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The Mandrill app is a product of Mailchimp. It is widely used by email marketers all over the world. Mandrill was invented for transactional emails only.

Why use Stripo? — Because Stripo automates email production

Stripo’s main priority is to automate most processes for reducing time every email marketer spends on email production. With Stripo, you will build emails by 60% faster:

1. Stripo's ready-to-use Mandrill newsletter templates

Stripo offers a number of ready-to-use totally free Mandrill newsletter templates. Pick any.

You will have to slightly customize it so that it totally complies with your brand style.

2. 12 Drag-n-Drop blocks for your Mandrill HTML email template

Building emails gets much easier and less time-consuming for our 12 drag-n-drop blocks

Just drag a necessary block into your Mandrill HTML email template. Fill it in with your content. That’s it.

3. Countdown timers to create a sense of urgency in Mandrill email templates

We want to say a few words about this particular block as it helps you set countdown timers for your transactional emails directly in our editor.

4. Synchronization with your social media channels to produce Mandrill email templates faster

It is vital to combine the two powerful channels — email marketing and social media.

In order to automate this process, we help you synchronize media channels with your Stripo profile. You choose necessary icons, set their color style, and size, then fill out the necessary information in your profile just once — and next time when dragging the Social basic block into your Mandrill newsletter templates, Stripo will automatically fill in all the necessary fields for you. 

Find the manual in our blog post.

5. The modular system to make your Mandrill newsletter templates reusable

Not only does Stripo enable you to store email templates, but also to save and reuse same content modules all over again and again across multiple campaigns. Here, you can store the email samples, like footer and header, that you use quite often.

No need to build Mandrill newsletter templates from scratch for new campaigns — just drag a necessary module from your personal library.

Not only does reusing these modules help you save time, but it also helps you stay brand consistent and your Mandrill email design remains the same.

6. The ability to adjust Mandrill HTML email templates for mobile devices

Here, we are not talking about building mobile-friendly emails which are a must now. We are talking about setting special/bigger font sizes, width for buttons when the Mandrill email template gets opened on a mobile device.  

7. The direct export of Mandrill newsletter templates

You can export all Mandrill email templates that you’ve built with us to the featured ESP with just one click.

Reach out to customers with beautiful and fully responsive emails only.

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