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HubSpot Email Templates

We offer a number of HubSpot email templates. Pick any that meets your campaign goal best, edit the template to make it mirror your brand design. In 2 clicks, export the email to HubSpot to send out to your valued customers.

Our Most Popular HubSpot Email Templates

Actual and Recently Added

HubSpot is an outstanding world-famous CRM that helps communicate with customers.

This means, that email creation is an important activity for the HubSpot users. This platform has its embedded email template builder.

Stripo offers some extra embedded tools to create emails easier.

1. Blocks

Most editors are block-based ones. Yet, Stripo offers some unique blocks to use.

a. Banner block

Banners are the hearts of all newsletters. They appeal to customers’ emotions.

Image perfectly fitting the situation, builds the atmosphere, makes impression on readers. While copy placed over the images may strengthen this impression.

Stripo enables its users to place copy over banner images right in the editor, takes no third-party tools.

Also, you can insert additional images to make banners for your HubSpot newsletter templates more sophisticated.

b. Image block

Not only does Stripo allow uploading images, which now is mandatory, but also allows applying rollover effect to all the images uploaded through the image block.

You can embed this interactive element in all HubSpot HTML email templates, it takes absolutely no HTML skills — you just need to turn “rollover effect” on and then upload another image.

Note: our rollover effect is web safe, it is rendered correctly in almost all desktop email clients.

c. Countdown timer block

Wanna urge customers or to notify them about how soon the sale ends or how soon the event starts? Then you will need our countdown timer block.

Just drag it into your HubSpot email template, set design preferences, and set the time. Done!

d. Menu block

With our menu block, it’s much easier to build a navigation menu for your free HubSpot newsletter templates.

You just drag it in, design, insert appropriate links — easy-peasy!

2. Personal content library

Email elements like menus, contact information, footers, etc. — they all can be stored in your Stripo personal content library. You just need to save these samples to the library. Then, when starting a new email campaign, you pull these elements into your new email template. Done!

This option saves you a significant amount of time! Create once — use often.

3. Custom fonts

Yes, fonts for emails should be legible and web safe. But why not try a decorative one for a holiday email?

Stripo allows adding custom fonts to make your HubSpot email design more festive.

4. Open HTML code

Sometimes it’s critical to have access to email HTML code to embed various interactive elements. As we know, they double conversions.

With Stripo, you can either have access to entire email code, or just add HTML block to the email template to insert the embed code.

Final thoughts

Implement your bravest and the most creative ideas by using these two complex tools.

May your HubSpot email newsletters be compelling, effective and endearing.

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