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Browse our World Tourism Day email templates to find just the right one for you. Customize it down to the smallest detail and reach out to customers with elegant emails.

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The World Tourism Day email templates are a good fit both for those who want to reach out to customers with generous offers on World Tourism Day and for those who run their businesses in the Travel and Tourism industries. These templates are fully responsive, it is easy to customize them. 

What to pay attention to when working on your World Tourism Day emails? It's always about the Design.

1. Build banners for the World Tourism Day email template

Banner is always on the first screen of your emails. Make them appealing. Make recipients want to attend those places.

World Tourism Day email templates with banners

Send emails with catching banners
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2. Add videos to World Tourism Day HTML email

Videos speak better than a thousand words.

With Stripo, it is very easy to add videos in emails. Not only does our tool let you both embed interactive videos or just add links to videos on Youtube, but also set custom thumbnail images to make videos more noticeable.

Videos in World Tourism email templates

In our "How to add videos to emails" video, we show how to utilize videos in email marketing.

3. Add backgrounds to entire World Tourism Newsletter Templates

As we said, World Tourism emails are all about design. And backgrounds play an essential role in it.

In the Appearance tab, you can set backgrounds for your entire World Tourism HTML Email Template. It will be added to even headers and footers of your emails.

World Tourism Day email templates with background

Or you can just use our templates that already have bright banners and backgrounds.

Browse the World Tourism Day email templates to find the one you like the most

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