Memorial Day Email Templates

Looking for an emotional, sophisticated Memorial Day Email Template to honor those who died for us and their families? Choose any of our emails, adjust it in accordance with your needs before sending them out.

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Memorial Day is a day to honor those who died defending our freedom, to express our appreciation to their families and friends. This means, that you should choose only the best, the most emotional Memorial Day email templates ever. Stripo offers some.

Memorial Day email design

First of all, I would like to say a few words regarding the way your emails should look on this day.

Make Memorial Day email design simple. It would be inappropriate to use bright colors.

Memorial Day email banners

Banners are the face of your emails. Make them meaningful. Help recipients understand at first glance what your email is about.

Memorial Day Email Banner_Stripo

Stripo enables you to also write a motto or a poem over a banner:

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Memorial Day email backgrounds

If you think that festive banners are not enough, you may decorate Memorial Day email backgrounds in the flag colors.

Please, watch our short video where we show how to add backgrounds to:

  • the entire email;
  • a row/stripe;
  • a structure;
  • a container.

Add meaningful backgrounds to your Memorial Day emails
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Memorial Day email content

Videos in Memorial Day emails

Why not insert a link to or even embed a video into your Memorial Day email template? For instance, all your colleagues may explain what this holiday means to them...

Or you may include videos with some national parades. It's up to you. Or even share a story of a famous hero from your neighborhood.

How to add video with Stripo:

  • pull the Video block into your Memorial Day email template;
  • paste a link to your video on Youtube or Vimeo;

Pasting links to videos in Memorial Day emails

  • our system will pull in a respective video description and alt title;
  • choose the Play button color.

The Play button color in emails_Stripo

Add videos, where you express your gratitude to heroes, in emails to show your appreciation
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Value offer in Memorial Day emails

With Stripo free Memorial Day newsletter templates it won’t take you long to create an appropriate marketing campaign with a special value proposition. Our unique feature “Smart Elements” will help you create product cards within minutes. Just once you make all the necessary configurations, and then simply insert the links to the necessary items — and voila — our editor will add description, title, price, image, and any other parameter automatically...

Smart Elements_Stripo

For more information on how to build those smart elements, please refer to our "Smart Elements" blog post.

Final thoughts

In fact, there are many examples of beautiful Memorial Day newsletter templates.

Make yours emotional! Celebrate the soldiers who died for us! Celebrate freedom!

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