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Back to School Email Templates

Looking for new ideas on how to make your Back to School email design stand out? Our collection of high-quality fully responsive email templates is at your service. Choose the Back to School email template you like, customize it, and remind your customers it is the right time to get ready for school.

Why use our free Back to School newsletter template?

1. Responsive email design

All the email templates that you build with Stripo, are fully responsive by default. But did you know that you can set your own styles for the mobile version of your Back to School email templates, like fonts, font size for buttons? To work on these styles, please go to the Appearance tab, then open the Mobile Formatting section.

Back to School Email Templates_Mobile Settings

You even choose which elements you want to display and which elements you want to hide on mobiles.

Back to School Email Templates_Hiding Elements on Mobile Devices

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2. Banners for Back to School Email Templates

Banners are the core element of all emails. What makes them so effective? According to statistics, 54% of recipients close their emails if they do not like the banner.

You can build bright, effective, eye-catchy banners right in Stripo, with no third-party tools. Upload any image you like, place any copy over it, then apply filters and your banner is ready to endear readers to your email campaign.

Design banners of any complexity for your Back to School emails

3. Ability to add Interactive, and AMP elements to Back to School email templates

AMP and Interactive elements like image carousel, image slider allow demonstrating all your rich assortment in one screen. You can easily build all those elements with a third-party tool and embed them in your Back to School HTML email templates. What makes them so effective? Image carousel, aka rotating banner, presents from 2 to 10 banners.

Building AMP Carousel

Here's another way to enliven your dedicated emails apply image rollover effect

4. Ability to build multiple product cards in no time

You may promote as many product items in your Back to School email templates as you want. What to include in them is totally at your discretion. Those could be: product snippet, CTA button, prices, and detailed description.

Please refer to our Smart Elements blog post for the manual.

Once you've found the Back to School newsletter template with the product content module that you like best, edit it according to your brand style, then copy/duplicate this sample and move it in your template anywhere you like. You will only have to edit the content, but the design will remain unchanged across all campaigns. This option significantly saves your time on email building.

Final thoughts

With the Stripo's Back to School email templates, you kill two birds with one stone: you save time on email building and interact with recipients for embedded interactive and AMP elements.

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