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Email newsletters are much more than just promotional messages. Though these latter ones are also important enough.

There are many types of events. The most populars ones are:

Typically, we congratulate our clients on the holidays. And here everything is clear: bright design, sincere wishes and maybe a video.

But when it comes to product launch and webinars, the situation is absolutely different. In this case, an event email design should be simple, with no superfluous images. And the message should be pretty informative.

We strongly recommend sticking to the rule of three, when creating an event email template. This means that you should put three images in a line.

Webinar invitation emails should include an exact date and time, the topic of the event and the speakers. You may also mention the questions which will be discussed during the meeting.

As long as Stripo users have access to open code of its free events newsletter templates, you can embed countdown timers to any of ourevents HTML email templates. Very useful elements of any event email.

Once the event took place, you may share the video. Many of your customers would love to watch it again to refresh some moments.

You may either embed the video to the template HTML, or just insert the link to the video block.

Stripo works its best to facilitate your work and reduce time for creating emails.

Have run out of ideas on what a proper event template should look like? Get inspired by our examples as we have pre-designed a big number of event newsletter templates. All you have to do now is to insert your own images and photos of the speakers, edit the date and topic of the meeting. And there you are! Your email template is ready!

For your easier future work, you can slice our event email templates into samples and save them to your personal library of content blocks.

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