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Choose any of the Campaign Monitor email templates provided by Stripo. Customize it down the way you like. Export to the Campaign Monitor ESP, and send out only professional newsletters.

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Campaign Monitor is an ESP with about 2 million users. However, its email template editor is not really helpful. No wonder, you have been looking for Campaign Monitor email templates outside.

Stripo has created many elegant, modern email templates for this Email Service Provider. Pick any, customize so that it fits your needs and expectations, and export it to your account with Campaign Monitor.

Why would you use Stripo to create Campaign Monitor email templates

What makes our templates different and why would you use them?

We tend to automate email creation process, and offer more options to make your emails look modern:

1. Banner creation

We started with this feature because a banner is the face of most email marketing campaigns. We enable you to write text over banners, wrap it in any suggested font — we offer 60 of them. What is huge about this is that any text written in any font, once it is placed over banner or an image, will be considered by all emails clients as an image element.

Besides, you are welcome to put an additional image over banners. One picture is good, but two are great. Take a look at this example.

2. Alt text

Without alt text, your emails are likely to be blocked by anti-spam filters. But how often do you insert it? Typically, we forget to do it. Our solution here is:

  • we automatically insert alt text in case you forgot to do it. Our system just copies file’s name. If there is no name, then Stripo inserts alt=“”. Email clients, even demanding Gmail, consider this as alt text and your Campaign Monitor newsletter templates successfully pass anti-spam filters.
  • when you insert the link for a Youtube or Vimeo videos, we automatically fill out the “alt text” line. From now on, you do not have to worry about these attributes.

3. Buttons

CTA button is the most important element of any email marketing campaign as we all measure its success by the number of clicks — CTR and CTOR. With Stripo, you can make your CTA buttons rounded, squared, transparent, and apply absolutely any size.

4. Number of blocks in a row

We all heard about the “Rule of Three”, that is constantly used by Apple in its email campaigns. The Campaign Monitor editor lets you put only two blocks in a row. While Stripo allows putting up to four blocks in a row with description, prices and CTA buttons.

5. Open HTML

We are one of the few editors which offer open HTML code. What does it mean? This allows you to embed various interactive elements into Campaign Monitor HTML email templates. Those can be: image sliders, image carousels, hamburger menu, games and embedded videos.

As you can see, there are no limitations regarding Campaign Monitor email design. Maybe, just your imagination. But there's a lack of inspiration, look through our elegant email examples.

6. Undo button

Why are we talking about this here? Because you are supposed to be able not only to remove entire blocks like they do in Campaign Monitor.

But also to cancel just one single last step, or a few of them — Stripo provides this feature.

7. Work automation

  • Library of content blocks.

How many times did you get upset that you need to create typical similar email templates every time you are to start a new email marketing campaign?

Well, Stripo has a solution — library of the content blocks.

Create email templates, save its samples to your personal library. Next time, when starting a new email campaign, you just insert these samples into a new email template. Stripo does its best to reduce the time for creating emails!

  • Smart elements are Stripo’s unique feature, by using which you spend much less time on composing products’ cards. Configure which data you want your customers to see — product image, price, size, description — insert link for the product’s page, and all these elements will be automatically inserted into the proper fields.

Another good news is you can also save these elements to the personal library.

8. Campaign Monitor-friendly

Firstly, I’d love to say that all templates can be exported to Campaign Monitor ESP with just two clicks.

Secondly, due to advanced integration, every email template exported from Stripo to Campaign monitor is totally editable.

By using our free Campaign Monitor newsletter templates, within less than 10 minutes, you may create professional, up-to-date, interactive emails that your customers will certainly love.

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