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Super Bowl

A compilation of high-quality, ready-to-use Super Bowl email templates. Pick any, customize according to your brand style, and reach out to customers with beautiful emails.

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Super Bowl is one of the most awaited events in the world of sport. Hence, there is no way you skip it and miss out on your chance to reach out to customers with promo emails. 

So what makes a good Super Bowl email?

Three key ingredients do.

They are:

  1. Proper design.
  2. Proper content.
  3. The right send time.

So, let's examine these ingredients.

1. Design of Super Bowl emails


In Super Bowl emails, there’s no place for Italic and other decorative font types, no matter if we're talking about banners or product cards. Be bold instead! Or use regular font type.

Supper Bowl Email Template Design_Fonts

Use our prebuilt Super Bowl templates to design festive emails faster
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Football is an emotional game. So why not add some emotions to your emails?

For our free Super Bowl email newsletter templates, we prepared big bright banners with shots of the memorable and bright moments of the game, with photos of the players.

Big Bright Banners for Super Bowl Emails

Banners are the heart of emails. Use ones built by professional designers
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If you like, you can build one from scratch. And our short video tutorial will teach you how to.

Design thematic banners for your Super Bowl emails
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Videos of the most memorable and emotional moments of the previous season will remind your subscribers why they love this game.

Get the most out of your Super Bowl email campaigns with videos and GIFs.

2. Content of Super Bowl email templates


The email depends on the day when you send your emails:

If sent on Day X

The shorter the better if you send them on Day X because:

  • customers tend to read these emails during the timeouts;

  • the emails are for the fans who anticipate the game, remember. They don’t want to read your long reads.

If sent long before Day X

If you send emails before the holiday, they can be of any length you like. 

Or you may even send a series of emails.


Given that Football is a competitive game, we are convinced so are the fans.

Let them prove to you and others they are the most staunch fans. And as a reward, they will get the biggest discount.

How can they prove anything to you?

Add short quizzes in your Super Bowl HTML email templates. “What was the score in 2002?”, “Who was the most resulting player in 2018?”, etc. 

Let the fans have some fun before the season starts.  

Or let users solve some riddles, like in the Super Bowl HTML email template given below.

Interactivity in Super Bowl Email Newsletter Templates

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This template is interactive. What does it mean? It means that your recipients can solve the riddles right in their inboxes.


How are you supposed to convince the Football fans to open your emails? Right, you can annotate your generous discounts in users' inboxes. Let them know you are offering generous discounts even before they open their emails.

These annotations work in Gmail on mobile devices only. But we know for sure that 30% of email users worldwide prefer Gmail over other email clients.

Gmail Annotations_Mobile Devices_Super Bowl Email TemplatesWanna do the same for your Super Bowl email campaign?

Refer to our short video to learn how to build these annotations.

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3. Send time

Exporting emails to your ESP

To send out your emails, you first need to export your Super Bowl email newsletter templates to your ESP. Happy to announce that Stripo is integrated with over 60 ESPs. Export your emails to a necessary one with just one click.

Now that you’ve pushed your HTML email templates for Super Bowl to your marketing automation system, you may schedule your campaigns.

Best send time for ticket sellers

If you sell tickets, you should start your campaigns on Black Friday.

Best send time for grocery shops

Selling our grocery? Start a few days before Day X. 

This year with the Covid-19 lockdown, you may start your campaign even weeks before February 7th. It takes time for FedEx to deliver all those orders on time.

Best time for cafes and bars

If in your area it is allowed by local authorities to run cafes and bars, let users know a few days before Day X that you are willing to invite guests to attend your bar, and remind them on Day X that you still have some tables available.

Use Stripo's prebuilt Super Bowl email templates to create holiday emails faster

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