Christmas Email Templates

Among our Christmas Email Templates, you'll find the one that meets your tastes and current needs best. Use it to reach out to valued customers with only the best newsletters, that you build in no time.

Christmas time is magical! Though, it requires thorough preparation.

We need to get ready for this holiday not only as email marketers but as regular people too — we need to buy presents for our families, set the holiday tree, decorate our houses, etc.

But quite often we are busy building Christmas newsletter templates, which is why we either buy the last-minutes gifts or just give money to our kids. We do not decorate houses. If this year you want to be a perfect family-person who has time for children and relatives, children, who decorate the house on his or her own — our free Christmas newsletter templates are at your service.

Some of them even do not require deep customization. You just slightly edit their content and that's it. 

What is so special about our templates?

We paid close attention to Christmas email design when building them.

  • Banners

They all have festive banners. You will only need to edit the text over banners to reach out to customers with greetings on this Holiday. 

If you like, you can set your custom image as the banner one. And wrap copy in any of the 40+ decorative fonts.

  • CSS-animation

CSS-animation is one of the email trends for 2019 and 2020. Be sure to use it in your emails to be ahead of competitors.

This Christmas HTML email template already contains CSS-animation - it has the effect of falling snowflakes. You can edit the background color behind the snowflakes, you can add your own text over this image. Do it with no coding skills, just in the settings panel.

  • Videos

Video spreads the holiday spirit. In your Christmas email template, add a video where your entire team congratulates users on this day, or add your fav Christmas carol. Share your mood! 

  • Holiday trimmings

We can decorate not only banners in our Christmas emails, but also decorate footers, headers, product cards. You can also apply festive backgrounds to your holiday emails. 

Many of our holiday emails are already "iced" from head to toe. You will only need to slightly customize their content — it all significantly saves time.

If you are full of your own ideas or want to implement them — use our free Christmas newsletter templates as the base for your future campaigns. 

Get inspired by examples and follow the strategies that we share in our blog post on email marketing ideas for Christmas.

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