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First of all, we want to remind you that MailClickConvert and Stripo are integrated — Stripo’s plugin is embedded in this tool. 

Their email editor has all the features that Stripo offers.

However, we can still be useful for all the MailClickConvert’s clients for the options that technically cannot be embedded into any ESP.

1. MailClickConvert email templates

We offer ready-to-use totally responsive MailClickConvert email templates.

They are divided into seasons, industries, and types — from order confirmation email templates to Christmas promo emails and Greetings cards.

2. Number of users working on MailClickConvert email templates

You are welcome to add as many users to multiple projects in your Stripo account as you want.

Let all your colleagues work on the MailClickConvert newsletter templates.

You set their roles and levels of access.

For instance, copywriters and coders can be allowed to edit your emails. While proofreaders can be allowed to only view your emails in order not to ruin your MailClickConvert email design.

3. Ability to add custom fonts to MailClickConvert email templates

Wanna stay brand consistent? Wanna use the exact same fonts across your emails that you used on your website but this font is not on the list in our editor?

To use custom fonts in your MailClickConvert HTML email templates with no coding skills — you need to just add this font to your Stripo account.

4. Social media accounts and Stripo synchronization to speed up the creation of MailClickConvert email templates

Prior to building your first free MailClickConvert newsletter template, you are supposed to fill out your Stripo profile including links to your social media channels. When you do — those channels will be synchronized to Stripo. This will prevent you from the necessity to paste these links, and design social media icons every time when crafting a new MailClickConvert email.

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