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It doesn’t really matter what type of service we provide: either we run a restaurant or a hotel, or even an online store, we all work for clients and orders.

Thus, order email templates require special treatment and approach.

Order email is an event-triggered email. And there are three main types of it:

  • confirmation;
  • cancellation;
  • shipping confirmation.

Order email design is typically simple, as it doesn’t require bright banners nor colorful backgrounds. Yet there are some tips:

  • Include the product’s snippets so that your customers see what they ordered
  • Add a total amount;
  • Payment method;
  • Shipping address.

By using our free order newsletter templates you can easily create a perfect email.

Why do we think that our templates are exactly what you need?

1. Smart-elements

Like we said, you should insert products’ snippets.

Due to our smart-elements, you can insert links to images and their prices into your order HTML email templates. And the system will fill out all the necessary fields for you. You set it up just once — and use as often as you need.

2. Library of blocks

If you do not want to waste your time on creating similar blocks every day, you may simply create the ones you need and save them to our library of blocks.

The good thing is also that Stripo itself slices our order newsletter templates into samples and saves them automatically to our general library of blocks...

3. Open HTML code

Due to this feature, you can easily embed maps into order newsletter templates. This way you enable your customers to track their orders.

Get inspired by our order template examples, implement your own ideas and satisfy your customers with beautiful emails.

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