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Explore our Mailjet newsletter templates. Find the right one for you to save time on email production. Customize it down in accordance with your brand style and indulge recipients with gorgeous emails.

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Mailjet is one of the top ESPs today. It offers its embedded email editor. But  Stripo will help you build your Mailjet newsletter templates twice as fast and make them even more functional.

1. Interactive and dynamic elements for Mailjet newsletter templates

Interactivity is one of the hottest design trends. Stripo enables you to apply CSS-animation to buttons and rollover effect to images to make Mailjet email design more engaging. You can do it with no coding skills.

Btw, numerous studies show that interactivity doubles conversions. 

If you wanna deliver real-time content to your customers, you can embed proper elements in your Mailjet HTML email template due to our open HTML code editor.

2. Set of designer tools to make your Mailjet email templates unique

Edit images with our built-in photo editor, set backgrounds for entire Mailjet email template or its separate elements, craft complex banners with copy placed over them — do everything to make email imagery more powerful!

3. Content library to store your Mailjet email templates

Craft the most commonly used samples of your Mailjet email templates just once and then store them in your personal content library for further use! No need to create headers and footers for every and every new campaign — just drag these elements into your new template when crafting a new campaign. Use the saved time on creativity!

Final words

Mailjet and Stripo seem to be even more effective when integrated — so don’t hesitate to test all the new opportunities!

Export your free Mailjet newsletter templates to this featured ESP in just two clicks and send over to your valued customers!

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