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Searching for a striking eCommerce email template? Examine our compilation of high-quality newsletter templates which are designed according to the hottest email design trends.

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What do we know about eCommerce emails? Normally, when talking about eCommerce emails, we mean promo emails.

Of course, we are well aware that they also include triggered ones. But…

So, why choose our eCommerce email templates?

1. Embedded tools to build killer emails

Catchy eCommerce email design is quite a thing today, as 95% of all purchases are made subconsciously. 

  • Banners

Build bright banners with a persuasive copy over it.

  • Interactivity

Implement interactivity — engage with your target audience.

You may apply a hover effect to all CTA buttons and rollover effect to product snippets. 

  • AMP technology

You may also build AMP carousel and AMP accordion with no coding skills — just drag a respective block into your eCommerce email template.

Stripo also offers a number of AMP modules which you can use for your promo emails.

AMP is the last word in email marketing and will take you ahead of the game.

  • Videos

Did you know that video with thematic video show higher conversion? You can either insert or embed video into eCommerce HTML email template.

2. Ability to add countdown timers in emails

Timers increase CTOR in emails by 9%.

You can build and design one with Stripo directly in the editor.

Once you’ve dragged the basic Timer block in your template, you are welcome to design it. Make the timer fit in your eCommerce newsletter templates.

3. Stand out in users Inboxes with Gmail promo tabs

Gmail promo tabs allow you to notify recipients about the amount and duration of the sale before the even open the email.

You can generate this annotation tabs right in Stripo with no coding skills.

4. Testing tool

Yes, we are very happy to say that you can check how your free eCommerce newsletter templates will render across customers’ email clients.

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