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Looking for a perfect construction email template? You found it — traditionally emails of this industry are dull and boring. Stripo wants you to break free and create masterpieces by using responsive pre-designed templates. Select any of our templates variety. Customize it, and indulge your clients with beautiful orderly structured newsletters.

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An email marketing is meant not only for B2C, but for B2B also. Even big building companies can be the customers, too.

And construction email templates are a good solution to keep in touch with your clients…

Among our free construction newsletter templates you will find one for a promo campaign, one for customer’s feedback, and even a few to congratulate the clients on the upcoming holidays.

What are the features of a perfect construction email template?

Among many useful and obligatory features, we want to emphasize only on the most important ones:

1. Fully responsive web design for construction businesses

When sending out beautiful newsletters, marketers usually worry about the way the messages will be displayed in any email client or on any kind of mobile devices.

With Stripo, due to our RWD feature, when editing our pre-designed construction newsletter templates, you may be sure that all your images and other media files will become responsive also.

2. Open HTML code for effective construction email templates

Why would anyone need an open code? In order to insert interactive elements. Such as embedded videos, accordion menus and surveys.

3. Advanced ESP integration for any construction company

You can also receive the code of your templates. This grants that all construction HTML email templates are editable after export. Isn’t it great?

4. Work automation for the construction industry

  • Stripo enables you to slice the template into blocks/samples, save them to your personal content library of blocks and use them again whenever you will need.
  • Smart elements to save your time for creating similar marketing emails.

5. Easy to create banners for construction projects within the editor

No matter if your construction email design is simple, or you want to make it complicated with a high number of various elements, you will always need a banner. There’s no need to use any photo editor, like Photoshop to create a banner with additional images and text over it. You can do it all within Stripo, without leaving the editor.

6. Design trends to stay ahead of your competition in the construction industry

And the cherry on the cake is that we search for new ideas in the email design trends for 2021 and get inspired by the best email examples. This means, that all our construction templates are up-to-date.

With Stripo you reduce time for creating emails, send out beautiful, responsive cutting-edge newsletters.

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