How to Create Custom Template with MailChimp

Hanna Kuznietsova
How to Create Custom Template with MailChimp
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How to Create Custom Template with MailChimp
December 15, 2017 | 5,783 views

MailChimp is currently one of the most world-famous ESPs, with over 15 million users. But the fact that you are reading this post, means that you have probably faced problems and difficulties with creating Messages in MailChimp Template Builder.

Functional of their embedded template builder is getting old and does not meet requirements and needs of modern marketers.

Then how can you create killer newsletters and at the same time staying loyal to MailChimp? You should create a responsive email template with Stripo, and then export it to Mailchimp.
Watch our video on how to export your built template to Mailchimp just in two clicks. 

 Note: good news is that you can edit the exported template if you wish.

Review of MailChimp Email Template Builder

Modern Marketing tendencies require custom emails, but in MailChimp template builder you will need to work with HTML codes to create a custom message. Problematic!

Difficulties you face when working with MailChimp Template Builder:
    ➣ Impossible to save separate blocks
    ➣ You cannot place text over image without using photo editor
    ➣ Poor number of decorative fonts
    ➣ No smart element to save you time, when you need to promote a big number of goods
    ➣ One button per line. Sometimes you need two or more buttons a line when promoting a wide range of goods in your message
    ➣ Undo Option doesn’t cancel all kinds of previous actions. It works for colors and some other not so important features
    ➣ In order to achieve correct display of your message both on a desktop and mobile devices, you will need deep knowledge of HTML code.

The example shows the way your message will be displayed on mobile devices without responsive design option. You will need to horizontally scroll. Pretty inconvenient and irritating.


Notwithstanding all above, we can make a conclusion that if you plan to make a simple message or you are good at HMTL codes, only then MailChimp Editor will be enough. But if you want to create a killer, custom newsletter without any efforts, Stripo will help you!

Why precisely Stripo Template Builder justifies your expectations:
    ➣ Easy to make your newsletters look professional
    ➣ Smart-elements to save you time when placing a big number of goods
    ➣ Over 1000+ images available
    ➣ Wide range of decorative fonts
    ➣ Allows placing text over image
    ➣ Possibility to place 3 buttons per line
    ➣ 100+ ready-to-use fully responsive templates
    ➣ Allows saving the blocks you already created
    ➣ Export newsletters to the ESP you use just with two clicks
    ➣ Fully responsive design.  Stripo lets you apply adaptability to the entire message or separate parts of it just with one click.

This example shows your image, which is correctly displayed after turning on “Responsive Image” option.


No horizontal scrolling. How can you make it? Just click right on the picture. And you will see Responsive Image Button.


How to Export to MailChimp

That is a very easy thing to do!
No need to leave the editor or save HTML codes.


Here, choose the ESP you use – MailChimp.
Now you will need to enter your login and password with them.


Important! Stripo cannot see and does not store your passwords to any of the ESPs!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support or contact us via Facebook
I wish you best of luck!

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