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Use any Litmus email template designed by Stripo to send out responsive newsletters. Customize every little detail to indulge your customers with elegant emails.

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Why would you need emails designed by Stripo for Litmus when the latter offers its own online editor? The answer is simple - Litmus does not provide its users with designed email templates. Litmus provides with HTML code, and you should write, and then edit it. No visual elements, just code... Doesn't sound easy, huh?

So, Stripo decided to prepare a wide range of Litmus email templates to save you a high amount of time.

As Stripo is a drad-and-drop template builder, it enables you to edit visuals to make your Litmus email design be just the way you need. Insert images, edit them right in our builder, apply filters for banners, choose various fonts, even custom decorative ones to wrap the text and place it over banner. be sure this way your text will be properly and correctly displayed by all email clients on all modern devices. Proven!

Not only provides Stripo with blocks to edit, but also offers an open HTML code to edit. Insert most kinds of interactive elements, embed videos into any Litmus HTML email template. Stay up-to-date - entertain your customers with unique, delicious emails.

One more great feature we are willing to share with you is work automation.

Our smart-elements let you fill in products' cards within minutes. You just once spend time on all the settings, and then you will only have to insert the link link to your product items, and our editor will automatically add price, image, description, size, etc. to the very item. Isn't it a great opportunity to save time?

And... Our Library of Content blocks...

Save separate elements and samples of your emails to the library, and use them for all future email marketing campaigns. Library is available at any time.

Get inspired by our email examples, use our best templates.

All free Litmus newsletter templates already enable you to apply all these options.

We wish you success and best of luck!

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