International Women's Day email templates

Looking for new ideas for the happy International Women's Day campaign? Browse our Women’s Day email templates, choose one that meets your taste best, and surprise your female customers with a gorgeous email template!

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Have you thought your value offer through but have not yet found the best design idea?

Stripo has a variety of ready-to-use templates for your International Women's Day newsletters — use any of them to congratulate women on this day and remind each of them that she is a queen today and every day!

Email design tips for your International Women's Day email marketing campaign

1. Use custom fonts to brighten up your International Women's Day email

If you want your International Women's Day emails to stand out, we highly recommend using custom fonts for the email text. Custom fonts make your International Women's Day email more creative, festive, and unforgettable! With Stripo, you can do it in several clicks ;).

Custom Fonts for Your Holiday Campaign

(Source: Stripo template)

On our blog, you can learn how to upload and use custom fonts with Stripo.

2. Design bright banners to celebrate strong women

Large and stylish banners are a must for the International Women's Day email. Just insert the "Banner" block into your Women's Day email campaign with Stripo:

Stripo Banner Block

Then, upload the images you want to use for your International Women's Day banner. Stripo allows you to upload images in four ways: via drag-and-drop, an external link, the Stripo product photos gallery, or a previous campaign.

Feel free to add additional Women's Day images and buttons and decorate them with festive fonts from our library. Stripo's banner is composed of layers. This way, you can customize each layer separately without leaving the builder, saving you significant time.

Designing Banners with Stripo

Use this template

3. Add clear and brief CTA buttons

A CTA is essential to any online communication because it boosts the average click-through rate (CTR) and makes your email template more appealing. Call-to-action buttons serve as road markers, directing users to the next step.

Empower Women with Insightful Content 

(Source: Stripo template)

With Stripo, you can create clear and interactive call-to-action buttons in a few seconds. First, you have to find a "Button" block and drag it to your email template.

Stripo Button Block

Then customize it with the preferred design and add a link to the needed landing page.

Design Your CTA Button

4. Benefit from countdown timers in the Women's Day email template

Customers feel rushed when they see a time-limited email campaign. What's more, a countdown timer is a colorful illustration of an interactive International Women's Day email. It motivates female subscribers to take the expected action before the deadline has passed, increasing subscribers' click rate. Don't forget to mention in the subject line that your offer expires on X date.

Add a Countdown Timer to Your Women's Day Email

(Source: Stripo template)

Navigate to the "Content" section, then click "Blocks," find "Timer," and drag it over the required container of your International Women's Day email template in the editor.

Timer Content Block

After that, enter the end date and time. Remember to choose the correct time zone. You can also change the colors and fonts.

Setting Up a Countdown Timer

5. Build AMP carousels to celebrate International Women's Day

You can connect links for each International Women's Day email image in your AMP carousel. These links will direct recipients to the preferred pages on your website.

All you need to do is:

1. Drag the "Carousel" block into the Happy International Women's Day email template.

AMP Carousel Block _ Stripo

2. Click the "⚡HTML" icon to open the settings panel and add an image to your International Women's Day slide.

Email to Celebrate Women 

If you want to show small preview images, toggle the "Display preview" button in the settings panel and set the width for the preview images.

Toggle the Display Preview Button

3. Enter the Alternate text, paste the required link, and press the "Add slide" for your international Women's Day email (repeat the same for other images you need to add):

Work on Images

4. Check that the sizes of all images are similar. If they don't, use our photo editor to crop them. If you want your slides to change automatically, use the "Autoplay" button. You can also toggle the "Loop" button to display slides from the beginning when a visitor taps on the last image.

Setting Up Your AMP Carousel in Stripo

5. In the "Slide preview," select top or bottom placement; in the "Custom preview," select image or color preview.

Please refer to our detailed guide to learn more about building AMP carousels with Stripo.

What makes us convinced your clients would love the International Women's Day emails you build with us?

Professional email coders and designers prepared all our templates. So, we offer the following benefits:

1. Responsive International Women's Day email templates

Your International Women's Day email will be totally responsive and mobile-friendly with Stripo. So you may rest assured that your users will see emails exactly how you intended.

Stripo Preview Mode _ Responsive Email Templates

2. Beautiful email design to celebrate International Women's Day

  • Backgrounds

The backgrounds of some of our International Women’s Day email templates are decorated with flowers or colored in pastel shades. 

Women's Day Email Templates with Elegant Backgrounds for Beloved and Inspirational Women

Use this template for the Happy International Women's Day campaign
Use It

Our backgrounds render well in most email clients, even in Outlook, if you use the tips from our blog post on “Outlook rendering issues.” Or else, you can set a respective background color as a fallback.

  • Banners

Stripo enables you to build a beautiful banner to celebrate the strong women's holiday; for instance, you may use a beautiful poem written over it. Wrap the poem in one of our 40+ decorative fonts, and apply filters for the entire banner right in the editor to make it unique and festive.

How to Create Banners with Stripo

Build sophisticated, elegant festive banners for your emails
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  • Interactivity

Games are essential to our lives, especially when celebrating International Women's Day! You can add gamification elements like quizzes or scratch cards to Women's Day email templates in Stripo.

  • Videos

Another International Women’s Day email design idea — is to embed a celebrating women video into our email templates. It seems like a good marketing idea to celebrate International Women's Day :).

Email Digest with Important Message to Support Strong Women

(Source: Stripo template)

3. Time-efficient solution for your International Women's Day campaign

Here’s a brief list of features that help you get the most out of Stripo:

  • Smart elements

How does our Smart Elements option work? Set them up just once by picking what parts of the description you want to be displayed next to the product’s snippet in your Women’s Day newsletter templates. The elements could be price, text with a detailed description, size, name, etc. For the next campaign, you will only need to insert the link to the item into these smart elements, and the system will automatically fill out all the necessary lines.

Email Templates for Women's Day _ Smart Elements to Speed Up Email Production

You can also save these modules in your library. Some of our free Women’s Day email templates already have these smart elements set up. With Stripo, it will take less than 10 minutes to create a gorgeous Women’s Day email template.

  • AMP elements

Stripo allows building AMP emails literally with no coding skills. You use our drag-and-drop blocks, fill them out with your content, and voila — your email is ready!

See how to build an AMP carousel with us in no time:

Using Blocks to Build AMP Emails

Add innovative AMP elements to your emails to stay ahead of the competition
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  • Content modules

The logo, header, menu, and contact information modules usually don't change across all campaigns. So, when you launch a new campaign, all you have to do is choose the necessary modules.

Searching for Modules

As a result, when you need to edit the International Women's Day campaign content, email elements such as buttons, image size, font size, font colors, and text alignment won't require your attention because you already set them before saving modules to the library.

Use our Stripo Content Modules guide for quick assistance.

  • Photo editor

Press on the "Wand" in the Content blocks after you upload a picture to your International Women's Day email.

Edit Photos for International Women's Day Emails

Then you will see a wide range of editing tools to customize your image.

Editing Images with Stripo

  • Interactive content

Do you want your clients to celebrate International Women's Day with you? Send them interactive emails with Stripo.

Implement a rollover effect for a beautiful GIF animation or show your products from different angles, like in this template.

Add Interactive Elements to Boost Sales

Use this template

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. After you've uploaded your first image, click the "Rollover effect" button.
  2. Then choose the second image.
  3. Ensure that both images are the same size.

Interactive Content to Celebrate International Women's Day

Voila! Now it's rolling?. Please check this article for a more detailed guide.

  • Collaboration tools

Stripo offers several email campaign collaboration tools, including co-editing, which involves editing the same email simultaneously. Besides that, each team member can get a role and level of access. All of this is manageable in the Users section of your Profile:

Stripo Collaboration Tools

  • The autosave option

Stripo saves your email template after each action you perform — we chose this intensity because you may make multiple edits in a couple of seconds.

This way, your Women's Day email will be automatically saved and labeled with a checkmark in the editor's upper area:

Stripo Autosave Option

Wrapping up

Get inspired by Stripo's examples, exciting offers, unique feature images, and interesting ideas to make your female subscribers happier on this beautiful and happy Women's day!

Spread the word with Stripo's ready-to-use International Women's Day templates. It's for all of you, ladies?.

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