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14 April 2019

How to Create a Custom Email Template for Mailchimp with Stripo

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Mailchimp is currently one of the most world-famous ESPs, used by 25% of email marketers worldwide. It sends over 6 billion emails a week.

You are a devoted Mailchimp user, but the functionality of its embedded email template builder is not enough for you? Try out Stripo for free.

You can build one from scratch, or use any of our 300 HTML email templates prepared for the featured ESP.

And if you like what you get, build your emails with Stripo and then export them to your favorite ESP Mailchimp with just 1 click!

Watch our “How to export to Mailchimp with 1 click” video.

Important to note:

Emails that you’ve built with Stripo, remain editable in Mailchimp.

Review of the Mailchimp Email Template Builder

So makes us so confident that Stripo will be helpful even if you already use another editor?

  • smart elements to create product content modules within seconds. You configure them just once, and when building this module next time, you simply insert the link to your product and Stripo retrieves data, and fills it in respective fields;

  • over 100,000+ ready-to-use images;

  • over 40 decorative fonts and ability to add custom ones;

  • ability to place 3 products’s cards per line;

  • 300+ ready-to-use fully responsive templates;

  • ability to save modules/blocks (even those with smart elements) to personal account/content library for further use;

  • tools to build and add countdown timers in emails;

  • advanced techniques that allow building interactive emails right in the editor in no time;

  • Gmail promotions builder, by using which you can show your recipients the value offer, the amount of the discount, and the preview image right in the Inbox without having customers open emails.

How to export emails to Mailchimp

Please, be advised that we strongly recommend that you preview and test your emails prior to exporting to Mailchimp.

To export an email that you’ve built with Stripo, to Mailchimp, you need to:

  • when you finish your email, click the “Export” button above the template you’ve been working with;

Stripo Export Emails to Mailchimp the Export Button

  • in the dropdown menu, among other options, choose your system;

Stripo Export Emails to Mailchimp List of the ESPs

  • you will be asked to enter your credentials to the Mailchimp account;

Stripo Export to Mailchimp Form for Filling Out Credentials

  • done!

You fill out this form just once and your Stripo account remains synchronized to your Mailchimp account. Now you can seamlessly with just one click, export emails from Stripo to Mailchimp.>

Important to note: cannot see and does not store your passwords to any of the ESPs!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or find us on Facebook.

I wish you best of luck!

Try out Stripo for free right away!

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