Confirmation Email Templates

In order to send out a proper confirmation email, choose any among our best confirmation email templates. Make your newsletters not only informative but indulging.

Marketing is not only selling, it is a very complex thing. Not only we need to evoke desire in our customers to shop with us, but also to escort them during the whole purchasing process. This means we have to constantly keep in touch with our customers.

Any of their actions should be followed by an appropriate confirmation.

There are a few types of confirmation emails:

  • order confirmation;
  • order shipping confirmation;
  • received info confirmation;
  • customers info update confirmation.

As long confirmation emails are transactional ones, the confirmation email design is simple — contains only plain texts.

But order confirmation emails may contain images of the items ordered. In fact, it would be great if you add images, items’ prices and total sum.

As for the design of free confirmation newsletter templates, you are welcome to use your imagination and implement the bravest and weirdest ideas.

All Stripo confirmation newsletter templates are fully responsive. Consequently, you do not need to worry about your messages display on any kinds of devices.

When creating a confirmation email template, you may want to add a countdown timer in order to remind the customers about the final payment date. Or you may need to enable your customers to track their order shipment. In this case, you will need to make some changes to our confirmation HTML email templates. Easy to do it as Stripo builder offers an open HTML code to each and every single template.

One more reason to use our editor is that it was meant to save your precious time. Thus, now you do not need to build the same template samples every time you start a marketing campaign. Create blocks, save them to the personal content library. Edit them when needed, and use again and again.

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