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BirdSend is a popular email marketing tool, which is meant for small businesses and individuals who use newsletters to communicate with audiences and sell their products. It provides a wide variety of functions for content creators to set up campaigns fast and see the results.

It is used by restaurants, local stores, drop shippers, cafes, bloggers, private teachers, coaches, and so on. There are lots of satisfied clients with positive reviews, that’s why BirdSend newsletter templates are so popular.

Stripo has good integration with the BirdSend email marketing tool. That means you can choose and customize one of Stripo’s designs and send it to your subscribers via BirdSend. The export process takes only 1 click. You can customize the HTML email template for BirdSend in Stripo by yourself, or with the help of your colleagues. There is an opportunity to send someone a test email for approval or share it as a PDF file. As creating campaigns becomes easier, you and your marketing team have more time for analytical and creative tasks.

Why use free BirdSend email templates by Stripo?

Let’s see some reasons why Stripo is the best service for using templates and creating custom emails. 

1. BirdSend newsletter templates already contain video blocks in emails

All customers get used to standard newsletters with texts, photos, and branded images. But the video emails are something new. They let you make users interested in the offer and improve your conversion rate. The growth of YouTube and TikTok, Reels on Instagram and Facebook, and many other social media trends prove video is the best way of marketing communication in 2022-2023. 

BirdSend HTML email templates by Stripo help you to add your video, and thumbnail image, and choose the color for the play button. So, you’ll have an effective customized email for communication or promotional needs.

2. Modular Email Design for BirdSend HTML email templates

Using Stripo interface as an alternative template builder, you save lots of time. The thing is you can duplicate and reuse different elements, banners, text parts, or buttons. As a result, you and your teammates create new campaigns at least twice faster. The branded style, colors, and logo can be copied and used in the next template.

Moreover, the “Follow us on Social Media” module can be also added just in one click. We have already prepared icons for all the most popular social networks. You should just choose what you need and paste the URLs of your brand’s pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

3. Embedded banner generator for beautiful BirdSend email templates

The first screen is the most important part of the BirdSend email template design because it must catch the attention and make the user read more. Usually, it is created by graphic designers. But Stripo provides you with the possibility to generate banners automatically. The service helps to build a stylish banner using different fonts, photos, logos, and graphic elements.

So, the marketing specialist can do everything by himself, avoiding expenses on design or programming services.

4. Anchor and UTM links for your BirdSend newsletter templates

Anchor links are useful for readers to navigate users in the email, while UTM links help web analysts to see the results of marketing campaigns. Both of them are important for modern advertising newsletters. If you create BirdSend responsive email templates in Stripo, you can be sure that you can add any types of specified links. The UTMs are helpful to see how many people clicked on the button or made the conversion. Analyzing this information, the marketing team makes changes to the emails and makes them more appealing to users.

To sum up

Are you interested in the fast and easy creation of effective email campaigns? Then, try to combine Stripo templates and the BirdSend email marketing tool. You’ll see the results in the short term, as you’ll be able to save your time and time effort, get satisfactory conversion rates, and grow your business.

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