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Need to build a proper trigger email in no time? Use the Stripo prebuilt Trigger Email Templates. Choose the one you like. Edit it, and reach out to customers with professional trigger emails.

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Before we talk about best practices on how to build proper Trigger emails, let us define them.

What are trigger emails and their types? 


Trigger emails are emails sent right after any action made by a user.

Types of trigger emails

Rules to stick to when building Trigger Newsletter Email Templates

1. Keep them short

Keep your trigger emails short. Even if you have much to say, like in onboarding emails, you better make a series of short emails.

Trigger HTML Email Template_Welcome Emails

Trigger HTML email template for welcome emails
Use it

2. Use videos in trigger email templates

In welcome emails, you normally, of course, greet those who just joined you. Videos make those greetings more personal.

In onboarding emails, you help users get to know your product by means of videos.

Trigger email templates_Videos in Emails

(Source: Email from Crello)

Stripo allows either embedding videos in your HMTL email templates for trigger emails so that users watch those videos directly in emails, or add links to videos on Youtube.

For more information on ways to add videos in emails, please refer to our "How to add videos in emails" blog post.

3. Add clickable contact information

Let users reach out to you in an easy way — add the clickable "mailto" links in emails. 

The easier it is to contact you, the higher the chances that users will do it. The more often they contact you when they have a question, the more satisfied they remain.

Trigger HTML email templates_Mailto links

In the "Types of links and ways to build them" blog post, we showed in detail how to add the mailto links in trigger email templates with Stripo.

4. Utilize AMP content in Trigger HTML email templates

AMP has already proven its efficiency — it does increase conversion by at least 520%.

How can you use it in trigger email campaigns?

  • add AMP to email verification emails — so users verify their email addresses directly in emails and see the result right away;

Welcome Email Examples_Verification Email_Stripo

  • image carousels and accordions in abandoned carts emails so users see the product items they are about to buy;
  • interactive forms so users share their thoughts on your brand and ask questions directly in trigger emails — add AMP forms to a trigger HTML email template to increase the response rate.

Trigger email templates_AMP Forms

In the "AMP form" blog post, you will find a manual on how to build interactive forms for your trigger email templates.

Final thoughts

Keep your trigger HTML email templates short, yet functional and informative. These emails, like any other emails, must bring value to users.

Use Stripo trigger email templates to build professional trigger emails fast

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