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If you need a perfect weekly email digest template, search no more! Pick any from the ones we offer below. Insert your URLs and contact information. And your email is ready to go!

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If you run a blog or vlog, you must have faced some difficulties when building weekly email digest templates. Stripo does its best to help you out: 

Weekly email digest design

Every time when we need to send weekly reports, we thoroughly think what a digest email design should be.
Stripo offers a wide variety of HTML email digest templates — some of them are bright, some contain embedded videos to share, while others are pretty simple. Pick the one that fits your brand style best. 
Customize it down according to your brand book, insert proper links and your email is ready to rock! 

Weekly email digest content

The content of an HTML email digest template is totally at your discretion. You may either add just images and links to your blog posts. You may also add a short annotation to the blog post and a CTA button
You may also insert a video or even videos that you’ve recently published. But these videos should go along with clear CTA buttons.
Shortly speaking, in weekly email digest newsletter templates, all annotations to videos and blog posts should be accompanied by clear and noticeable CTA buttons.

Automation of weekly email digest templates production 

Stripo does it in two ways:

1. Personal content library

Once you built your own one or edited one of our prepared weekly email digest templates, you can save individual samples to your personal content library. 
For the economy of time, store entire free weekly email digest templates in personal library. The following elements, for instance, like logo, menu, design, buttons and contact information remain unchanged. Just replace the links with the necessary ones. And your email will be ready to go.

2. API

By using our API, you can build up to 64 emails per minute. How does it work? You need to design one single weekly email digest template, integrate our API with yours, make some configuration with the help of our support team, and when starting a new campaign, you click one single button — and our system automatically generates weekly digest emails for you!

Build elegant sophisticated weekly email digest templates with Stripo in no time!

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