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Among our password reset email templates, choose the one that fits your brand style to send out only the best emails to your users once they forget passwords to their accounts.

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The more people use your website, the more you need a good password reset email template.

But what info should it include?

1. The reason why you’ve reached out 

The first obligatory element for free password reset newsletter templates is the reason why. You need to remind recipients they have requested this email.

2. Clear CTA button

The second obligatory element of your reset password email template is a clear and noticeable CTA button. Normally, brands use the following copy:

  • “Reset password”;
  • “Set new password”;
  • “Recover my password”.

3. Option to cancel this request

Why add such options to your “forgot password email template”? Sometimes, users request new passwords mistakenly. If this is the case, we need to let them use their old passwords. Or sometimes, unfortunately, it happens that accounts get hacked. And if the password gets changed, the user will not be able to log in to his account until he or she contacts your tech support team. Which takes time.
This is why it is critical to provide customers with the “cancel my request” option.
Mailchimp, for instance, does it in a cute yet pretty convenient way. This button says, “Help! I did not request this!”.

4. Personalization

Personalization in the password reset HTML email templates is optional. You do not need to implement it if you do not feel like doing it. But! if you do, recipients will know for sure this password reset email was meant for them and was not sent by mistake. 

Password reset email design

What design of your reset password email template HTML should be? It totally depends on your preferences. Some brands add banners, some don’t.
We strongly recommend adding just two CT buttons, contact information, especially if you do not provide users with the option to cancel password reset request, adding concise text, using logo in the header of your email and addressing recipients by names. No superfluous elements, no promo as they may distract customers from the main goal of this email — from getting new password to their accounts with your website/online store.

Use our free password reset newsletter templates to help your users out right away to get a new password and start using your website/tool right away.

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