Internal Email Templates

Looking for an Internal email template to reach out to your employees or colleagues? In our compilation, you will certainly find the one that fits your current goals best. Customize it down, and communicate with employees in a more effective way — emails.

When you have more than 10 team members, personal face-to-face communication becomes a bit impossible. Internal email templates come to the rescue. They are useful both for bosses, for all managers of the C-level and HR managers.

Why use Stripo free Internal newsletter templates?

Well, there are many reasons to do that. But, we’d love to highlight the ones that are really crucial. 

  • A number of thematic templates

Our internal newsletter templates include templates for many purposes:

  1. To introduce a new hire to your team.

  2. To welcome a new hire and tell him or her about the company rules.

  3. To remind teammates/employees about an upcoming event they all should attend.

Use these templates, just customize them a little so they match your brand style and update the content.

  • Ability to add all kinds of visual elements

You may need to include financial reports as images and tables, videos, and photos from corporate parties, photos of new hires. You can easily do it with Stripo.

  • Brand consistency across all campaigns

It is important to stay brand consistent even across internal/corporate emails.

Easy to do with our templates. You work on your internal email design just once. Save the modules of your templates that you are going to use across all campaigns — like logo, contact information, buttons, backgrounds, etc. — to our Library of Modules. No worries — they will be visible to you only. Next time, when starting a new campaign for corporate needs, you just pull the necessary module into your internal HTML email template — this is it. You can build entire emails by simply using modules from the library.

  • 2-click-export to Gmail and MS Outlook

Stripo is integrated with a number of platforms and senders. But most companies tend to reach out to employees via Gmail, and Outlook without any third-party sender. 

You can export the corporate email templates that you’ve built with Stripo to your account with any of the aforementioned email clients with just two clicks.

And then send out to your employees.

We feel like reminding you that you can send mass emails via Gmail.

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