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Gmail Email Templates

Searching for a Gmail HTML email template? We have created loads of them. Pick any, customize it, then export to your Gmail account with just two clicks and delight recipients with sophisticated newsletters.

Our Most Popular Gmail Email Templates

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Gmail does not provide its users with the tools for building Gmail HTML email templates. Hence, you need to find a third-party tool. But Gmail wouldn't let you just insert HTML code that the third-party tool provided you with. 

It was a problem before Stripo.

Now you do not have to worry about it! Because Stripo is one of the few email editors that let you design proper HTML email templates for Gmail, and then export them to this email client with just two simple clicks!

What else makes Stripo useful when it comes to building Gmail email templates?

1. We offer a wide variety of ready-to-use Gmail email templates

Creating emails with Stripo is as simple as that. Choose any of the Gmail email templates that we have, customize it down and your email is ready to be sent! All the Gmail email templates you've created with us are totally editable after export.

2. Our unique technical features help you overcome the Gmail restrictions listed below:

a) the absence of alt text leads emails directly to the spam folder

All emails may get to the spam folder if there is no alt text to the images used in the Gmail email template.

Our solution:

You can easily add them to emails with Stripo.

b) the absence of links to images leads emails to the spam folder

Links are essentially important. First of all, they increase CTR, which in the end impacts the overall ROI. Thus, it is pretty reasonable to add links to each and every element in email templates for Gmail. Second of all, just like we mentioned above, emails without links to images may get to the spam folder.

Our solution:

Stripo lets you set links to every image you add in your Gmail newsletter templates.

If you forget to add one, Stripo will automatically fill this line in with “https://” — it’ll prevent your customers from seeing “Download image”. Without this inscription, email design looks way more professional.

c) Gmail replaces decorative fonts with web-safe ones

We all are well aware that Gmail replaces custom and decorative fonts in free Gmail newsletter templates with web-safe ones. Certainly, it is ok, because recipients still receive our messages, yet it ruins Gmail email design.

Our solution:

Stripo offers over 60+ fonts when 40 of them are meant for banners. If you write text over a banner and apply any font you like, Gmail will consider it an element of email banner and will display the banner copy correctly.

d) Gmail blocks interactive elements in emails

Yes, this is true. Gmail either blocks them or makes them static.

Our solution:

Our image rollover effect, CSS-animation that you apply to buttons and countdown timers are web safe and work in Gmail on desktops. 

3. We enable our users to build AMP emails for Gmail with no coding skills

This is true!! You can build some AMP components — content accordions and image carousel — just by pulling respective blocks into Gmail email templates. No need to add any scripts, to work with the code — Stripo does it all for you.

If you want to build other AMP elements, you can embed the code of the components in Stripo for our open HTML code editor. 

Also, our AMP code validator will show you if your AMP email has any errors in it, including even a missing URL.

And you can even build temporary end-points for your AMP emails with our Mock Server.

For more information on how to build AMP emails with Stripo, please refer to our dedicated blog post.

Important to note:

AMP emails currently work on desktop devices only.

4. We enable you to build Gmail promotion annotation right in the editor

Quite often, promo emails get delivered to the “Promotions tab”. To make them noticeable on mobile devices, you may add the “Annotation” to them. Gmail will show the duration of your sale, the promo image and the amount of the discount. 

Build Gmail promo annotations easily with Stripo — make your emails stand out in users’ inboxes.

Important to note:

this feature is meant for mobile devices only.

5. We let you preview your Gmail email design across all versions of Gmail

Not only do email clients have their rendering rules, but different devices do, too.

This is why it is necessary to preview your emails across all versions of Gmail on all possible devices.

You can do it with our embedded email testing tool.

6. We enable our users to easily export HTML email templates to Gmail

You can export your email templates to Gmail with just two clicks. Never been easier!

Your Gmail email template will be located in the “drafts” folder. Simply insert proper names into the address line. And your email is ready to be sent!

7. We automate the vast majority of email creation processes

We know that creating similar emails each and every single day is arduous routine work. In order to help our clients avoid it, we invented the “Library of custom modules”.

You simply save email samples/blocks to the library and drag-and-drop them into the Gmail email template whenever you need it. For your convenience, we even sorted them into groups: content, footer, header, etc.

As you can see, by using our free email templates for Gmail, you can create and export emails to Gmail within less than 10 minutes. We do appreciate your time.

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