quantitative and qualitative user data to understand how users interact with your product or website.

This allows you to send more personalized emails and ads.

Feature 3. Email segmentation & personalization

Segmentation and personalization are quite similar. They both are vital when you need to send relevant content to your audience. Probably this is why they have been and still are one of the key email marketing trends

Why care about it? 

Because personalization increase revenue by up to 760%, and not only.

Personalization in email_Email Marketing Trends_2022_En

Benefits of segmentation and personalization

You can segment your contacts by:

  • geographical location;

  • purchase history;

  • favorite products (added to wishlist and so on);

  • client type (potential, current, etc.);

  • age;

  • preferences;

  • customer behavior.

Feature 4. А/В testing

A/B testing is one of the main ways to understand what you can do to improve your email campaigns. AB testing lets you understand whether your emails resonate with your audience. 

With this test, you can test different elements of the email, like subject lines, CTA buttons, body text, and so on to find the best combination.

AB testing eSputnik

(Source: eSputnik)

Feature 5. Automatic email throttling

One of the bulk email services features you should pay attention to is email throttling. This approach allows you to control how many emails your contacts get a day.

Some ISPs limit (throttle) the number of emails a user can receive from one sender a day. If a larger amount of emails is sent to a particular user, ISP can consider those emails as SPAM and block the sender.

This is why you need your ESP to control the number of emails sent to your users.

This strategy allows you to ensure the best delivery of emails and reduce the likelihood of recipients throwing your emails into a spam folder.

Feature 6. Automation

You need to send to your users hundreds or even thousands of trigger and transactional emails a day. Of course, you can’t do it manually. This is a highly important feature to look for in a new ESP.

Stripo’s option “Replace an existing email template” is crucial when it comes to trigger emails.

How does it work?

Say, you need to update just a little of your current trigger/triggers. You do it in Stripo, then bulk export those templates to your ESP and choose the “Replace an existing email template option” and Stripo automatically replaces the templates that you’ve previously set in the “Email automation” section in your ESP with the new ones without pausing and stopping the entire workflow there. Just the moment you push a new template to your ESP, the previous one disappears and the new one is used in your workflow (automation).

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Feature 7. Smart send

In addition to standard scheduled newsletters, the bulk email service of your choice may:

  • resend emails to those who never opened, which greatly increases your email open rate;

  • choose the best send time according to recipients’ time zones and the time they normally open their emails.

Sendpulse automation

(Source: SendPulse)

Feature 8. Customer verification process

No Internet user likes spam, and no one wants to see it in their mailboxes. Top bulk email software providers always check future customers before lending mailing tools to them. For example, senders of various spam and other mailing lists that clog user inboxes use the same mailing tool as you. If your business sends only legit emails (like various subscriptions, person-to-person emails) using a shared IP address, the bad reputation of other businesses can hurt yours too. The whole email campaign and hard work will go to waste. Therefore, when choosing a platform, you should pay attention to this aspect. 

Feature 9. Dedicated IPs

A business should encourage its customers who actively use its services. As a result, you should find the same mass emails service that can provide you with a separate IP address to improve the deliverability of your emails. If you're going to send quite a lot of emails a month, you might want to consider looking for that particular provider. This will allow you to get a personal IP that you designate that will boost your email campaign.

Hubspot dedicated IPs

(Source: Hubspot)

Feature 10. Support for AMP for Email

AMP in emails is capable of:

  • increasing sales through Abandoned Cart emails by 82%;

  • delivering only fresh info to users no matter when they open your emails;

  • pulling information from Google Docs into emails to update information in emails at any time;

  • increasing user engagement by 225%;

  • increasing user response rate by up to 520%.

This is why it is crucial that your bulk email service supports AMP. 

Please be advised that with Stripo you can build AMP email with little to no coding skills. And then export them to your ESP with just 1 click.

Those ESPs that do support this type of integration with Stripo are marked with lightning.

If your ESP has support for AMP but does not accept AMP Emails via direct integration, you can download your email as an AMP HTML file and then import it into your ESP.

The choice of email providers is a responsible process, as all subsequent email campaigns will be based on the platform you choose. We made a Review of the Top 10 Email Services Providers to help you choose.

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Final words

Choosing a bulk emailing service for marketing campaigns is a responsible process, since the convenience of developing companies and their success depends on your decision. The tool of your choice should have all the necessary features to maximize the flexibility of your newsletters and track their success. We have compiled a list of bulk email service features that will help you organize clock-work email campaign processes. However, before sending out emails, they need to be created, and we can also help you with this task.

Create unique emails for your campaigns in no time with Stripo


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