Mailchimp Email Templates

Among our Mailchimp email templates, choose the one that suits your needs best. Customize and export it to your MailChimp account, delight your customers with beautiful, orderly shaped emails!

Mailchimp is a great, professional world-famous ESP that provides excellent marketing automation service. But some features of its embedded editor are out of date, and you might face particular difficulties when working with it.

Stripo is a next-generation editor, that provides you with embedded micro tools to build and edit emails saving a high amount of time. Thus, the only right decision in this situation is using free MailChimp templates we have designed particularly for this ESP, and exporting them to one of the best ESPs ever — Mailchimp.

What features and options make Stripo email templates so great and helpful:

1. Responsive web design

Any MailChimp email template designed by Stripo will be correctly displayed on all kinds of mobile and desktop devices. Due to our advanced RWD, which is no longer an optional feature, but an obligatory one. As 54% of emails are opened on mobile devices.

What do we mean by “Advanced RWD”? Not only are all custom MailChimp templates fully responsive, but you can also choose which elements to display on desktop versions, and which ones you want your customers to see when they open emails on mobile devices. For more information, please read our “Email Layout” article.

2. Open HTML/CSS code

Stripo is one of the few editors that offer an open HTML code, so you can edit MailChimp responsive templates by either using our drag-and-drop editor or by making changes to the template’s code.

Due to this innovative feature, you can embed interactive elements, like image carousels, hamburger menu, or images sliders into MailChimp newsletter templates. Stick to email design trends for 2019.

3. Work automation

Such elements as a) smart elements and b) library of modules reduce your time for creating new emails. Due to the first, you can create a product card with just a few clicks. Easily embed smart elements into free MailChimp newsletter templates.

And with the “b”, you save these blocks to your personal blocks bank, called the library of modules. Then use them again. Certainly, you will have to replace links for the product items when needed when creating a new MailChimp responsive template. Besides, a header and a footer are almost always unchangeable. Save these samples to your personal library, too.

4. Design

MailChimp email design depends on the purposes you set for your marketing campaign. It can be bright and festive for holidays and promo, whilst restrained for business and legal services, event-triggered emails, etc.

5. Stripo’s integration with Mailchimp

In order to facilitate our clients’ lives, we have implemented advanced integration with Mailchimp.

What it means:

  • You can export Stripo templates designed precisely for Mailchimp both as HTML files and via 2-click direct export
  • Any MailChimp HTML email template is editable after export: visuals, texts, and HTML code.

You may find a perfect for your taste example among a wide range of free MailChimp newsletter templates we have designed for your convenience. We are full of ideas on how to make our templates better and your email designing easier.

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