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Among the Braze email templates, pick the most suitable one. Modify it the way it complies with your brand design. Export to your account with Braze in a few clicks! Your email is ready to be sent. Delight recipients with complex elegant newsletters.

Our Most Popular Braze Email Templates

Actual and Recently Added

Braze is a popular marketing automation system. It helps clients worldwide to better engage with customers.
It offers a built-in email template editor. And that’s a great one. But all editors differ. And if you, like some of the Braze users, wanna try out an editor with a set of different options and features, then you will enjoy our direct export to this ESP.
For your convenience, we’ve prepared a number of the free Braze newsletter templates.

Set of the features and options that distinguish us from others:

1. Work automation

The Stripo users normally need 60% less time than other email marketers to create a new email for your newsletter.
How do we do it?

a. Smart-elements

Our smart-elements enable you to create a product card within just a minute. (Of course, previously you will have to design and configure them. But just once and for always — then you will only insert the link to the product item, and Stripo automatically generates the product card).

b. Ability to save content to personal library

It can be contact information, map and links to social media pages, it can be a header with logo and menu. Just save this sample to your personal content library. When starting a new campaign, drag it into the new email template without the need to edit it.
This way you should also save the product cards with smart-elements. When dragging them into a new Braze HTML email template, you will only need to replace the link.

c. Countdown timer

Most of us have used timers in their emails at least once. We needed to build one with a third-party tool, then insert it into email. If! Our editor offered the open HTML code.
Stripo enables its users to create and design countdown timers right in the editor

d. Interactive elements

You’ve heard that interactivity in emails double conversions, but you also know that it’s time-consuming to build and embed them in emails. Besides, quite often they do not work correctly in most email clients.
Stripo found a way.
Our image rollover effect is almost web safe and works in almost all email clients. And forget about the long codes! Build an image rollover effect in your Braze newsletter templates within a minute to entertain your most-demanding recipients.

2. Banners

Sophisticated banners are the base of all email newsletters. When working on the Braze email design, you do not need to worry about its beauty and uniqueness. Stripo allows editing images, add copy over them, applying any of the 42 banner fonts, inserting additional pictures to make banners more beautiful, applying filters to make emails unique.

3.  Ability to use the HTML and drag-n-drop editors simultaneously

Today more and more builders offer the two versions: HTML and modular editors. But you need to select which one to use at the moment. Then, once you’ve finished working with it, you have to save the template. Then open it to make changes by using the other version of the editor. Somewhat inconvenient.
Stripo allows working with both versions at once, no need to save anything. With a Braze email template open, you just use and then close the HTML editor, then add new blocks, etc. What is important — you can see the changes right away.

4. Responsive email templates

All the Braze email templates created with Stripo are fully responsive — you do not need to worry about that.
Exception: if you have added interactive elements you designed with any third-party tool. It does depend on the embed code.

Final thoughts

Use the Braze newsletter templates we’ve created for you to save you a significant amount of time and to delight readers with new email design.

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