What is an email template

Table of contents
  1. Definition of a custom template
  2. How an email template can be used in email marketing
  3. Types of email templates
  4. Wrapping up
Definition of a custom template

Email templates can help businesses save time and create professional-looking emails for various purposes. They can help businesses maintain consistency in their branding and messaging, which can improve the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns.

Pre-built email templates can be cost-effective for businesses, eliminating hiring a graphic designer or investing in expensive email marketing software. This article will help you explore the definition, uses, types, and examples of email templates.

Definition of a custom template

What is an email template? It is a pre-designed layout or structure used to create an email message. Email templates typically include a pre-built structure with header, body, and footer sections. They may also include blocks for text, images, videos, links, and formatting options for fonts, colors, and backgrounds.

How an email template can be used in email marketing

Email templates have become integral to email marketing efforts, allowing a business to implement a marketing strategy effectively. Using an email template, they can easily create an email campaign that aligns with their marketing strategy and help them achieve their marketing goals.

Instead of creating each email from scratch, businesses can use an existing template and customize it per their requirements. A ready-made template is also an excellent option, as it can be tailored to specific email marketing campaigns.

With reusable code modules and master templates, businesses can create email templates that are easy to modify and use for future marketing campaigns.

Using an email template also ensures branding and marketing strategy consistency across all marketing campaigns. Maintaining brand consistency is key to building brand recognition and trust; a custom email template can help businesses achieve this.

Most custom-made email templates are designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring that emails are optimized for different devices for a successful email campaign. Email templates can be obtained from almost any email service provider, and businesses can choose from various pre-built templates that align with their branding and messaging.

Also, with platforms like Stripo, you can design an aesthetic and practical email template in brand colors and custom fonts and add design elements like social media icons, banners, countdown timers, videos, etc. No HTML coding skills are required.

Types of email templates

There are numerous types of email templates, including:

  • Newsletter email templates
    Newsletter email templates are designed for a regular email campaign, such as weekly or monthly newsletters. They include a mix of text and graphics and can be customized to match the branding of a business or organization.
  • Sales email templates
    Sales email templates are designed for marketing emails and promotional email campaigns. They encourage the recipient to act, such as purchasing or signing up for a service.
  • Customer service email templates
    Customer service email templates are designed to respond to existing customers' inquiries and support requests. They are typically customized to include the specific details of the customer's inquiry or request and solution to this problem.
  • Order confirmation email template
    An order confirmation email template is used to confirm a customer's order and provide details about the purchase, such as the total cost, estimated delivery date, and other elements with important info.
  • Appointment reminder email template
    An appointment reminder email template reminds a customer about an upcoming appointment. This email marketing template typically includes the appointment's date, time, location, and relevant instructions or information.
  • Marketing email template
    A marketing email template is used to promote a product or service. The email typically includes a call to action, graphics, images, or other visual elements.

Wrapping up

Using email templates for businesses looking to improve their email marketing efforts has several benefits. Pre-built templates with styling and formatting options save businesses time and effort in creating professional-looking emails.

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